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Apache. htaccess file

Today the thinkphp URL pattern is http://localhost/mythinkphp/index.php/index/user/id/1 by Normal mode (url_mode=1). HTML changed to rewrite modeHttp://localhost/mythinkphp/Index/user/id/1.html, thus implementing the hidden. index.php effect when

Apache configuration rewrite and. htaccess files

turn from: I was configured with Wampserver, using the thinkphp framework, found no transport. htaccess, very bad use Ah, and then I use the first step to restart Apache success,

What is the. htaccess? htaccess few simple applications

What is the. htaccess?. Htaccess is called a distributed configuration file, which provides a way to change the configuration of a directory by placing a file containing one or more instructions in a particular document directory to act on this

htaccess Rewrite 301 with query string (parameters)

The overall URL has changed (the domain name has not changed), because it is the lamp environment, so you want to use htccess to do 301 redirects. Look up the internet, there are roughly two kinds of writing: The code is as follows

PHP pseudo static Rewrite settings, php pseudo rewrite

PHP pseudo static Rewrite settings, php pseudo rewriteThe main function of Rewirte is to redirect URLs and hide real addresses. It is based on Perl-based regular expressions. It usually helps us achieve quasi-static, quasi-directory, domain name

PHP pseudo-static Rewrite settings, php pseudo rewrite_PHP tutorial

For PHP pseudo-static Rewrite settings, php pseudo rewrite. For PHP pseudo-static Rewrite settings, the main function of php pseudo-rewriteRewirte is to redirect URLs and hide real addresses. it is based on Perl regular expressions. We usually help

. htaccess syntax and application

GoHttp:// htaccess is a very powerful distributed configuration file for Apache servers. The correct understanding and use of. htaccess files can help

Use the. htAccess file to set the 301 redirection/404 error page/pseudo-static method

After purchasing a server space, a friend who built the website for the first time may call the root directory of the space. the htaccess file is confused. I don't know what it is or what it is used for. This article will explain in detail what is

About PHP pseudo-static rewrite settings, PHP pseudo-rewrite_php Tutorial

About PHP pseudo-static rewrite settings, PHP pseudo-rewrite The main function of Rewirte is to achieve URL to jump and hide real address, a regular expression specification based on the Perl language. Usually help us achieve quasi-static,

Discuz X2 static site URL (modify Rewrite Rules for The. htaccess file)

# Enable rewriteengine on in rewriteengine mode # Modify/discuz in the following statement to your forum directory address. If the program is placed in the root directory, please change/discuz to/rewritebase/discuz # rewrite system rule. Do not

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