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Touchflo's Important upgrade: touchflo 3D, HTC released a diamond mobile phone that competes with the 3G iPhone.

manufacturers to create products that are both inside and outside the United States. Yesterday, HTC, the world's leading maker of Windows Mobile smartphones, launched the touch series new touch diamond in London, England. It is such a flagship product that combines design and functionality. In particular, this phone is only 11.33mm thin body integrated with VGA

Multiple HTC mobile phone transfer security vulnerabilities, such as thunder and blot

Security researchers said several HTC Android phones, including Evo 3D, Evo 4g, and Thunderbolt, contain security vulnerabilities, other applications that can automatically connect to the Internet may read personal data, including text messages, local information, emails, and phone numbers. Three security researchers, including Artem Russakovskii, Justin Case, a

HTC Phone data Loss Recovery step data loss considerations

devices, Built-in excellent system compatibility, perfect compatibility with all Windows systems, support Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG and other manufacturers of the vast majority of equipment, can restore mobile phone address Book, contact information, call records, SMS, QQ chat records, micro-mail chat records, photos, video, audio, Documents, and so on, t

When Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7: Will Windows Phone 7 be charged?

situation of Microsoft. If the market for mobile phone operating systems is lost, it means that in the future computing field, the operating system will be handed over to others. This is something Microsoft can never ignore. Mr. Ballmer said that 90% of Microsoft's work in the next year is related to cloud computing.Article). If you stick to the license business, Microsoft will become the next dec or sun and be marginalized. If Microsoft is in cloud

The joys and sorrows behind Windows Phone

updates under each contact in people hub. You can use Bing to search for movie names and directly import them to the IMDB application to view movie reviews, using Bing visual search to scan book codes can directly pop up Amazon book reviews and quotations. These implementations are implemented through Windows Phone native integration, and users do not need to rely on third parties to implement these featur

Installing Windows Phone SDK 8.0 graphics in VMware

The English version of the SDK is installed, but when the final installation is complete, the prompt is Chinese!!! In addition, if our computer is too old, may install the SDK, the "CPU does not support virtualization" error, although the development tool can be installed properly, but cannot use the Windows Phone 8 Simulator debugging program, only with the real machine debugging.

A successful heart-changing procedure-Windows Phone 8 released

will be improved, and games will be based on DirectX for ease of transplantation. Microsoft demonstrated the 3D ball rolling game marble maze on the mobile phone and panel, saying that the game only needs to modify a very small amount of code to move from a tablet to a mobile phone. To demonstrate the power of Windows Phone

More details about new features of Windows Phone 8

HTC. It seems that there is nothing special. Network Traffic Management -Built-in DataSmart for monitoring and reducing network traffic-DataSmart automatically connects users to the Wi-Fi service provided by network suppliers to reduce network traffic usage.-The network traffic can be clearly viewed on the Live Tile-Internet Explorer 10 supports Proxy Server. By compressing webpages in a way similar to Opera Mini, you can reduce the traffic usage by

Ten reasons why Android beat Windows Phone 7 easily

of Windows Phone 7. For example, Moto Droid X includes a 4.3 inch display and powerful entertainment functions, and runs on Verizon's network. Compared to Samsung Focus, which is equipped with Windows Phone 7, it has a 4 inch-inch display, but its network runs on att. In terms of appearance, the Android devices are ob

Windows Phone's 9 ways to beat Apple's iPhone

window gadgets, while Windows Phone has a convenient dynamic tile. Apple does not make window gadgets appear on the main screen, which makes users very worried. Window gadgets are mini apps that provide real-time information, such as news and weather, on the desktop without being opened. Microsoft has a very clever solution. On Windows

[Palm network] Windows Phone 7 use Report of Apple iPhone developers

. As long as there are new machines available, I want to buy one for fun. I think Windows Phone 7 is not the same as any previous machine. It is not bad if I transfer to full-time. NET development. Finally, I made up my mind to take Samsung Focus home for $500 so that I could enjoy it during the Christmas holiday. In fact, att has released three Windows

Conjecture about Windows Phone 7

After publishing Windows Phone 7, I watched some videos on Windows Phone 7 the night before. The video from channel9 introduces the new features of Windows Phone 7. After reading this video, I first felt that

Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (3)

ArticleDirectory Populatecomplete () Silverlight for Windows Phone Tookit in depth (1) Previous Article: Silverlight for Windows Phone Tookit in depth (2) Autocompletebox Overview Autocompletebox is a control that gives the corresponding matching items in the drop-down list when the user inputs

Windows Phone 8 development environment build

Windows Phone 8 will use the same NT kernel as Windows 8, which means that WP8 will probably be compatible with WIN8 applications, and developers can make apps run on two platforms with little change. Windows Phone 7.x will not be able to upgrade to

Windows Phone SDK 8.0 released

After the build conference, Microsoft released the Windows Phone SDK 8.0. You can download it on the Microsoft download center page. Webpage address: The id = 35471. From the page description, sdk8.0 not only provides development environments for Windows Phone 8.0 a

Starting from 0 doing Windows Phone 7 development

Brief introduction This article describes how to build the window phone 7 development environment from 0 to start with the step through step model, if you are developing a simple Windows Phone 7 program. It's just an introductory article, but the way to develop Windows Phone

Windows Phone development overview

Windows Phone technology introduction:Windws phone is a mobile phone platform operating system developed by Microsoft. It is another powerful operating system after the windows mobile operating system. The windows mobile operating

Windows Phone 7 is released

Windows Phone 7 was released, and switched to About the buy menu, it was empty when I checked it yesterday. Early this morning, I listed all the first mobile phones. Http:// Including HTC, Samsung, and LG, mobile phones are very similar due to hardware

Windows Phone 7th anniversary

Like Joe belfiore, the team behind Windows Phone 7 also sent a tweet "Hey-Happy first birthday WP7! Our very first phones started selling (Europe only) 1 year ago! A lot's happened in a year, eh? "(Hey, WP7, happy birthday, our first Windows Phone was released today a year ago (only in Europe). A lot of things have hap

Microsoft publishes Windows Phone 8.1 Update and Chinese version of Cortana "Cortana"

Windows Phone 8.1 is still in the push process, and its first GDR update was released. Today, Microsoft officially released the Windows Phone 8.1 Update and the Chinese version of cortana--"Cortana".Windows Phone 8.1 Changed the w

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