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Using the right comment in Java

Java provides three types of comments: Single-line (c ++-style) CommentsThe simplest comment in Java is the single line comment. It starts with two forward slashes and continues to the end of the line. For example:Figure 1: single-line

PHP Unlimited Classification Combat--Comment and reply function

Often in the major forums or the news section of the details page to see the comment function, of course, not only directly post comments so simple, you can reply to other people's comments, others can comment on your reply again or reply, so

Crazy Java handout (version 3rd). (Li Gang) -- Comment

Crazy Java handout (version 3rd). (Li Gang) -- Comment 1. Necessity of annotation:1) You or others can easily understand the process and ideas of this code when restructuring the system.2) increase the readability of your code.3) When an error

Explain the difference between Div and section and article in HTML5

Just beginning to contact with HTML5, the label of it is very uncomfortable, and even a bit disgusted. Especially for the Div, section, article these tags, it is not clear what should be used in the situation. Div HTML Spec: The DIV element has no

Differences and usage of div, article, and section in HTML5

Comments: Div, section article: the basic concepts of these three labels. You probably don't know much about them. The semantics is gradually enhanced from nothing. Below is a simple web page, for your reference, I hope I can be familiar with the

Use python to design HTML-Based C language syntax to highlight the display program

   Use python to design HTML-Based C language syntax to highlight the display program1st-school year semesterCompilation and translation principleCourse schedule reportClass 02 (II)Student ID 19Name: Liu XiaomingScoreInstructor Lu chaohuiI.

Differences between Div section article in HTML5

When I first started to access HTML5, I was not very comfortable with its labels, and I was a little disgusted. Especially for the DIV, section, and Article labels, it is hard to figure out where to use them. Div Html spec: "The DIV element has no

PDP Document Code Comment specification 1th/2 page _php Tutorial

1. What is Phpdocumentor? Phpdocumentor is a php-written tool for PHP programs with canonical annotations that can quickly generate API documentation with cross-referencing, indexing, and other functions. The old version is Phpdoc, starting from 1.3

HTML Section Common Properties

-html Concept : Hyper Text Markup Language ( Hypertext Markup Language )Html Tag Category: 1 double label 2 single labelrelationships between Html tags : 1 nested relationships 2 side-by-side relationshipsHtml single tag:Horizontal line marker

PDP Document Code Comment specification 1th/2 page _php Basics

1. What is Phpdocumentor? Phpdocumentor is a tool written in PHP, and for PHP programs with canonical annotations, it can quickly generate API documents with cross-references, indexes, and so on. The old version is Phpdoc, starting with 1.3.0,

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