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PHP Loop statement for () and foreach () Usage differences Introduction _php tutorial

The For loop is the most complex loop structure in PHP. Its behavior is similar to the C language. The syntax for the For loop is: for (EXPR1; expr2; expr3) statement The first expression (EXPR1) is evaluated unconditionally once before the loop

PHP foreach Loop using detailed and instance code _php tutorial

The foreach basic syntax is as follows: FOREACH ($array _variable as $value) { [Code to execute] } Or FOREACH ($array _variable as $key = $value) { [Code to execute] } In both cases, multiple [code execution] will be executed to be equal to the

Smarty foreach Detailed description _php tutorial

Smarty foreach Detailed description For the knowledge of Smarty foreach, here is a detailed explanation of its function and usage. Smarty {foreach} is used to iterate through an associative array like iterating over a numeric index array, unlike

Example of a "foreach" loop statement in a PHP loop control statement

This section describes a special looping statement in PHP, the "foreach" loop statement. What is a foreach loop for? In PHP, the Foreach Loop statement, which is designed to iterate through an array, can be viewed in this article

Some problems with the PHP foreach array loop _php tutorial

The PHP foreach () syntax structure is used to traverse an operation or an output array, and foreach () can only be used to iterate over an array or an object, resulting in an error when trying to use it for another data type or an uninitialized

How to segment the foreach loop of an html page?

How to segment the foreach loop of an html page? How to segment the foreach loop of an html page ?, For example, if the first column reads five paragraphs for another paragraph and reads five of them, please answer! Thank you. [CSDN] Daxia

Implementation of foreach () in PHP if you want to jump out of a loop or terminate a loop

This article brings you the content is about the PHP in the use of foreach () If you want to jump out of the loop or terminate the loop implementation method, there is a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to, I hope to help you.

Where to use references in a foreach loop in PHP _php tutorial

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: foreach ($array as & $row) { $row = explode ('/', $row); } foreach ($array as $row) { Do something } In this case, in the second loop there will be a logic error, adding the second loop where do something is the

PHP foreach () jumps out of this or current loop and terminate loop method

Phpforeach () jump out of this or current loop and terminate loop methodIn PHP, in a foreach () loop, you want to be in a loop, when a condition is met,$arr=Array(' A ', ' B ', ' C ', ' d ', ' e ');$html= ' ';foreach($arr as $key=$value){

The Smarty template engine uses the built-in function foreach loop to take out all array values, smartyforeach_php tutorial

The Smarty template engine uses the built-in function foreach loop to take out all the array values, Smartyforeach In this paper, the use of smarty built-in function foreach is described and shared for everyone's reference. Specific as

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