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Also, html tags are used as the original meaning, and html tags are used as the meaning.

[Go] Return html tags for their original meaning, and html tags for their meaning To tell the truth, the word "div + css" does not know how many people are harmed. Maybe the author's intention is correct, but the followers have misinterpreted its

What is the meaning of class in HTML? Introduction to the Class attribute usage of HTML (with instance)

This article mainly introduces the meaning of class in HTML and the usage instance parsing of class in HTML. The left post also has the function explanation of HTML class. Let's take a look at this article next. First, let's introduce the meaning

"Go" also HTML tags in the original meaning

To tell the truth, "div+css" This word does not know how many people harm, perhaps the intention of its proposed is not wrong, but the followers from the performance of the distorted meaning, that the entire page should be a combination of div+css

HTML Tutorial Extended reading: Changing the appearance and meaning of text

Many tags can be used to change the appearance of text and to associate the text with its hidden meanings. In general, these tags can be divided into two categories: the Content-based style (content-based style) and the physical style (physical

Web UI -- returning HTML tags for their original meaning

Good article not only to recommend, but also to favorites, the original from: To tell the truth, the word "Div + CSS" does not know how many people are harmed. Maybe the author's

The meaning, function and comprehension of html/css/javascript

HTML (Hypertext Markup language/Hypertext Markup Language)Meaning: HTML is a standard markup language for creating Web pages.role: the page can contain pictures, links, and even music, programs and other non-text elements.Understanding: mainly used

HTML page The meaning and application scenario of head tag element

It is believed that before HTML5, few people would care about the definition and application of the tag element in the head of the HTML page, and probably remember that only "title", "keyword" and "description" were used to understand the new

Use an HTML webpage instance to describe the meaning of the head area code _ HTML/Xhtml _ webpage Creation

For example, if you are familiar with the header information of a webpage, it indicates the meaning & lt ;! DOCTYPEHTMLPUBLIC & quot;-W3CDTDHTML4.01TransitionalEN & quot; www. w3.orgTRhtml4loose. dtd & quot; & gt; & lt ;! -- Document Type -- & gt; &

What is the meaning of semantic html? Why do we need to be semantic?

first, what is the semantic HTML? Semantic HTML is the right label to do the right thing, allowing developers to read and write more elegant code while the web crawler well parse.Second, why do we have to be semantic? 1, in favor of SEO, is

Detailed description of the meaning of the html<head> head tag element and the usage scenario

Html the first part of the label, the element has many, involves the browser to the webpage the rendering, the SEO and so on, but each browser kernel as well as each domestic browser manufacturer has own label element, this causes many differences.

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