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On the correct use _javascript skill of return False

Perhaps the first example you'll see when you first start learning about jquery event processing is how to prevent the browser from performing the default behavior, such as the following code that demonstrates the Click event: Copy Code code

Correct use of return false

"Return false" was misused so badly because it looked like it was done with the work we gave it, the browser would no longer redirect us to the link in the href, and the form would not be submitted, but what was wrong with that?Perhaps the first

Return false; preventdefault (); stoppragation () in Javascript

Main content: Differences Code demo differences Suggestions   1. Differences In normal coding, the [return false;] statement is often used in JavaScript to prevent the event from being passed up. In fact, the [return false;] statement contains

What is the function of return false in Jquey

What is the function of return false in Jquey:In the numerous statements have the use of return false, of course, for the developers familiar with it, of course, know everything, know the role of this statement, of course, know when to use this

Workaround for Unserialize return False in PHP, unserializefalse_php tutorial

Workaround for Unserialize return False in PHP, Unserializefalse In this article, we describe the solution of Unserialize return False in PHP, and share it for your reference. Here's how: PHP provides serialize (serialization) and Unserialize

Why does the header still return false?-php Tutorial

The header has been sent. Why does it still return false header ("Content-type: text/html; charset = gbk"); // send a header $ A = headers_sent (); Var_dump ($ a); // false Why is false returned here ????? Reply to discussion

Header has been sent, why still return False

Header ("content-type:text/html; CHARSET=GBK "); Send a header $a =headers_sent (); Var_dump ($a); False Why is this return false????? Reply to discussion (solution) The issue was mentioned in the

Some considerations for AJAX submission forms: Explaining why return false still commits

Cause of the problem:1. The function of return false in Ajax is not the same as onsubmit ().2. When Ajax executes, the async default setting value is True, which is asynchronous, that is, when Ajax sends a request, in the process of waiting for the

Workaround for Unserialize return false in PHP _php tutorial

Workaround for Unserialize return false in PHP PHP provides serialize (serialization) and Unserialize (deserialization) methods. Once serialized using serialize, the original data can be obtained using unserialize deserialization. Let's take a look

JS Preventdefault, stoppropagation, return False

There are two types of events: Listener events and browser default behavior events for special tag elements.Listener Events: Event actions that are monitored on a node, such as the Change event for a select node, the click event of a node.Default

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