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The use of the snippet function of the sublime text

Sublime text is small and powerful, with a nice look, known as the world's most "sexy" IDE. Sublime text is also the most commonly used IDE in this small white in recent learning and doing projects. Small and powerful, more than enough for

Sublime custom snippet code snippet

I believe many people like sublime editing tools for two reasons: first, sublime is lightweight and convenient; second, sublime provides many custom extensions, including simple and easy-to-use snippet files with code snippets. Today, we will

Vim-snipmate Writing snippet Syntax

Vim-snipmate is really good to use, before a lot of writing code problems are solved perfectly. It also comes with a boost to my understanding and confidence in vim, thanks to the author here. Thank.1, now say I condensed the important grammar.1,

Use the sublime snippet function to quickly create a code segment.

Use the sublime snippet function to quickly create a code segment. In front-end development, we often enter the same basic code, such as common jquery references, bootstrap frameworks, and cssreset. If you copy and paste the code at each time, here

Snippet compiler-code snippet compilation tool

I don't know if you have encountered the following situation in your work:Code, You need to verify its correctness, but do not want to compile the entire project; or you need to verifyAlgorithmBut do not want to open a large Visual Studio to create

PHP Common applet code snippet, PHP common program code Snippet _php Tutorial

PHP commonly used small program code snippets, PHP common program code snippet This article is an example of a common PHP applet code snippet. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: 1. Calculate the difference between two time

Aptana code snippets (code snippet)

Original article: Code snippets (CodeSegment, which is also translated into a code segment.) What is it? The so-called code snippets is a way for users to save frequently used code or code

Use the same HTML snippet code on multiple pages

Problem descriptionThere is A complicated HTML clip (A). If you embed this HTML clip into other pages (B, C, D ....).The key issue is that a large number of JavaScript logic needs to be processed in HTML fragments, such as paging and click event

Sublime Text Snippets (code snippet) feature

When we write code, we always encounter some code snippets that need to be reused. This is the time to repeat the copy and paste, greatly affect the efficiency. We can solve this problem very well by using the snippet function of sublime text.

Sublime Text Custom Snippet

"Snippet" is the meaning of "fragment" in English. When we encode, we usually want to hit a few short strings, and then come out with some fixed templates, which are similar to the front-end Zen coding.However, at present, Sublime Text2 's Zen

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