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Strange HTML control textarea

Although I have never used the HTML control textarea, according to my own style, lou pig boldly believes that the textmode of the textarea and Server Control textbox is multiline and should be the same on the final HTML Tag. Maybe it's preemptible.

jquery gets textarea text value in detail

Today, using jquery to get textarea text values, you encounter such a problem:The first error with the Val () method, followed by the text (), can be run, but the obtained value is always empty, and finally changed to Val (), can be used normally.So:

Html,js Simple save TextArea line wrapping format

  Sometimes when we do form submission, we often need to save the HTML tag, but textarea does not save the line-wrapping information, so we need to use JS to save textarea and other HTM tags.Really let the HTML text box in the form of exchange and

Use textrange to select and modify strings in richtexteditor textarea

Http:// Content1_textcontrols_05.html   Selecting and modifying text You can select and modify text in textarea, textinput, and richtexteditor controls. To change a label or text control'

The value and value assignment of JQuery TextArea

First, it is not a simple problem! Values: $ ("# Textarea"). text (); // readIn recent tests, we found that textArea values cannot be read in firefox or Chrome, and IE is normal. Therefore, it is changed: $("#textarea").val();Solve the problem.

On the value and assignment of JQuery textarea

First, it's not a simple question. First, take the value: $ ("#textarea"). Text ();//ReadThe latest test found in Firefox or Chrome read textarea value, ie normal. It is then modified to: $ ("#textarea"). Val ();Problem solved, but when searching,

Set maxlength to textarea

Http:// HiI am using textarea type. I want to set maximum length to the textarea.I am using following code for the same, but it is not working, But it is not working, it takes chars

Textarea element and textarea object

The project uses the HTML control of multi-line text such as textarea multiple times. You need to master the following features to use the control on the Web Front-end. 1. Cols -- number of columns in multiple input fields2. Rows -- number of rows

How can the words on the edge of the textarea be aligned with the TEXTAREA input box

1 DOCTYPE HTML Public "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" " Xhtml1-transitional.dtd ">2 HTMLxmlns= "">3 Head>4 Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html;

Ajax Hack Hack 12 submitting text or textarea values to the server without refreshing the browser

ajax| Server | browser | refresh Ajax Hack Hack 12 submitting text or textarea values to the server without refreshing the browser This section focuses on the smooth passing of text or textarea values to the server.When the user enters a text or

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