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Translation-28 HTML5 features, tips and technologies you must know

ArticleDirectory 1. New doctype Ii. graphic elements) Iii. redefinition 5. quotation marks or not 6. editable content 7. Email input (inputs) 8. placeholders) 9. Local Storage) 10. semantic header and footer 11.

Dojo1.6 new feature: HTML5 ongoing

DojoAs one of the oldest JavaScript libraries, it has never stopped its application of various new technologies and its integration with new standards in recent years. You may have been using dojo for a long time, but have noticedHTML5? HTML5

HTML5 Fast Learning A

Attention to HTML5 for some time, has not been systematic to learn.For the understanding of HTML5, before staying in some new tags, some API can accomplish some of the things that JS accomplishes, that's all.The previous period of time HTML5

Use HTML5 to develop offline applications

Guo Zongbao, software engineer, IBM Introduction:Web encourages personal participation. Everyone is the author of web content. If the web application can provide offline functions and allow users to write content in areas without a network (such as

Use HTML5 WebSocket to build real-time Web applications, html5websocket

[Switch] using HTML5 WebSocket to build real-time Web applications, html5websocket Introduction and practice of HTML5 WebSocket This article mainly introduces the principles of HTML5 WebSocket and its revolutionary innovation for real-time Web

Several solutions compatible with IE678 do not support html5 labels _ html5 tutorial tips-

The era of html5 has arrived. If you are still struggling with whether you should master html5 and css3 technologies, please stick to your mouth and study hard! Next, let's take a look at several methods that are compatible with IE678 and do not

Web design: CSS3, HTML5, JS and framework

Article Description: Web Design: CSS3, HTML5, JS and framework. What is the beauty of the hot HTML5 today? What changes can HTML5 make to real-world mobile development? The front-end development engineer from the Mobile phone service

Basic HTML5 game development technology and html5 Game Development

Basic HTML5 game development technology and html5 Game Development With the final finalization of the HTML5 standard, HTML5 is expected to become a popular platform in the game development field. HTML5 games can run on computers, smartphones, and

Full-duplex communication in html5 websockets-

This article mainly studies the use of HTML5WebSockets, which is the most powerful communication function in html5. it defines a full-duplex communication channel and can communicate with only one Socket on the Web, this reduces unnecessary network

Media elements of HTML5 practice and analysis (1. Introduction to video tags and audio tags)

With the advent of HTML5, flash cannot be supported on mobile phones, in this way, you can only use the media tag video tag and audio tag in HTML5 to play a flash-based music or video. Coincidentally, the mobile end supports the video tag and audio

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