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Calculate 1/1-1/2+1/3-1/4+1/5 ... + 1/99-1/100 value

Tags: calculate 1/1-1/2+1/3-1/4+1/5 ... + 1/99-1/100 value★ Calculate 1/1-1/2+1/3-1/4+1/5 ... + 1/99-1/100 value#include <stdio.h>int main () {int i;double x = 1;double sum = 0;for (i = 1; i<101; i++) {sum = sum + x/i;x = x* (- 1);} printf (

The "C language" calculates the value of 1/1-1/2+1/3-1/4+1/5 ... + 1/99-1/100.

Tags: c language 1.0 Flag POWNote: When calculating 1 to use a double type that is 1.0 . Odd even numbers are calculated separately and then merged. #include <stdio.h>int main () {int i;double sum=0,sum1=0,sum2=0;for (i = 1;i

"C Language" seeking 1-1/2+1/3-1/4+1/5....+1/99-1/100

Tags: include C language double#include <stdio.h> #include <math.h>int main () {double i=1.0,sum=0.0;for (i=1.0;i<=100.0;i++) {sum=sum+ (1/i) *pow ( -1,i+1);} printf ("%f\n", sum); return 0;}This article is from the "vs LV" blog, so

"C Language" seeking 1-1/2+1/3-1/4...+1/99-1/100

Label:Beg 1-1/2+1/3-1/4...+1/99-1/100#include <stdio.h>int Main () {Double A = 1.0;int i;double sum = 1.0;for (i = 2; i < = 100; i++) {a = ( -1) * a;sum = sum + a/i;} printf ("1-1/2+1/3-1/4...+1/99-1/100=%f\n", sum); return 0;} <img src=

HTTP Learning 1-1 chapter1-http overview

Tags: port SSI location Web Connection Storage data Transfer Web security ServiceWeb browsers, servers, and related Web applications all communicate with each other through HTTP. HTTP is the common language used in modern global Internet.1.1http–

That's how I use the data: 1-1+1-1+...=0.5?

Speaking of this formula, is actually a classic question, recently saw a video said to draw a conclusion: the answer is 0.5, I think it is very interesting, when we go to school, we all calculate: 1, the formula as (1-1) + (1-1) + (1-1) ... Because

In hibernate based on the primary key Mapping 1-1 Association relationship and the difference based on the foreign Key Mapping 1-1 Association relationship

Tags: app ppi associated ring RTM qup difference manager BSPBased on the primary key mapping 1-1 correlation relationship and based on the foreign key mapping 1-1 correlation relationship, the main difference is that the configuration map file will

How regular expressions determine whether a number includes (-+), such as: -1,+1, this is also counted as a number regular expression how to determine whether a number includes (-+), such as: -1,+1, this is also counted as a number

Label:   Regular expression set for validating numbers Verification Number: ^[0-9]*$ To verify N-bit numbers: ^\d{n}$ Verify that at least n digits: ^\d{n,}$ Verify the number of m-n bits: ^

LS you no 2>&1 1>&2|egrep \* >file and (ls you no 2>&1) 1>&2|egrep \* >file execution results are different

Tags: shell1, ls you no 2>&1 1>&2|egrep \* >file2, (ls you no 2>&1) 1>&2|egrep \* >fileWho the shell is familiar with, this script, why does the execution result be different?Answer the question of group friends1,

Hadoop YARN ERROR 1/1 local-dirs is bad *, 1/1 log-dirs is bad *

Label:Turn  View NodeManager Log send the following information  2015-07-16 15:28:58,643 WARN

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