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Explanation 301 redirection and implementation methods, explanation 301 redirection

Explanation 301 redirection and implementation methods, explanation 301 redirection1. What is 301 redirection? 301 redirection (or 301 redirection) is the header information in the HTTP data stream returned by the service when a user or a search

Detailed 301 Redirect and implementation method

One, what is 301 redirect301 Redirect (or call 301 jump, 301 turn) is a user or search engine spider to the site server to make access requests, the service returns the HTTP data stream header part of the status code of one, indicating that this

Website Technology---301 redirect

Permanent page removal (301 redirects ) is a very important "auto-steering" technology. One of the most feasible ways to redirect URLs. When a user or a search engine makes a browse request to the Web server, one of the status codes in the header

Status code 200, 301, 304, 404, 502 HTTP Status Code interpretation for HTTP protocol

In the actual application of the site construction, prone to a lot of small mistakes, like MySQL was optimized not in place, the impact of the overall site browsing effect, in fact, the site's regular HTTP status code performance is the same, Google

Detailed 301 Redirect

A lot of students can't figure out what 301 is. and the impact of 301 on search engines? How do you set up the final 301? So write this article. This article gives you a full understanding of 301 redirects, clear 301 redirects. What is 301 turn? 301

404 whether the error can be resolved through the 301 redirect

The author on June 25 published a "skillfully with 301 redirect 404 errors into the site outside the chain," the article, talked about how to pass the 301 redirect way, will be from the outside to get the wrong URL into an accessible URL, so as to

Does your website set 301 redirection for a domain name without WWW?

301 redirection Does your website set a domain name without WWW during domain name resolution? Set a domain name without www. In this way, you can access your website normally when using a domain name without www. However, we often encounter this

Setting method for 301 redirects under IIS7.5 (and pseudo-static 301 redirect Error cases) _win server

One, 301 redirect implementation: Our site ( The original domain name is, significantly worse, after changing the domain name, the first thing to do is naturally 301 redirect. One caveat: even if you are not changing the domain

A5 Optimization Group: Avoid error 301 orientation caused by calamities

Unified URL standardization to the domain name redirection, is the website different domain name weight centralized processing ideal method. However, as a webmaster, do you know that the wrong 301 redirect will bring unnecessary calamities to the

Php implements 301 redirection jump instance code and 301 redirection

Php implements 301 redirection jump instance code and 301 redirection In php, the 301 redirection implementation method is very simple. We only need to simply use the header to send the 301 status code and then use the header to jump. The effect is

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