http localhost helloworld php

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Yii framework development tutorial (1) configure the environment and the first application helloworld

Preparations: My development environment is Apache + MySQL + PHP in windows. The editor does not know which one to use. use Dreamweaver for the moment. The root directory of my own http: // localhost/is E:/website/localhost/ Yii is

Introduction to joomla2.5 component development: helloworld!

A beginner helloworld The component is placed under the components directory. 1. You can create a new directory com_helloworld under the joomla root directory. Note: All the created directories start with com. 2. Create helloworld. php In the

Teaches you to write modern PHP code without the use of frames

I have prepared a challenging thing for you. Next you will start a project tour in a non -framed way.First of all, this is not a smelly and long anti-frame binding cloth article. It's not about selling non-original ideas. After all, we'll also use

Comprehensive integration of Apache + MySQL + PHP + JSP (Tomcat) + CGI + ASP in Windows

The operating system used for installation in this article is Windows XP Professional Edition. Follow these steps to complete the installation!NOTE: If IIS is pre-installed, stop or disable the IIS service first. 1. Preparations before

What is rpc? What are the popular rpc frameworks in php.

What is rpc? What are the popular rpc frameworks in php. Better layout: www. zybuluo. comphpernote76641 what is the rpc framework? answer the first question: what is the RPC framework? In one sentence, RPC is called RemoteProcedureCall. What is

Yii Getting Started Tutorial: Yii installation and helloworld, yii Getting Started Tutorial _ PHP Tutorial

Yii Getting Started Tutorial: Yii installation and helloworld, yii Getting Started Tutorial. Yii installation and helloworld, Yii tutorial 1. download yii, website: www. yiiframework. comdownload note version. here it is based on Yii1. if it is Yii2'

PHP accesses hadoop hive through thrift

This article describes how to use SQL to query hadoop data. The main technology used is: PhP submits SQL queries to hive through thrift, hive converts SQL queries to hadoop tasks, and returns a result URI after hadoop completes execution, then we

Nodejs Beginner-----HelloWorld

Recent intensive study of the next Nodejs (Before learning PHP, calculate the beginning of it, but the time relationship, haven't written articles, follow up to do Android and Big data, in short, busy ha, plan PHP to line up to the back, also please

Turn: Understanding Streams in PHP

This article turns from: Open source Chinese community []This article title: Understanding Streams in PHPThis address: in Translation: YihunterEnglish

Understanding Streams in PHP and phpstreams

Understanding Streams in PHP and phpstreams Streams is a powerful tool provided by PHP. We often use it inadvertently. If it is used properly, PHP productivity will be greatly improved. With the power of Streams, applications will be elevated to a

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