http protocol status codes

Want to know http protocol status codes? we have a huge selection of http protocol status codes information on

HTTP protocol-identify common protocol status codes

As the basis of web services, HTTP protocol should be taken seriously, but colleagues around the world can clearly understand the rare issue of HTTP protocol. Since it is the foundation, we should be able to master it earlier, so we have been using

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Documentation notes about HTTP Status Codes

Definition   HTTP status codeHTTP status code is a three-digit code used to indicate the HTTP response status of the Web server. It is defined by the RFC 2616 specification and has been extended by specifications such as RFC 2518, RFC 2817, RFC 2295,

Common HTTP status Codes

Some common HTTP status codes are:200– server successfully returned to Web page404– The requested page does not exist503– Service Not availableCommon HTTP status Code Daquan1XX (Temporary response)A status code that represents a temporary response

HTTP status codes (1)

HTTP Status Code, which is currently used. I used to remember several common status codes, such as 200,302,304,404,503. Generally, I only need to know these common status codes. For AJAX, REST, web crawler, robot and other programs. You still need

Classification of HTTP status codes

Status Code classificationHTTP status code is divided into five categories, currently we use the HTTP protocol version is 1.1, support the following status code. As the protocol progresses, more status codes are defined in the HTTP specification.Tip:

Details of various HTTP return status codes and return Status Codes

Details of various HTTP return status codes and return Status Codes If a request sent to your server requires that a webpage on your website be displayed (for example, when a user accesses your webpage through a browser or crawls a webpage through

Status code 200, 301, 304, 404, 502 HTTP Status Code interpretation for HTTP protocol

In the actual application of the site construction, prone to a lot of small mistakes, like MySQL was optimized not in place, the impact of the overall site browsing effect, in fact, the site's regular HTTP status code performance is the same, Google

TCP/IP protocol Family (i) HTTP introduction, request method and response status code

Next, I would like to review the TCP/IP protocol family related things, of course, most of these things were learned in college, but that sentence, the basis of things still need to review the back of the time. The next few blog is about the TCP/IP

A list of common HTTP status codes for production environments

When the server responds to the client, it responds with the corresponding status code, and different status codes have different meanings.1XX: Information class2XX: Success Class3XX: Redirect Class4XX: Client Error class5XX: Service-side Error

HTTP protocol and several common status codes

Preface: Knowing that there is a kettle in the mountains, the Busan line is preferred-----film "Busan Line"-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Today, let's briefly talk about the

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