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Create a Debian Image

Create a Debian image-Debian information for the Linux release. See the following for details. Debian image is required during FAI. In this case, a local image is required. If fai-mirror is used directly, the generated image will be a package in

Debian image source server setup

How to Create a Debian image website? There has been a special Introduction On Debian's official website: Before you create an image for Debian, you must consider the following: to what extent are you preparing

How to Use mod_evasive of the anti-DDOS module of Apache (httpd) Server

 Tests show that:When mod_evasive successfully blocks an ip address, apache logs still have access records;  Official Address of mod_evasive: Wget

Getting started with Debian server settings

Debian server configuration entry-Linux Release Technology-Debian information. The following is a detailed description. 1. Select Apache + MySQL + PHP4. You may ask me: Why do I have to choose a combination of Apache + MySQL + PHP4 instead of other

Debian cacti installation procedure

Debian: Install cacti-Debian, the Linux release technology. For more information, see the following. I. Comparison of mrtg and cacti: Advantages of MRTG: simple and easy to use. After installation, you only need to change the configuration

Instructions for using Apache (HTTPD) server anti-DDoS module mod_evasive

Instructions for using Apache (HTTPD) server anti-DDoS module mod_evasive1, Mod_evasive Introduction;Mod_evasive is a DDoS-resistant module for Apache (httpd) servers. For Web servers, it is now a good extension to protect against DDoS attacks.

Install apache2 + PhP5 + MySql in Debian source code

Install apache2 + PhP5 + MySql in Debian source code Author: add lost objects: Keyword: PhP5 Debian is really great, but some updates are very slow. For example, the update of

Debian system installation and configuration Apache2 + MySQL5 + PHP5 server environment

Finally, we installed LAMP with apt-get in Debian. Previously, we used CentOS for compilation and installation, which was faster than now, but the memory usage was not optimized, there is no time for further research... After installing yum, it is

Build a super secure lamp server in Linux

Reprinted. Please keep the author information. Steamed Stuffed Bun @ Zhengzhou University Network Security Park Http:// This article has already been contributed to the article of the black line of defense in the 11th issue of the 03

Configure httpd server and test Cacti Chinese Version

Cacti is a set of graphic analysis tools for network traffic monitoring developed based on PHP, MySQL, SNMP, and RRDTool. Cacti Chinese version uses snmpget to obtain data and use RRDtool to draw images. You do not need to understand the complex

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