httpd high cpu usage

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Monitoring and log analysis of high CPU in Linux system

When using a Linux system, consume CPU resources too high and use scripting to troubleshoot:1, real-time monitoring, once there is a high CPU consumption process, the program starts;2, then the process analysis, to draw the corresponding thread;3,

The difference between Load average and CPU usage

Load AverageRefers to the number of tasks in the run queue, if only 1 processes in the running queue for 1 minutes, the 1-minute load average is 1, only 1 processes in the running queue half a minute, the 1-minute load average is 0.5, meaning that

Linux kill usage, killall, pkill, and xkill

Linux kill usage, killall, pkill, and xkill Linux kill usage, killall, pkill, and xkill 1. Kill, killall, pkill, and xkill tools for terminating Processes Terminate a process or terminate a running program, usually through kill, killall, pkill,

Httpd.exe cpu usage 100% solution

I said on the Internet that we have no limit on the number of apache concurrent operations and the number of sub-operations. Later, Baidu came up with the following code:Edit httpd. conf The code is as follows:Copy code Win32DisableAcceptEx #

Knowledge about processes and CPUs and simple and monotonous Solutions

A process is an execution program. Every time a program runs, a process is created for the operating system and corresponding resources are allocated. Processes can be divided into three categories:1. Interactive Process (I/O)2. batch processing

One day to learn about Linux RHEL6 system Process Management 3 process observation top command

Top: dynamically observe process changes. ps indicates the process status at a certain time point, while top indicates dynamically observe the running status of the process in real time. We can divide the result of the top command into three parts,

Memcached High Performance Memory Object cache system

I. Overview of memcached Memcached is a high-performance distributed memory object caching system for dynamic Web applications to mitigate database load. It improves the speed of dynamic, database-driven Web sites by caching data and

Heartbeat implementing a Web server for high availability

First, Heartbeat overview:  How Heartbeat works:The core of heartbeat consists of two parts, the heartbeat monitoring part and the resource takeover part, heartbeat monitoring can be carried out through the network link and the serial port, and

Common usage of RPM package manager package management tools

There are two types of software packages: Binary Package and source code package. How do I select a software package that suits my binary format? 1. Select a software package based on the CPU architecture A binary package converts a source program

Page 1/3 of linux Apache server system security settings and Optimization

The configuration file of the Apache server is located in the/usr/local/apache/conf/directory. Traditionally, three configuration files are used: httpd. conf, access. conf and srm. conf to configure the behavior of the Apache server. Httpd. conf

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