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Install the garbage file (eula.1028.txt, install. res.1028.dll, vc_red.msi, etc.) of vssag)

When vs2008 and 2010 are installed, a series of txt, DLL, INI, and other files will be generated under the drive E, drive F, or other drive letters, such The nine text files are named respectivelyEula.1028.txt,Eula.1031.txt,Eula.1033.txt,Eula.1036.txt,Eula.1040.txt,Eula.20.1

National 863 plan and Kingsoft's EULA commitment to Microsoft

In March 1986, Deng Xiaoping approved the National High-tech Development Plan, namely the "863 Plan ". The purpose of this plan is: "... renderingchinaIndependent of financial obligations for foreign technologies "means that China is completely freed from its dependence on foreign technologies. Kingsoft Development Office requires Microsoft's VBA authorization, and Kingsoft's VBA authorization must sign an EULA authorization agreement with Microsoft,

Mozilla requires Firefox to display EULA in Ubuntu

When Ubuntu users use the latest version of UbuntuIntrepidIbex, the first time they start the Firefox browser, they will face an "End User License Agreement (EULA )". MarkShuttleworth said: "Mozilla asked us to add an agreement if we want to continue calling this browser Firefox... I don't think EULA is the best practice. Unfortunately, Mozilla thinks this is absolutely necessary and points out that there i

When will Huawei P9 be listed? How much is Huawei P9?

When will Huawei P9 go public? When will Huawei P9 be listed? Huawei P9 or April 6. Huawei P9 will use 5.2 1080p screen, the standard version of Kirin 950 processor +3GB memory +32GB fuselage storage, high with Kirin 955 processor +4GB memory +64GB, 128GB fuselage storage, is expected to be low with 2888 yuan, h

How does Huawei pay bind? The use of Huawei Pay tutorial

Which banks are supported by Huawei pay From yesterday's press release, Huawei Pay seems to have only cooperated with the Bank of China, and whether it will support other banks for the moment is not known to be the Bank of China. Huawei pay how to bind NFC features are widely used in various types of mobile phones, mainly for information exchange, the c

Huawei Former employees: I know what I'm doing at Huawei (reprint)

 As a former Huawei program ape, I have recently been asked by a small partner why I have to give up a seemingly high-tech work in the forefront of science and technology, I am in the face of the nature of the right to say that because I am deeply in love with the present job, (righteously) want to do a big business here! In fact, a quiet heart to think, inevitably have some feelings and heart words, just take this opportunity to speak out, readers, a

Huawei Mate9 How to import the Address book Huawei Mate9 import SIM card Contact method

Huawei Mate9 Import SIM card contact method steps: First, the SIM card installed to the Huawei Mate9 mobile phone, and then from Huawei Mate9 Desktop Open Contact, when we enter the empty contact, select "Import Contact", as shown in the picture: Two, there are three ways to import contacts: storage devices, SIM cards, other mobile phones, here we use the SIM

Huawei Mate9pro first charge to how long Huawei Mate9pro first charge time and common charging small common sense

Huawei Mate9pro Correct charging method: 1, the Huawei Mate9pro uses the polymer lithium battery, has no memory effect, does not need the light to charge again 2, charge full, and then float 0.5~1 hours, you can unplug the charger 3, charge: Must use the Huawei P7 original charger and the data line charge 4, at ordinary times can be used with charge, charging

Huawei openday-ZTE and Huawei openday (2)

I wrote ZTE and Huawei openday together, but I thought it was a long-winded book, and it was a full flow of bills. So I don't need to pay for it. Let's write it separately. Please refer to ZTE's experienceTouch me. Let's write down what I can think of about Huawei openday. I hope you will be inspired. I thought it was early enough to get up at a.m. on Saturday. It would not have been so early. I didn't kn

How does Huawei enjoy 6S screenshots? Huawei to enjoy 6S screenshots tutorial

How does Huawei enjoy 6S screenshots? I believe that the first use of Huawei to enjoy 6S new machine, some of the small partners, some should not be very familiar with it. Today, the small series to bring you the Huawei Free 6S screenshot tutorial, interested friends to see together! Huawei enjoy 6S screenshots, scree

Huawei Mate S phone how Huawei Mate S mobile phone parameters detailed

Huawei Mate S Price introduction 3GB+16GB's Huawei Mate S standard version is 649 euros, grey and silver, and 3GB+64GB's Huawei Mate S High edition 699 Euros, gold and pink. The first listed countries naturally have China, but the National bank Price is announced separately. What about Huawei Mate

Huawei Mate9 Call automatic recording method Huawei Mate9 call automatic Recording course

Sometimes, we think that special circumstances, need to be recorded in the process of the call, some novice users do not know how to operate? Today, small series to introduce the Huawei Mate9 call automatic recording method, interested friends together to see today's tutorial content. Huawei Mate9 Support Call automatic recording, you can also set objects Oh! Huawei

Static Routing configuration instance between Huawei switches, Huawei Static Routing

Static Routing configuration instance between Huawei switches, Huawei Static Routing Topology Switch configuration on the left: 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960616263646566676869 #sysnameHuawei#vlanbatch10100#clusterenablentdpenablendpenable#dropillegal-macalarm#diffservdomaindefault#drop-profiledefault#aaaauthent

Huawei Mate9 Pro How to restore factory settings? Huawei Mate9 Pro Resume Factory Setup Tutorial

Q: Huawei Mate9 pro How to restore factory settings? A: smart phones give us more convenience at the same time will bring us more trouble, such as the use of time after long will be slow, and then, for example, the failure of the smartphone will appear more, then master restore the factory settings is very important. First click on the application, and then click the settings, to find the right to privacy options Click to enter, click has been reset

Experiment: Huawei mux vlan configuration and management, Huawei mux

Experiment: Huawei mux vlan configuration and management, Huawei mux The following experiment is an experimental video teaching course designed by the author for "Huawei switch Learning Guide". Click here to view details: Huawei's mux vlan function enables different VLANs located in the same IP network segment.(All

Huawei Free 5 How root Huawei Enjoy 5 mobile root privileges

1, here we take root master as an example, we install the root master in the computer. 2, then we click on USB debugging, different Android version to open the debugging method is not the same. 3, the installation of mobile phone drive, the use of the master Brush machine automatically installed mobile phone driver. 1, we open the "root master" in the mobile phone and after the phone and root access success (USB connection succeeded), as shown in the following figure: Then, after the roo

Huawei Cheong-Enjoy series How to restore factory settings? Huawei Enjoy series Resume Factory Setup Tutorial

How does Huawei get back to factory settings? When our mobile phone appears in the case of Kaka or insufficient memory, we can consider the restoration of factory settings, then the next small series on the terms of the company to restore the factory set up the way it! 1 First we open "Settings", then click "Backup and Reset", then open "Restore factory settings." (pictured below) 2 Then we click "Reset Phone" and then click "Reset Phone". (PS

Huawei Glory 3X (G750-t00/dual 3G version) How about it? Huawei Glory 3X Parameters

Huawei Glory 3X Parameter specification (g750-t00/dual 3G edition) Basic parameters Exposure date 2013 Mobile phone Type 3G mobile phone, smartphone, tablet phone Screen Touch screen Type Capacitive screen, multi-touch control (10 points) Main screen Size 5.5 inches Main screen Material Ips Prim

Huawei and Bain spent $2.2 billion to buy 3Com Huawei holding a small number of shares

On August 1, September 28, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Bain Capital and Huawei will jointly acquire 3Com for about $2.2 billion, and 3Com has agreed to the agreement. According to the agreement, the shares held by 3Com's original stock holders will be acquired in cash at $5.30 per share, it is equivalent to Bain Capital and Huawei, so they paid a September 27 price higher than 3Com's s

Huawei hg8347r v3r016c10s135 Bridge to connect with Beijing Unicom to restore Huawei original

Background17 Transact the Unicom 100M fiber, give the light cat is Huawei hg8347r (Optical cat route model for Huawei Hg8347r, software version for v3r016c10s135), say that the light cat can still fully meet the small area of the family use.With WiFi, the configuration is convenient and no additional wireless routers are required.1. If it is necessary to meet the characteristics of long-term stability, high

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