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AM2320 temperature and Humidity sensor C51 program UART serial output temperature and humidity

Physical map650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Am2320.png "alt=" Wkiol1hgsmorxbttaajmgumukvs286.png "/>Pin diagram650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" pin. png "alt=" Wkiom1hgsm-db6gdaadx2k1req8130.png "/>Wiring diagram650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" Img_ 20161206_203345.jpg "

Integrated humidity sensor ih3605 and Its Application

Source:  The integrated humidity sensor ih3605 can adjust the signal in the chip, and has high precision and good linearity. This article introduces its performance and structure features, and provides typical application instances of ih3605.Keywords:Humidity Sensor; integrated circuit; ih3605Document Identific

STM32 AM2305 High precision temperature and humidity sensor driver

Recently used in the temperature and humidity sensor, AM2305 drive, single bus, on the power of at least 2S to read temperature and humidity, temperature accuracy is high, like DS18B20, data with the checksum, will not appear ds18b20, and the timing is not high /****************************************************************************************************

Temperature and humidity sensor DHT11

If you want to use the Arduino Development Board drive DHT11 to obtain temperature and humidity, it is recommended to use a third-party library, which can speed up the development of the program, and is not prone to error, the following code I have been transferred to the third-party library. For detailed installation methods, please refer to the Geek Pioneer's blog: The author installs the minimum ve

Arduino debug temperature and humidity sensor AM2321

AM2321 is a digital temperature and humidity sensor in Guangzhou ausone electronics production. Although it is a domestic brand, its precision can be comparable with foreign mainstream temperature and humidity sensing IC. Size: 11.3x7.8x4mm (L x W x H) Package: 0.05 pitch PTH Operating voltage: 2.6~5v Interface: i²c, maximum rate 100kbps, wit

Arduino I²c + temperature and humidity sensor Si7021

SI7021 is a temperature and humidity sensor chip produced by Silicon Labs. Its main features: Humidity accuracy: Error typ. +/-2%RH, Max +/-3%rh (0~80%RH), factory corrected Temperature accuracy: Error typ. +/-0.3%°c, Max +/-0.4%°c ( -10°c~85°c), factory corrected Measuring range: Temperature range 0~100%rh, maximum temperature range -40°c~125°c

Raspberry Pi Connection DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor (python)

) = = GPIO. Low: Continue While gpio.input (channel) = = GPIO. High: K + = 1 if k > : Break If K 8: Data.append (0) Else: Data.append (1) J + = 1 Print "sensor is working." Print Data #输出初始数据高低电平 Humidity_bit = data[0:8] #分组 Humidity_point_bit = data[8: +] Temperature_bit = data[: Temperature_point_bit = data[: +] Check_bit = data[:

12-Development Board access Small Five things to achieve remote control (STM32 acquisition temperature and humidity sensor DHT11)

functionNvic_prioritygroupconfig (nvic_prioritygroup_2);//set interrupt Priority group to group 2:2-bit preemption priority, 2-bit response priorityUart_init (115200);//serial port initialized to 115200Led_init ();//initializing the hardware interface to the LED connection while(Dht11_init ())//DHT11 Initialization{printf ("DHT11 error\r\n"); Delay_ms ( the); } while(1) { if(t% -==0)//Read once per 100ms{dht11_read_

STM32 AM2305 High precision temperature and humidity sensor driver

Recently used temperature and humidity sensor, AM2305 drive, single bus, after power on at least a delay of 2S to read temperature and humidity, temperature accuracy is high, with the same as DS18B20, data with calibration, will not appear ds18b20, and timing requirements are not high /****************************************************************************

"STM32. Net MF Development Board Learning-19" DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor communication (ON)

The previous period of development of telemedicine system ( has used over temperature and humidity sensor, but at that time considering the difficulty of integration, selected a RS485 interface sensor, the sensor realizes the Modbus RTU slave function, as long as the client program to achieve Modbus RTU The cl

"Espruino" No.14 temperature and humidity sensor DHT11 This article belongs to the individual understanding, the ability is limited, the mistake is unavoidable, also looks correct. "Little Fish has a little electricity." "Espruino Chinese Community" In section 10th, a DS18B20 temperature sensor is introduced, which introduces a sensor DHT11 that detects temperature and

Raspberry Pi DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor

] |=1;//writes data 1 toJ + +;}}/*Start processing data 1. Because a complete data output is 40 bits, J should be greater than 402.dht11_val[4] for checksum, here to determine if the checksum is correct 3. Print only dht11_val[0], dht11_val[2] because dht11_val[ 1], dht11_val[3] is a fractional part, according to the data sheet decimal is always zero*/if(J >= +) (dht11_val[4] = = ((dht11_val[0] + dht11_val[1] + dht11_val[2] + dht11_val[3]) 0xFF)) {printf ("rh:%d,temp:%d\n", dht11_val[0], dht11_

Arm-linux automatically collects temperature and humidity sensor data

Boot Root Automatic LoginIf you want to enter in the HyperTerminal, login and execute, you can add commands in the/etc/profile;If you implement an automatic login for power on, and modify it in/etc/inittab, each development board may be modified in a different way.Http:// application on bootBypass login, only need to directly modify/etc/init.d/rcs a file, add a program or script command can be run automatically:Similar to Autobat automatic b

Android development: Android device sensor Development Summary, android Sensor

Android development: Android device sensor Development Summary, android Sensor In this article, I will share with you how to develop Android device sensors. Please indicate the author xiong_it and link:

Detailed Android sensor Development complete parsing _android

) sensor, rotation vector (rotational vector) sensorLet's look at the coordinates of the sensor world: The coordinate system of the sensor world is not already feeling a bit. (2) Environmental sensors Such sensors can measure parameters in different environments, such as ambient air temperature and pressure, light intensity and

[Based Android] Android sensor introduction (1) Acquisition of gravity sensor Acceleration

The instructor of the fetc project proposed a new requirement. He wanted to show the user's current movement direction in the game map. If he used GPS, it was obviously unreliable, so he thought of the powerful Android sensor... Many mobile devices have built-in sensors. Android abstracts these sensors through the sensor

Android environment sensor and android Sensor

Android environment sensor and android Sensor Environment Sensor The Android platform provides four sensors for detecting different external environments. We can use these sensors to detect the surroundings. For example, it can de

[Android Pro] Android--sensor sensor

Android provides support for device sensors, and as long as the Android device's hardware provides these sensors, Android apps can access the device's external conditions through sensors, including the phone's running status, the current orientation, and so on. The Android system also provides drivers to manage these

My Android advanced tour ------ & gt; Android uses Sensor (Sensor) to implement a small example of the level function, android level

My Android advanced tour ------> Android uses Sensor (Sensor) to implement the level function. The level here refers to a more traditional bubble level, filled with liquid in a transparent disc, with a bubble in the liquid. When one end is tilted, this bubble will float at one end.The first parameter returned by the D

Android acceleration Sensor G-sensor, androidg-Sensor

Android acceleration Sensor G-sensor, androidg-Sensor Sensor. TYPE_ACCELEROMETER Values [0]: x-axis AccelerationValues [1]: acceleration in y-axis directionValues [2]: acceleration in the z-axis direction The x, y, and z directions are defined as the coordinates of

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