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Domestic website Hype planning misunderstanding

Domestic. The misunderstanding of COM planning As early as two years ago, I used the word "straggly" to jokingly dubbed the 90 's China planners, and in the 21st century this was not only a change, but more of a form of weirdness. In the Internet era quite a bit of the site has reached the point of madness, attention to the economy has become a hype economy, cheating the economy! Do not know where the leader of those enterprises to take the enterprise

Is it necessary to engage in network hype? (Summary version)

Network China's internet has never been a lack of hype, casually open a portal to see the news, not pornography, the words of war, the war is not limited to the Internet industry, the internet is just a battle of the mouth of a platform. From the beauty of the wooden son to fame, to the beauty of the high price of marriage, and then to the recent Zhang Yu events, regardless of their hype is well-meaning, o

Website hype

Read a lot of "master" article, what promote trilogy, what website promotion method, how to make your website quickly string red? The article mentions more "hype". It seems that hype has become a popular trend. Stir fry the entertainment circle! Media Fire! Domain name Fire! Do the website also want to fry. Look at the current major webmaster related information sites, including and a webmaster-related larg

2014: go beyond hype and enter the SDN deployment age

In 2013, we saw a lot of new SDN products, architecture, marketing activities and conferences. Some new standards and open-source organizations also entered this field. At that time, SDN had just returned from the high point of the hype cycle. In the twinkling of an eye, in 2014, we will see the adoption of real products, including the development and deployment of multiple industries. What really matters is that we have seen the collaboration between

Webmaster can also learn to learn Song Zude not face the promotion of hype skills

, whether it is sacrificing their own, sacrificing others, the sacrificial skin, anyway, to end. The other side of a small handle mercilessly extended, Li Shanyou to Baidu to talk about something, you can declare Li Shanyou stationed in Baidu responsible for the news, mercilessly fried, fried bones, you can list the National personal Webmaster rankings, to get their 2nd position to go, can also casually Dog, said that their site was bought by a portal, the price as you make up, do not taxable. D

Free from the bondage of innovation--by TriZ theory, analyzing the source and method of innovation

In life and work, we often lock a focus on words "innovation" Often hear people talking about the importance of innovation, how to innovate. In order to innovate we are also in the design process to brainstorm, thinking about how to get more dazzling, cooler and more unexpected design, so as to achieve innovative purposes. At the same time, we also feel that such innov

Click-through hype has become part of cultural consumption

." In addition to "click on fake", we can easily list more models of network hype. "Lang brother" hype "angel mm" process, is regarded as the classic Chinese internet hype case, he was after the victory, fried "very real person", and so in 2006 set off a "real people four grid" production boom. "Sister Furong" self-speculation is also regarded as a major event in

Forum Cheat Hype Dafa

QQ group can be. 8. As the administrator of the forum must speak carefully, as little as possible to speak, more communication with small speakers. The Forum hype the speculation Dafa supplements1. Use the good forum of MM, get a Netizen album section, encourage mm to send their own photos, the premise is that they use different number first hair up some, if no one first hair, others will be very difficult to first hair, as far as ugly women, so that

How is network hype made? (Summary)

The Internet in China has never been hyped up. The News displayed on a portal is nothing more than pornography or verbal war. The verbal war is not limited to the Internet industry. The internet is just a platform for a verbal war. From the fame of Mu Zimei, to the high-price marriage of Mei Ning, to the recent Zhang Yi incident, whether their hype is good or malicious, in short, while attracting the public's attention, it also became a hot topic

[Installation] excessive technological hype

personally think that CORBA is more evil than him. CORBA As a complementary technology in Linux/Unix, which is more hyped than its more vicious COM technology, this technology is nothing better. It's quite complicated. It's like this in theory. This is something that has never been put into practice. Then start hyping. Cloud computing This is something that relies on hype. That is to say, we can use different calls, such as computers, tablets,

The case analysis and feasibility study of network hype

, then to step four can be closed, after the outcome is generally in each major forum and a watering owner, will write paste may be a standing writer. Because the current situation is that the network media is always not inflow, to be accepted by the whole society, or to attract attention, we must let the traditional media intervention to do. And the current network is more and more developed, traditional media is not like the previous exclusion of the network, but more and more inclined to look

HAXM vt-x (conflict with Hype-v)

have been using VS emulator before. Feel the performance of all aspects are better, but after I update the computer after not know what reason various do not come up ... Helpless under want to go back to Google's own simulator.The Intel HAXM was then found to have failed to install. Tip The CPU does not support vt-x. Best not to ride elder sister, Hype-v are normal operation, how can VT not open it?Check 10,000 times, after the BIOS found a strange ph

PPTV the mud is enough! PPTV "Off" event for marketing hype sitting real!

Yesterday also let the heart of Compassion PPTV, today 2:07 P.M. again released Weibo, and a few days released content is see U again! Once again confirmed the PPTV yesterday's "close" or "closed" news for marketing hype. But Taylor Maxwell week to ask, really want to do so, for a new brand conference so hard, even their own company closed the news can operate and marketing, which is really loaded 13 no one.Micro Blog Original: Spend more tha

18-Year-old Zhang Bohong to brush the "idiot-type" hype record

, and even their own site did not, please have a foreign relationship with the background of the CEO, in the end is this child has the ability to Babel, or what? A lot of netizens think, this is in the hype, is this net swims the company in hype. Through the above analysis, more people believe that this is in the hype, or the game companies want to borrow Zhang B

How the network hype is tempered? (Summary version)

Internet China's internet has never been a lack of hype, casually open a portal to see the news, not pornography, the words of war, the war is not limited to the Internet industry, the internet is just a battle of the mouth of a platform. From the beauty of the wooden son to fame, to the beauty of the high price of marriage, and then to the recent Zhang Yu events, regardless of their hype is well-meaning, o

Some insights on interactive design innovation: innovation or lack of improvement?

Everyone shouted innovation, I would like to challenge innovation, I am afraid will not be good to die. So, I'm not going to question, I want to ask: Question one: What is innovation? What is different from the previous one is innovation? Question two: How to create? No goal to try all kinds of changes, when a change

Chastity Net: When the hype rampant SEO on into a cloud?

This time on the internet is a very hot site: chastity nets, the author casually Baidu can see the overwhelming news. As for the incident of the author is not in this long-winded, I want to say is the impact of network hype is too big, but also very quickly. Look at Baidu's Drop-down box to know:    In fact, the use of network hype has always been known as the quickest way, a few years ago, "Xi

Experts interpret whether Security 2.0 is also a concept hype

For the IT industry, this is an age of concepts. In such an environment, if security technology, products, and solutions are relatively mature, will it be a conceptual hype to advocate Security 2.0? Guo xunping, Symantec's director of business development in China, addresses this question for us.Causes of disruptionGuo xunping believes that the concept of security 2.0 is related to the deterioration of the security environment. Specifically, Guo xunpi

Big Data analysis-how does "skirt color blue black or platinum" hype up?

users have contributed a lot to the post, and you can see that these forwards are not a big V with lots of fans.650) this.width=650; "Src=" http://mmbiz.qpic.cn/mmbiz/ 7wizliacmoyzot27hia1ep3fy6f5vnkwjbwtiaihhibpat05z7h0lpilnx5onb4ibesx84qagibvlaecgsyspyd2tmcq/640?tp=webp Wxfrom=5 "style=" Margin:0px;padding:0px;height:auto;width:auto; "alt=" 640?tp=webpwxfrom=5 "/>There is also a very interesting data, the data show that the topic of interest, 80% is the female ^_^650) this.width=650; "Src=" h

Learn to Hype __ Products

A small company that has just been set up has a core product to promote It's also a generalization of the significance of the decision But no money, no doubt, advertising is the most effective. So I looked for an ad booth in this city. The biggest and most popular advertising booth in the traffic is undoubtedly very expensive. So the operations director thought of a way Rent an ad booth for two months in a general, popular area Rent 3w/Month The first month of the advertising booth did not appea

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