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Why are more and more customers choosing a hyper-converged MFP like HP Ss100/nutanix

Over the past two years, Super fusion heat is hot. IDC the report states that - Global Hyper-converged infrastructure market growth up to 155% , . Annual market capacity is expected to grow 94% , to 2019 year will be in annual 60% the speed of growth. Nutanix/emc/vmware//Huawei/Lenovo and other mainstream it vendors have launched their own

A probe into the Nutanix hyper-fusion system

referring to the technological trends of storage systems, it is generally considered that hyper-convergence and Server SAN is the trend of the future mainstream, will replace the traditional storage technology architecture. So what is the technical uniqueness of hyper-fusion and Serversan ? Why can it be a mainstream t

VMware Vsan Hyper-converged virtualization Storage technology consulting, troubleshooting, project implementation, installation and deployment

We can undertake "VMware Vsan Hyper-converged virtualization Storage technology consulting, troubleshooting, project implementation Remote Installation deployment."We are a VMware Authorized Partner Reseller Enterprise certification, dedicated to VMware virtualization projects, online implementation (technical consulting, troubleshooting, project implementation).

Hyper-converged Architecture-hyper converged Infrastructure Small note

scale-out, which will further improve the complexity of the system Network latency and Complexity: Network part delay, switch configuration, compatibility, etc. cannot be ignored Hyper-converged architectures can address these issues by changing several important components and architectures.Simply put, hyper-convergence is the integration of the tradit

How to deploy storage Spaces direct Hyper-converged solutions in Windows Server 2016

Cluster1.3 Add Serverto ADStep 2: Configure the network 2.1 setting the NIC for internal network 2.2 Four NICs use for cluster Step 3: Configure S2D3.1validation ClusterTest-cluster–nodenode1,node2–include "Storage spacesdirect", "Inventory", "Network", "System Configuration"3.2Create a clusterNew-cluster-name Cluster01-node Node1,node2-nostorageStep3.3:configure a cluster witnessSet-clusterquorun–filesharewitness \\fileshareser

Serversan Analysis (ii): Nutanix integration of storage and compute resources

Nutanix is a distributed storage system that integrates storage and compute resources on physical nodes, but the logical compute Storage Fusion platform runs all of the storage logic in a pre-packaged virtual machine (Storage Cont

Come on! Digital Transformation @ bishengyuan, a pioneer in hyper-converged Road and pioneer in the road

guaranteed; second, our storage space has several times the expansion capability in the original space; third, our O M personnel, we originally planned three to five people to run the entire system maintenance, but now there are only two people. Fourth, we no longer use more and more expensive traditional storage cabinet devices to store our data. Q:What experiences do I share when I use a

A brief discussion on hyper-converged architecture

Why is it called shallow, because it is his own opinion, subject to the limitations of knowledge is inevitable biased. The real stuff in the data center is summed up in three parts: compute, storage, and networking. The evolution of these three components is: Hardware - virtualization - convergence. in the traditional era of independent hardware, computing resources is the server, storage is also a separat

"Cloud Grand Pulpit" hyper-converged, integrating not only the infrastructure

Gartner's technology maturity curve shows that the current hyper-convergence is beginning to enter a rapid growth period, with the expansion of the hyper-converged sphere of influence as the digital transformation and the overall cloud of business are advancing. According to IDC data, 2017 China's hyper-

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