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IEE Database Setup Wizard

Tags: style blog color io os ar strong for fileRHEL 5 with RPM package, directly installed after the configuration data and cache directory.Rhel 6 with a tar package + configuration file, this article is a wizard that installs IEE on Rhel 6.①

MySQL Backup tool xtraback full-volume and incremental testing

Label:Mysql Backup Tools Xtraback full-volume and incremental testingXtrabackup is an open source project for Percona, can be hot backed up InnoDB, XtraDB, and MyISAM (Will lock the table)Official website

Infobright Columnstore Database

Tags: infobrightInfobright is a very powerful Columnstore database, based on MySQL's efficient Data warehouse.The reason why the Data warehouse is used is that the data in MySQL database is growing quickly, and some history tables are cleaned up

Xtrabackup full backup, incremental backup, restore MySQL database

Tags: xtrabackup incremantalXtrabackup User Guide InnoDB Data Backup toolXtrabackup is a innodb to do data backup tools, Support Online hot backup ( backup without affecting the data read and write, that is, no lock), is a commercial backup tool

Zabbix Server database migration from insufficient disk space in Linux system

Tags: Zabbix database space ibdata1 occupied space is too large zabbixibdata1 occupy too much spacehas not been to care about Zabbbix server storage space issues, the recent Zabbix alert/root directory disk space is not enough, so log in Zabbix to

Database System Overview

Tags: database system security Management database management administrator securityWhat is a databaseA database is a repository of data that is organized, stored, and managed according to a structure, and is a collection of related data that is

CentOS 6.6 Installation Infobright Tutorial detailed

Infobright is based on MySQL, but does not install MySQL also, because it itself brought one. MySQL can be roughly divided into logical layer and physical storage engine, Infobright is mainly to implement a storage engine, but because its own storage

Relocation of the database

Label:The database Data directory holds more than one folder in a database, where Ib_logfile0, Ib_logfile1, Ibdata1, and three files are files that must be moved to the new database data directory.1) Close the databasenet stop MySQL (note: The

InnoDB Line Lock Source Learning (a)

Label:InnoDB is currently the most popular storage engine in the MySQL database, and InnoDB is a big feature of other storage engines that support transactions and support row-granularity locks. Today, I would like to share with you the basic

Application research of three-phase asynchronous motor detection technology

Label:Introduction:Equipment fault Diagnosis Technology is a combination of engineering and theory of comprehensive technology, it has greatly promoted the enterprise equipment production maintenance system reform, the greatest degree of reducing

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