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What is structured data? What is semi-structured data?

Label:OverviewCompared to structured data (data that is stored in a database, which can be logically expressed by a two-dimensional table structure), data that is inconvenient to be represented by a two-dimensional logical table in a database is

Preliminary study on thinkphp--model

Tags: Picture home refresh Info Pre instance different default getLearning Essentials:1. Create a database2. Instantiation of the model3. Field definitionsIn this lesson, we'll focus on the thinkphp Model Operations section. The model is the M in

Iptocidr function

function Ip2cidr ($ip _start, $ip _end) { if (Long2ip (Ip2long ($ip _start))! = $ip _start or Long2ip (Ip2long ($ip _end))! = $ip _end) return!trigger_error (' IP not valid ', e_user_notice); $IPL _start = Ip2long ($ip _start); $IPL _end =

CodeIgniter Study Notes (vii) database operations in--CI

Label:CI database configuration file is/application/config/database.php //You can create multiple database connection configurations and choose which database connection to use with $active_group$active _group= ' Default ';//configure whether to

Adodb.recordset PHP ADODB Introduction

Although PHP is a powerful tool for building WEB systems, the functionality of PHP Access databases has not been standardized, and each database uses a different and incompatible application interface (API). In order to fill this shortcoming, there

ADODB class using _php tutorials

Examples of MySQLPHP is the most common database is MySQL, so I think you will like the following program code, it is linked to the MySQL server localhost, the database name is Mydab, and execute a SQL Select command query, the query results are

ADODB Getting Started Tutorial (Basic article)

Label:1. Brief descriptionADODB is a common database operations library in PHP, ADODB currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Interbase, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, FoxPro, Sybase, ODBC and ADO, you can download ADODB from Http://php.weblogs.

CI Advanced usage Link multiple databases

Tags: codeigniter databaseIn our project, we may sometimes need to connect more than one database, how to implement it in CI?We have created two new databases locally, as follows:Modify the configuration file database.php file to the following

ADODB class using _php tips

Examples of MySQLThe most common database in PHP is MySQL, so I think you'll like the following program code, which links to the localhost MySQL server, the database name is Mydab, and executes an SQL Select command query, the query results will be p

ADODB Database Envelope Library _php Digest

PHP can use the least effort and the most fun to build Dynamic Web site, to build dynamic site we need to use the database to retrieve login account information, spread dynamic news, storage discussion area articles. With the most common MySQL data,

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