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Use shell to process binary files

A shell script that converts hexadecimal to decimal. The principle is similar. It should be a bit like this. It is in the Solaris environment. It is used to convert the Sybase interfaces file under Solaris to the SQL. ini of Sybase in windows. [Code:

Introduction to native Ajax (including instances)

Compared with Ajax encapsulation of jquery, Yui, and some other class libraries, the Ajax of native JS is so embarrassing and has poor compatibility. remember a lot of method attributes and the call is not convenient, Code Bloated... but I still

A complete roadmap for learning C ++

/* It is recommended to a friend who wants to learn C ++ a simple but complete roadmap for learning C ++: C ++ primer-> C ++ standard library-> Objective C ++-> Objective STL-> exploring C ++ object models C program common algorithm source

Common algorithms (C Edition)

Algorithm (algorithm): basic ideas, methods, and steps for solving computer problems. Algorithm Description: describes the methods and steps taken to solve a problem or to complete a task, including the required data (input data and output results)

Preliminary study on thinkphp--model

Learning Essentials:1. Create a database2. Instantiation of the model3. Field definitionsIn this lesson, we'll focus on the thinkphp Model Operations section. The model is the M in MVC, which can be understood as manipulating the database part

PEAR: Steps for creating an intermediate Database Application Layer

Article Title: PEAR: Steps for creating an intermediate database application layer. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded

CodeIgniter Study Notes (vii) database operations in--CI

CI database configuration file is/application/config/database.php //You can create multiple database connection configurations and choose which database connection to use with $active_group$active _group= ' Default ';//configure whether to load the

ADODB class using _php tips

Examples of MySQLThe most common database in PHP is MySQL, so I think you'll like the following program code, which links to the localhost MySQL server, the database name is Mydab, and executes an SQL Select command query, the query results will be

Getting started with PearDB

You can use PearDB to obtain more useful data information from the query results. These methods include numRows (): The number of data returned by a SELECT query. 1. Introduction This is a guide on how to use Pear DB extensions. Pear DB provides

ADODB Getting Started Tutorial (Basic article)

1. Brief descriptionADODB is a common database operations library in PHP, ADODB currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Interbase, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, FoxPro, Sybase, ODBC and ADO, you can download ADODB from

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