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The path to the architect 15th day installation and optimization of IBM WebSphere (i)

First, Ibmwebsphere When he began to touch ejb1.x in 02, there was a huge, plump book called "EJB from Getting Started to mastering (master ejb2.0)", the red-skinned, Wrox company published. The book comes with 1 CDs, with 3 app servers in the CD.

IBM to announce UK data center as world-class AI Camp

Tags: mobile internet AI Facebook data center Amazonnan Bambu  "Read the original"Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon, almost all of the major U.S. technology companies have built data centers in the UK or Ireland, stick, claiming to help

One of IBM in my eyes: values

Tags: IBM CEO Watson valuesin the IBM, International Business machine Secretary, working These years, is an important experience in my career. I am honored to serve this century-old enterprise. As an employee, I dare not say that I can have a deep

IBM Transformation Series: The ultimate strategy for the future

Tags: IBM AI cloud Computing650) this.width=650, "src=" "title=" IBM CEO her. jpg "alt=" wkiol1apoardn9uhaak8e4sge4e615.jpg "/>Michelangelo said: "The statue is in the stone,

"IBM BPM Practical Guide" reading notes

Label:Theory BPM is not an IT term, and it is not the result of technological development, but rather, BPM is the term and concept of management from beginning to finish. Its focus has always been on efficiency, cost, profit, quality

[to] recommended to programmers to read the book _ Programming

Original link Author: Joel Spolsky is the founder of New York, a small software company, Fog Creek Software. He graduated from Yale University and worked as a software designer and manager at Microsoft, Viacom and Juno in the United States.I know thi

A probe into the foreign internet of Things Platform (iii): IBM Watson IoT

Label:A probe into the foreign internet of Things platform (III.)--IBM Watson IoTMa ZhiPlatform positioningProvides a fully managed cloud hosting service designed to simplify and derive value from IoT devices. Watson IoT Platform provides

Java Books recommended EE programmer must read book recommendations

Label:Java Book recommendationsJava EE Programmer must read book recommendationTransferred from: are some of the books I recommend to you based on years of reading and practical experience:Part

Java EE Programmer must read book recommendation

Label:Here are some of the books I recommend to you based on years of reading and practical experience:Part I: Java language chapter1 Java Programming specificationStar:Suitable for: Beginner, IntermediateDescription: Author James Gosling (father of

Another wave of Java professionals must have a book to attack _java

the necessary books for Java professionals : Every programmer has a few books that are worn down by the fact that they are often used as a professional reference. The following books should be required on the Java language Programmer's bookshelf. Th

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