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How to summarize the case of the chassis walking back wire? DIY Assembly computer chassis walk back line skills

The back line is in recent years in DIY assembly computer, more often heard, belong to the DIYer of professional terminology. In simple terms, the back line is for the computer chassis, as long as the chassis and power support to go back line, in the installed time, it can be internal wire to achieve the most streamlined and tidy, not only beautiful appearance, late maintenance is also convenient, and also

What is the cause of the chassis leakage? What about the leakage of the chassis?

I do not know if you have ever encountered the case of computer chassis leakage, when you touch a part of the body of the computer chassis shell, an instant there is a clear feeling of electricity. This is a common in our lives a kind of chassis leakage phenomenon, that this is normal? What is the cause of leakage of computer

How is the chassis fan powered up? Is the chassis fan connected to the motherboard or power?

With the arrival of summer, room temperature significantly elevated, many friends of the computer began to appear due to poor heat caused by the blue screen crash and so on. For computer users, it is generally possible to clean the dust and the chassis plus the cooling fan to improve the computer's cooling capacity, personal advice to clean up the dust and add a cooling fan two-pronged approach. Now the question is, what about the power supply for the

Two-wheel differential model, the robot chassis chassis mileage meter calculation.

The two-wheel differential model of the robot chassis, is the most common robot chassis, such as sweeping robots, tracking cars and so on. As a moving part of a robot, it needs to realize two functions of input and output. Input: Receive control instruction speed V and angular velocity w (v,w)-unit m/s RAD/S Output: Robot relative posture X, y axis coordinates, angle th (x,y,th)--unit M M RAD Feedback curre

How to connect the chassis line motherboard assembly computer chassis and motherboard jumper connection

So, how do I get the motherboard jumper? In fact, it is very simple, we just have a reason to think, one by one, it is easy to connect. Generally speaking, the main board jumper on the needle mainly includes switch power switch, reset switch (coincidence), power light, hard drive lights, speakers, audio, USB interface, and so on, seemingly a lot, but one to, it is not difficult, the following detailed introduction. How to connect the chassis

Cooling-oriented: 1U server chassis guide panorama Manual

The Qianyi "Dragon ice five generations" 1U chassis adopts an innovative integrated design concept of "Chassis + radiator, A passive heat sink with a large heat dissipation area called "qianniu" is directly cooled by a powerful fan in the chassis, which greatly improves the air volume and heat sink area of the CPU cooling fan, it has produced epoch heat dissipati

What's the chassis?

Chassis generally include housings, brackets, panels on a variety of switches, indicators and so on. The shell is made of steel plate and plastic, and the hardness is high, which mainly protects the internal components of the chassis. The bracket is mainly used for fixing motherboards, power supplies and various drives. There are many types of chassis

Joint log 1U Blade server chassis (DIY)

. In addition, it also has advanced thermal monitoring and cooling functions. With the rapid development of Internet IT industry, more and more small and medium-sized companies and even individual users have been involved in the server this familiar and fresh products. All along, the server in people's minds are considered to belong to the industry application of products, for individuals, is inscrutable and high-end. Many server Giants also note that the entry-level server this market, milli

Look at the characteristics of the chassis.

Chassis Width Small chassis is still not the market mainstream First chassis as a hardware-supporting, the internal space is naturally there is a certain demand, to the current market, ATX Architecture chassis occupy the mainstream position, the whole tower, small

Advantages and disadvantages of computer chassis

The power supply is a variant of the Intel Standard ATX Chassis Architecture, which does not change much in the computer chassis, but moves the power supply position from the original rear corner to the rear corner. It has been a long time since the ATX chassis of the power supply has been placed in place. Especially in the past two years, the power supply

What should be paid attention to when choosing chassis

1. How large is the radiation of the host? Most people will care about the choice of LCD to avoid the large radiation of CRT monitors, in fact, many users do not notice that the chassis of the accessories (host) is also a small source of radiation. Some users will feel dizzy and so on after a long time using the computer, actually this and the host's radiation size and use is correct. For example, some users in order to give the host a better cooling

How do I choose a chassis fan?

Fans, for us, are very familiar, play small up every summer will send bursts of cool breeze, accompany us to walk through each of the heat of life, for the computer, the fan is indispensable, whether it is the chassis of the self-release, or Cpu/gpu forced cooling, or streamer overflow color visual impact, Fans are very heavy, so, how to choose the Desktop Chassis fan?

How to test the radiation-proof ability of computer chassis

Although the radiation intensity of the computer is not big, but for the long-term use of the computer Office users, the harm is still relatively large, although a lot of chassis are very exaggerated to say that our chassis is absolutely radiation, this is just advertising rhetoric, today, the computer network editor to talk to you about how to understand how a certain brand of

How to install the chassis fan cooling best

Once we in the " computer Assembly Course " column for you to introduce a variety of computer assembly tutorials, rarely involved in a number of chassis cooling fan installation tutorials, for the recent netizen asked how to install the chassis fan, today's computer depth of the small compiled to share with you. For many general installed configuration, the chassis

Easy self-test computer chassis radiation protection

The chassis now sold on the market, regardless of brand size, claimed to be able to prevent radiation. However, due to the different workmanship and materials, the radiation capacity of each chassis varies greatly. So what kind of chassis radiation capacity is stronger? Here are some ways to see and hand touch, to determine the radiation capacity of the

Teach you how to reduce the noise of the chassis

If the chassis noise is big, it will affect the mood, whether in learning or in the game. So what happens when the chassis is noisy? How do I reduce the noise of the chassis? Here's a look at the case for a little bit of noise reduction. The source, the noise I produced The noise generated by the computer is caused by the resonance of the

What is a RTX chassis

RTX Architecture Full Name reversed Technology Extended, the Chinese definition can be understood as inverted 38 degree design. The RTX chassis is simply the ATX inverted version, except that the motherboard installation direction has been turned 180 degrees and ATX is no different. After turning upside down, the cover changes from left to right and the power is placed at the bottom of the chassis. But the

200 or so computer chassis to buy which good?

200 or so computer chassis to buy which good? For DIY installed friends, when buying a chassis may exist such entanglements, too cheap to worry about, poor quality, and expensive and not willing to buy. In fact, the chassis equivalent to the skeleton of the computer, it will not affect the computer performance, but do not recommend to buy the following poor qual

Computer Chassis Purchasing Tips

Determine the chassis structure and volume should choose 3/4 High ATX Chassis, because the size is appropriate, scalability is also better, with 3 or more than 3 5.25-inch drive installation slot and 2 3 5-inch floppy drive mounting slots. Note the appearance of the chassis appearance includes external shapes and colors, and the appearance of the

Selection techniques and methods of health computer chassis

The main criterion for judging the health of the PC chassis is whether the radiation capability is excellent, and the primary factor in judging the radiation is the material of the chassis. Typically, all parts and enclosures inside the quality chassis are not painted, because the paint contains resin ingredients, it will oxidize the plate and reduce the

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