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How to use the user experience of IBM forms-rich ICM products

Introduction to IBM Forms and introduction to Features IBM Lotus Forms is an open standard spreadsheet software that helps you quickly consolidate data with existing IT systems and extend business processes to your customers through Easy-to-use, web-based tables. Forms are important components in many business processes. Forms form an interface for providing critical information, including requests, approv

Introduction to IBM Rational Products

Rational Software is the fifth software brand under the IBM software group. By improving the software development capabilities of enterprises, IBM Rational Software can help organizations create business value. The rational software development platform integrates the best experiences, tools, and services of software engineering. With the rational software development platform, organizations can get faster

"Original" Microsoft released private cloud products Hyper-V cloud Thoughts

"Original" Microsoft released private cloud products Hyper-V cloud Thoughts King Jinsong Beijing Time November 9, Microsoft released a private cloud product Hyper-V Cloud at the TechEd conference to help businesses build private clouds faster and more easily. Microsoft has

Federated query service based on IBM and FileNet Content management products

In a large, modern enterprise, information is distributed across different data storage systems (such as IBM Content Manager, FileNet P8, EMC Documentum, etc.), and different repositories have unique implementations that give enterprise consolidation, Searching for these data poses great difficulties. IBM Content Integrator (ICI) provides a federated query service based on enterprise content management, wit

Virtual Analysis of IBM products and technologies (2)

Before explaining IBM's virtualization products, it is necessary to sort out some of IBM's technologies applied in the products, because these technologies are applied in subsequent IBM products. As early as the 1960s S, virtualization technology began to bring large IBM hos

Introduction to IBM ILOG JViews charts products and functions

IBM ILOG's graphical products make the vast amount of complex data easier to understand and easier to manage, thus enhancing the speed and capacity of enterprise decision making. When a developer uses the ILOG visualization suite to create a demo, he can save at least 50% to 80% of the development time. The ILOG visualization kit includes 8 big kits, including diagrams, Gantt charts, Maps, Business dashboar

Novice Talk about Cloud Desktop cloud products

at present, the cloud desktop manufacturers and suppliers to adapt to the current trend of cloud computing development, products flooded into the market, dizzying. But calm analysis, can accurately grasp the market on the merits and demerits of products, to buy genuine, cost-effective ultra-high

IBM Rational releases 7 new products

This month, IBM Rational released a major set of new products and updates for the IBM software development platform, a complete and modular platform for teams who build business applications, embedded systems, and software products. the new tools and enhancements make it easier for development organizations to build, e

The cloud computing battle has warmed up: Microsoft and IBM have made a huge difference.

are designed to require cloud computing vendors to "ensure that their cloud computing products (including security, integration, portability, interoperability, and governance) They provide /management and metering/Monitoring) it is based on open standards, but the absence of names from Microsoft, Amazon, and other vendors in this Declaration also raises doubts a

Multiple security vulnerabilities in IBM Rational Products

Release date:Updated on: 2012-04-26 Affected Systems:IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise Rational AppScan Enterprise 8.0.1IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise Rational AppScan Enterprise 8.0.0IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise Rational AppScan Enterprise 5.5 Fix Pack 1IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise 5.5IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise 5.2The IBM Rational Policy Tester 8.5IBM Rational AppScan Reporting Console Rational Ap

Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2015-0121) for multiple IBM products)

Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2015-0121) for multiple IBM products)Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2015-0121) for multiple IBM products) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: IBM Rational Requirements Composer 4.0-4.0.7IBM Rational Require

"Cloud Talk" of the second "AT&T released Cloud storage-based IoT products"

2015-01-14Zhang XiaodongOriental Cloud InsightsClick on the link text above to quickly follow the "East Cloud Insights" public numberATT building IoT products based on cloud data storageRecently ATT announced new design tools and enterprise-based development management services to help enterprise developers build inter

IBM's Open Cloud architecture

share information faster, easier, and at lower cost. This has led to more excellent innovation. We are at an inflection point. Our industry is focusing on important interoperability standards, and their Open-source reference implementations will: Ensure end users have a strong say in building and adopting cloud computing models Reduce barriers to cloud computing, such as developing skills and freedom of

Hybrid cloud implementation using IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and WebSphere Datapower

As IBM customers begin to plan their cloud strategy for the next 3-5 years, they are beginning to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best cloud strategy is a smart combination of hardware, software, and business solutions delivered by the service and cloud: a solution that leverages sophisticated

Deploy to the cloud with IBM application pattern for Java

One of the goals of cloud computing is to allow developers to reduce the complexity of understanding and managing the hardware and software infrastructure so that they can focus on the functionality of the application. This goal has been achieved to varying degrees through the infrastructure, the service (IaaS) cloud and Peace Platform (PaaS) cloud. The IaaS

IBM Bluemix Cloud Computing Conference

after many invitations from IBM, today finally took the time to learn a bit, surprisingly many people, it seems that everyone is very concerned about IBM technology. Overall, IBM's Bluemix is actually a set of open source solutions for big data, and Bluemix is a hodgepodge of open source. Although IBM spent a lot of time demonstrating its technical advantages thr

Experience IBM social collaboration tools in the cloud

IBM Lotuslive and IBM Connections Introduction IBM Lotuslive ( IBM Lotuslive ( is part of the IBM SmartCloud product family. It is a portfolio of software PRODUCT services that IBM delivers th

Cooperation between IBM and the US air force in the field of cloud computing

Recently, IBM has signed a pilot contract with the U.S. Air Force to Establish a cloud computing system capable of securely supporting defense and intelligence networks for the latter, the goal is to better ensure the military's network security. This is the first time that cloud computing has entered the military field with high popularity in recent years. Mains

CALIPSO quality statements Lidar Level 2 Cloud and aerosol Layer products

Introduction Cloud and aerosol Layer products document the spatial location of major geophysical variables, the surrounding meteorological conditions (such as temperature and pressure), and some of the optical properties of measurements and derivations. The optical properties of the direct measurement include the integral decay backward scattering, the volumetric offset ratio, and the attenuation of the to

"Cloud Alert" 48 "IBM and Cisco's latest acquisitions to enhance OpenStack ease-of-use capabilities"

2015-06-08Zhang XiaodongOriental Cloud Insights Click on the link text above to quickly follow the" Oriental Cloud Insights "public number The two acquisitions that were announced this week were noteworthy, with Cisco buying piston cloud computing, the same time IBM's acquisition of the Blue Box group, aimed at solving the pain in the construction of the privat

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