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Use IBM Rational Quality Manager to manage your first project

Ibm®rational®quality Manager is a collaborative, web-based tool that provides complex test planning and test evaluation management methodologies throughout the lifecycle of software development. It is built on the basis of the Jazz™ platform and is designed for use by various scale test teams. It provides a wide variety of user roles, such as generating administrators, test architects, test managers, tester

Interview with IBM Greater China Mobile Internet, information security, IBM Global Technical Director, IoT technology general manager Lin yuzhen

Interview with IBM Greater China Mobile Internet, information security, IBM Global Technical Director, IoT technology general manager Lin yuzhen Lin yuzhen, general manager of IBM Greater China Mobile Internet, information security, IoT technology,

My understanding of the department manager, project manager and technical Manager _ project Manager

If we have not participated in any formal enterprise organization training, most people may not understand how the department manager, the project manager and the technical manager are functionally different. Everyone called the manager, in fact, including the relationship b

Consolidate WebSphere ILOG jrules with IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition

Introduction: Automatic decision making is becoming more and more important in the content management system. The external decision logic in the core application logic can be managed according to the dynamic business requirements and quickly modify the business rules. IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules is a business Rule management system (BRMS) that has many capabilities to make, deploy, and manage business rules that managers can make better, faster decision

Talking about IBM Rational Quality Manager Query

Rational Quality Manager (RQM) Work Item overview IBM Rational Quality Manager is a very important part of the IBM Rational family of software that uses it for day-to-day project management across the globe, and is particularly widely used in software test

Programmer Career Development: Project manager, technical Manager or product manager __ Management

After two or three years of program work, basically will consider their future development. The path of development is no more than programmer-system analyst-architect-Technical manager-cto, programmer-Project leader-project manager-project director-cto, programmer-product d

Implement test analysis and reporting using IBM Rational Quality Manager

Introduction: This article provides an in-depth introduction to the use of Ibm®rational®quality Manager (RQM) for test analysis and generation of reports, and covers common problems that the test manager may ask. You can also learn how to use RQM to assist you in qualitative and quantitative analysis of test engineering and to provide analytical data.

Optimizing test Management with IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) V2.0

Integrated with rational Quality Manager and rational functional Tester for remote testing Introduction The ibm®rational®quality Manager solution is IBM Rational's latest quality management environment. Built on the Jazz platform, Rational Quality Manager is a flexible too

Project manager's successful Project Manager Handbook

Software project Management is "take the process as the core, measure as the basis, people-oriented", in this process need to fully integrate the technical methods, tools, processes, resources (manpower, funds, time, etc.) and other elements, who will lead this integration work? is the project manager. Project

New features in IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.0 and Rhapsody Design Manager 4.0

Important new features The IBM Rational Rhapsody development environment supports a wide range of technologies that can be used for many purposes, such as: Demand analysis Model-based system engineering Trading Learning Analysis Embedded and real-time software development Security-focused software development Model-based testing AUTomotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) development Capture DoDAF or MODAF architecture framework The ration

IBM Workplace Web Content Management and DB2 content Manager

Content management is becoming more and more important in business. The ability to manage and deliver content quickly and efficiently is key to success for businesses competing on an on-demand service environment. Web content is playing an increasingly important role in the enterprise as more and more information is available on the Internet and on the corporate intranet. Life-cycle management of WEB content includes creation, publishing, storage, search/retrieval, access control, and content in

Install the IBM DB2 Content Manager V83 and 122 error codes

This article describes how to correctly install IBM DB2 Content Manager V83 and Return Error Code 122, the following is the description of Error Code 122 returned during the actual operation of installing IBM DB2 Content Manager V83. We hope this will help you in your future studies. Product: DB2ContentManagerfor

Test planning with IBM Rational Quality Manager

By synchronizing the team's work throughout the development cycle and automating some laborious work, ibm®rational®quality Manager can help the team achieve better cooperation. With this tool, teams can better manage their projects by providing timely and reliable evaluations. With this tool, teams can better manage their projects by providing timely and reliable evaluations. Rational Quality

IBM Installation Manager creates and services the WebSphere Application Server master image

Brief introduction The procedures described in this article use IBM installation Manager and do not need to be installed on each system. This article describes how to package important installation Manager data with a product image so that the image can be processed after the image is deployed. We will first review some of the basics of installation

Integration of external applications and IBM Content Manager with custom event handlers

Brief introduction IBM Content Manager, Version 8.4.1 supports an event framework for external application integration. Two types of integration are currently supported: Process integration, dedicated to integration with FileNet Business process Manager Universal integration for the integration of common external applications

Installation of IBM DB2 Content Manager V83 and SQL0818

The following articles mainly describe the error message SQL0818 when you correctly install IBM DB2 Content Manager V83. The following is a detailed description of the article, I hope you will have a better understanding of it after browsing. Release: | Author: lastday | Source: network arrangement | view: 64 times Product: DB2 Content Manager for Multiplatform;

Start using IBM Rational Quality Manager

Introduction: Learn how to start with Ibm®rational®qualitymanager, a collaborative, web-based quality management software that integrates test planning, manual testing, and automated test tools. This article describes the main features of IBM Rational Quality Manager, provides an introduction to workflows and roles, and shows how to integrate this software with y

Project manager's project manager and Project member's Practical Guide

In a team, as a team leader, you will:1) Avoid team goals to compromise political issues2) show individual commitment to team goals3) Dilute the work of the team without too many priorities4) Fair and equitable treatment of team members5) willing to face and solve problems related to team members ' bad performance6) Take an open mind on new ideas and new information from employeesAs a team member, you will:1) Demonstrate a true understanding of individual roles and responsibilities2) Show goals

How to install IBM AIX 7.1 on a integrated virtualization Manager Lpar

Concept I'm a big fan of the movie Inception (Dream Space). The dream of a dream, the idea is very unique, very impressive. You might ask, what's the connection? With enough available resources, IBM integrated virtualization Manager allows users to effectively install multiple server instances on a single hardware blade. Think of it as a server within the server, you can see the relationship between the tw

Deploying process applications in IBM Business process Manager V8

About this tutorial This tutorial describes how to install or deploy process applications and manage them. The process application lifecycle includes installing, managing, and undoing deployment snapshots. Although version control considerations are part of the lifecycle, they are not included in this tutorial. As you develop the process, you can take advantage of the iterative methods supported by the tools in the process Designer. Similarly, using the IB

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