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[ZT] full introduction to IBM Rational clearcase View

1. Introduction Rational clearcaseAs a powerful Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool, it has been widely accepted by many enterprise users in China. To help you better understand and use clearcase, this article will comprehensively dissect an important part of clearcase: View ). 2. Classification of the clearcase

How to synchronize data between rational DOORS and rational ClearCase

Using IBM Rational DOORS for ClearCase Interface The IBM Rational DOORS for ClearCase Interface is a bridge between the two products, so you can configure management to fulfill the traceability requirements of the lifecycle. You

Go beyond Software Development Modeling: Use IBM Rational Rose and IBM Rational Rose xde modeler/developer to create a drawing method

classes under them.Note: You can also add a chart in the model organization to display your drawing elements: class chart (shown above) and other types of graph. If necessary, you can add an activity or status chart.When you build your model, you should also consider teamwork; you can coordinate the model organization and package structure to make parallel development possible. In IBM Rational RoseControl

Building a flexible Rational ClearCase system using HTTP network technology, part 1th

Monitoring the Rational ClearCase run state in a Web browser Developing a Web browser-based ClearCase monitoring program using the Java Language and Web 2.0 technology Rational Clearcase is a comprehensive suite of software configuration management (Software Configuration

Rational Software Installation manual-ClearCase

1.1. Install 1.1.1. initialize Configuration Plan Storage: including VOB storage and View storage; Use the start \ Program \ Rational clearcase administrator \ Serverstorage wizard menu to specify the drive, and automatically create shared to everyone (full control in the shared state, security Status read-only) folder clearcase_storage, when planning a specific project, use the Protectvob command to contin

Building a flexible Rational ClearCase system using HTTP Network technology, part 2nd

Querying UCM project information in rationalclearcase with Web service Developing the Rational Clearcase UCM project information Query system using the Java language and Web Service technology A total of two articles in this series, taking the development of a clearcase monitoring system used in a production environment as an example, provides readers with info

From Rational Rose to IBM Rational Software Architect and IBM Rational rhapsody

After installing IBM Rational Rhapsody for Java 8.1 64bit, try reverse engineering and prompt that 64-bit reverse work is not supported. Install 32-bit.Integration of Rhapsody and eclipseThe installation directory contains the directory samples \ javasamples \ androidsamples \ androidhomealarmsample. Open the model project and click the run button to start eclipse, but the eclipse workspace points to an inc

How to use IBM Rational method composer to document you for IBM Rational Team concert

How to use IBM Rational method composer to document your team process for IBM Rational teams concert This tutorial teaches you how to configure IBM Rational method Composer to use the same Eclipse instance (shell-sharing) in the

Introduction to IBM Rational Products

xde tester-automated testing for Java and Web applications · IBM Rational xde modeler-for Visual Modeling of Java and. NET software Introduction to IBM Rational products: · IBM Rational clea

Use the IBM Rational test philosophy to successfully build a test team

development and testing process; Target deployment port (TDP), a common, low-cost, and easy-to-transplant target adaptation technology, is used to make tests irrelevant to compilers, connectors, debuggers, and target structures, implements a multi-target structure across multiple development environments; Model observation and code coverage integration: Use the UML trace function to observe the application running status, and use the state machine model coverage to associate test cases with m

Multiple vulnerabilities in IBM Rational AppScan/Rational Policy Tester

Release date:Updated on: 2012-09-03 Affected Systems:IBM Rational AppScan 8.xIBM Rational Policy Tester 8.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cve id: CVE-2011-0013, CVE-2011-1184, CVE-2011-2204, CVE-2011-2526, CVE-2011-2729, CVE-2011-3190, CVE-2011-3389, CVE-2011-3516, CVE-2011-3521, CVE-2011-3544, CVE-2011-3545, CVE-2011-3546, CVE-2011-3547, CVE-2011

6 c ++ class template design for ibm rsa (IBM Rational Software Architect) V8

Original I have already talked about some modeling operations in IBM RSA (IBM Rational Software Architect) V8 (v8.04). For details, refer to the following link: One of ibm rsa (IBM

IBM Rational helps you easily complete automated functional testing

other lifecycle management software IBM Rational's automated functional testing tool, based on the Eclipse platform, provides the perfect integration with requirements management tools (REQUISITEPRO), modeling tools, code-level test tools, and change and configuration management tools (ClearQuest and ClearCase). This allows the system testers to work with the entire software development team on the same so

Install one of ibm rsa (IBM Rational Software Architect) V8 Learning

From I think this is the best in the UML tool, but it is a bit huge. In contrast, Power Designer 15 is much simpler. However, I still like RSA after I use it. In IBM, RSA should also be used to replace IBM Rational Rose 2003. Install the SDK first: 1. Download: RSA download link Select multi-platform

Ibm rsa (IBM Rational Software Architect) V8 3 C ++ class diagram

Original FollowedArticleContinue: Ibm rsa (Rational Software Architect) V8 learning 2 new project In a simple start, select the project file "example_uml", find the property page in the view below, and select "Profile", as shown below: Click "add profile" to bring up the following types of C ++: The last added profile is

How to analyze distributed resources through IBM Rational Asset Analyzer, part 1th

Collects a list of distributed resources in an application You can use Ibm®rational®asset Analyzer to analyze distributed applications consisting of languages such as Java™,html,javaserver™pages (JSP) and, to a limited extent, C + + and XML. You can also obtain ibm®websphere®application Server configuration information that describes the use of resources for WEB

Integrate the software development process with IBM Rational Tools

There is no lack of methods for software development, and the same is true for tools. However, there is almost nothing to use in the connection process and tools. However, when using your development tools, you cannot guarantee the cooperation or communication between one party and the other. With IBM rational process advisor, software development practitioners will have a powerful mechanism to integrate th

Implementation of continuous building in agile development process based on IBM Rational build Forge

In the process of agile development, the software construction cycle and the degree of automation directly affect the speed and quality of development. This article, combined with specific software development projects, describes how to use IBM Rational build Forge to implement fully automated software construction, product installation and unit testing in the agile development process, continuously and rap

Optimizing test Management with IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) V2.0

Integrated with rational Quality Manager and rational functional Tester for remote testing Introduction The ibm®rational®quality Manager solution is IBM Rational's latest quality management environment. Built on the Jazz platform, Rati

Automating resource deployment with IBM Rational application Framework for WebSphere

Automate resource deployment using the IBM Rational application Framework for WebSphere, part 1th Ibm®rational®application Framework for websphere® to Ibm®websphere®application server and Ibm®websphere®portal server Automated ins

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