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IBM Rational Doors Two development interview via DXL (2)

1, if it is added in the Module Modules menu function only need in:C:\Program Files (x86) \ibm\rational\doors\9.3\lib\dxl\addins\ User path to find the corresponding USER.DXL add specific function code, the original DXL file structure do not change, you must have the/**/comment section, the name of the function defined in IDX, for example, FN N_FUNCTION,FN for yo

How to synchronize data between rational DOORS and rational ClearCase

Using IBM Rational DOORS for ClearCase Interface The IBM Rational DOORS for ClearCase Interface is a bridge between the two products, so you can configure management to fulfill the traceability requirements of the lifecycle. You

Rational Software Installation manual-DOORS

server, the server names are the same as SCM-RDQA. After setting is complete, click. (You can also select "provide license information later" and change it in the environment variables, see Step 8 ). 6. Click. The installation is in progress. 7. Click. The DOOR client has been installed. 8. Set the license server port number and name from the environment variable. Right-click my computer and choose Properties> advanced> environment variable ". Locate "TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE" in the system va

Rational product deployment solution-CQ, CC, and DOORS

can also use ClearQuest pre-defined processes, forms, and related rules, or ClearQuestDesigner to customize-almost all aspects of the system can be customized, this includes status transition lifecycles, database fields, user interface la S, reports, charts, and queries for defects and change requests.1.2. ClearCase IBM Rational ClearCase is the forerunner in the field of software configuration. It is main

IBM doors-a requirement management tool for systems and advanced applications

Address: IBM Rational doors is a demand management application that helps you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and improve quality by optimizing communication, collaboration, and verification across the Organization and supply chain. Provides a powerful demand managemen

New features in IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.0 and Rhapsody Design Manager 4.0

larger system and software engineering life cycle. Because they are stored in a common location, requirements can be tracked and referenced along with design information, avoiding duplication because they are stored in a shared server-side repository. In a requirements management database (such as using IBM Rational DOORS or

Overview of the new features of IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.0.3 and Design Manager 4.0.3

design features improve ease of use and add the options available. The rational Rhapsody design Manager Version 4.0.3 improves the performance of proactive management designs by improving workflows through IBM rational DOORS and rational

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