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How to use the user experience of IBM forms-rich ICM products

Introduction to IBM Forms and introduction to Features IBM Lotus Forms is an open standard spreadsheet software that helps you quickly consolidate data with existing IT systems and extend business processes to your customers through Easy-to-use, web-based tables. Forms are important components in many business processes. Forms form an interface for providing critical information, including requests, approv

Federated query service based on IBM and FileNet Content management products

In a large, modern enterprise, information is distributed across different data storage systems (such as IBM Content Manager, FileNet P8, EMC Documentum, etc.), and different repositories have unique implementations that give enterprise consolidation, Searching for these data poses great difficulties. IBM Content Integrator (ICI) provides a federated query service based on enterprise content management, wit

Virtual Analysis of IBM products and technologies (2)

Before explaining IBM's virtualization products, it is necessary to sort out some of IBM's technologies applied in the products, because these technologies are applied in subsequent IBM products. As early as the 1960s S, virtualization technology began to bring large IBM hos

Introduction to IBM Rational Products

Rational Software is the fifth software brand under the IBM software group. By improving the software development capabilities of enterprises, IBM Rational Software can help organizations create business value. The rational software development platform integrates the best experiences, tools, and services of software engineering. With the rational software development platform, organizations can get faster

Introduction to IBM ILOG JViews charts products and functions

IBM ILOG's graphical products make the vast amount of complex data easier to understand and easier to manage, thus enhancing the speed and capacity of enterprise decision making. When a developer uses the ILOG visualization suite to create a demo, he can save at least 50% to 80% of the development time. The ILOG visualization kit includes 8 big kits, including diagrams, Gantt charts, Maps, Business dashboar

Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2015-0121) for multiple IBM products)

Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2015-0121) for multiple IBM products)Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2015-0121) for multiple IBM products) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: IBM Rational Requirements Composer 4.0-4.0.7IBM Rational Require

IBM Rational releases 7 new products

This month, IBM Rational released a major set of new products and updates for the IBM software development platform, a complete and modular platform for teams who build business applications, embedded systems, and software products. the new tools and enhancements make it easier for development organizations to build, e

IBM lab explores 16 details of New Products (1)

The IBM company, founded in 1911, will soon have its 100 birthday. By then, IBM will become a "century-old store ". How are the servers sold in this century-old store designed? On March 13, July 26, the reporter was invited to visit the laboratory of IBM in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, Shanghai. Lei Ming, an engineer at the IBM

Multiple security vulnerabilities in IBM Rational Products

Release date:Updated on: 2012-04-26 Affected Systems:IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise Rational AppScan Enterprise 8.0.1IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise Rational AppScan Enterprise 8.0.0IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise Rational AppScan Enterprise 5.5 Fix Pack 1IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise 5.5IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise 5.2The IBM Rational Policy Tester 8.5IBM Rational AppScan Reporting Console Rational Ap

IBM server product classification guide

For more information, see the following section. IBM's server product line is comprehensive, from entry-level servers to large servers. Because there are a lot of products, there are also a variety of product series classification standards. The following is a general analysis of the IBM series product classification standards. The

Configure mutiple IBM HTTP server/other Apache based WEB server on 1 Physical Server (Section 1)

It's very simple-to-configure a IBM HTTP Server/apache service on a Server. But sometimes, considering the cost or any other reason, we need to share a physical server and configure 2 or more Web SE Rvices. How to do it?Here I lists the major steps for reference and for my own record. These articles would not be only c

IBM X System serverguide 8.41 Server System installation boot disk

IBM X System serverguide 8.41Supported Operating systems:32-bit:Microsoft Windows 2003/2003 R2 (Enterprise, Standard, Web, and DataCenter UV)Microsoft Small Business Server 2003/2003 R2 (Standard/premium Edition)Microsoft Windows (Enterprise, Standard, Web and DataCenter)64-bit:Microsoft Windows 2003/2003 R2 (Enterprise, Standard, and DataCenter UV)Microsoft Windows 2008(Enterprise, Standard, DataCenter, Es

Hongqi Advanced Server 4.1 For IBM pSeries

work to meet user habits. New Technical Service SystemIn order to ensure timely and professional after-sales service to enterprise customers, Hongqi software has established a nationwide support service system and a professional support service team to provide users with telephone and email services, web-to-site support and support capabilities to meet various service requirements of users.With Red Flag Server 4 S

IBM and Microsoft are at war in the SME server market

IBM and Microsoft are at war in the SME server market-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. Author: Jia Yan Source: IT expert network Insiders pointed out that this is not only the competition between IBM Foundations devices and Microsoft's Small Bu

Support for UbuntuIBM extended POWER8 Server products

a high-performance I/O processing platform. "S0000l's system design uses a unique architecture to achieve optimal utilization of POWER8 processor's large data processing capabilities," Sibley said. "In the system design, in addition to optimizing the processor balance for large data workloads, we also focus on system-level IO functions, CAPI implementation, and memory ." As part of the new POWER8 server, IBM

Configure mutiple IBM HTTP server/other Apache based WEB server on 1 physical Server (Section 2)

the PS tool.So now, we topic become how to release the port of the new virtual ip: Let's see my configuration file. Here I List A simple httpd.conf file of the IHS:ServerRoot "C:\IBM\HTTPServer"Pidfile Logs/httpd.pidTimeout 300KeepAlive onMaxkeepaliverequests 100KeepAliveTimeout 10Threadlimit 2000Threadsperchild 2000Maxrequestsperchild 0Win32disableacceptexLoadModule Authz_host_module modules/mod_authz_host.soLoadModule Alias_module mo

IBM will push the OpenPower server to run only the Linux System

[ENews message] According to the CNET News website, in order to make users more popular with their Power processors, it plans to announce a brand new cheap series of servers called OpenPower that can only run Linux on July 15, September 13. According to sources familiar with the program, the OpenPower server product uses a Power5 processor, but can only run Linux operating systems, rather than AIX or i5/OS Operating Systems.

IBM Server System Installation Fool tutorial (39 sheets in detail) _win server

Before using the IBM Boot Disk system, please back up all the data on your server's hard drive, because the entire installation process is equivalent to the hard disk repartition!! Be sure to remember to back up all the information!! Two CDs are used when installing the operating system to the server. The first is the guide disk, the second is our operating system CD-ROM, to first put the boot disk, some i

Configure mutiple IBM HTTP server/other Apache based WEB server on 1 Physical Server (Section 3)

This section would continue the actual configure for IHS related files.3) Copy The httpd.conf file to httpd2.conf, and modify them. Now Virtual IP has been added, and it's port has been released, so we can start to do some needed configure. Firstly, copy the httpd.conf file as httpd2.conf.For Apache based server, 1 Apache server instance need 1 httpd.conf file. And what we need to be configured includes:pid

IBM x3650 M4 Server installs Windows Server R2 Enterprise

Project Background :The company needs to install a Windows system on the IBM x3650 M4 server as a test machine for the expansion of business projects. installation time:2014-10-17installation location: Chongqing xx RoomPreparatory work:First of all, there are several ways to install the system: U disk installation, CD-ROM installation, IBM boot disk installation,

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