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The revelation of the IBM SmartCloud Entry Web Services security mechanism

Environmental preparedness A running IBM smartcloud Entry system Eclipse 3.6 or later The security mechanism of Web Service based on Restlet Before you start Before you start, make a basic interpretation of some of the nouns that will be used in this article. Restlet: Born in 2005, is an open source project for Java language developers. Restlet is designed

How to add a custom REST Web Service to IBM SmartCloud Entry

Environmental preparedness A running SmartCloud Entry system Eclipse 3.6 or later Discover how IBM smartcloud Entry to implement REST Web Service Before you start Instead of building its own REST Web Service from Brick, IBM

Hybrid cloud implementation using IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and WebSphere Datapower

those workloads when the conditions are stable, to meet peak business requirements in this way. Suppose the E-commerce customer operates a private cloud environment in its data center, and there is an existing account in SmartCloud Enterprise, which is connected through a secure virtual private network (VPN). E-commerce applications and directories are preloaded into the SmartCloud Enterprise. Based on ye

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Management (i) creating packages for VMS using ICCT

This article provides an overview of the IBM Image Construction and Composition Tool and demonstrates how to create and maintain packages on the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise. Use an example to describe the steps to create a Google chrome package, including defining chrome package metadata, adding installation scripts, and registering on the

IBM Lotus Notes Web application input verification Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 2Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 56944CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2012-4846 IBM Lotus Notes is a desktop client that provides users with single-point access, helping them create, query, and share knowledge, collaborate with teams,

IBM domino/notes 9.0 new features: Notes Federated Login Introduction and Deployment usage

Introduction For users who want to deploy and experience the Notes federated login (federate login), the first thing to know and understand is that the Notes federated login is actually through SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language, assertion Markup Language) to complete the single sign on feature, if the user is also able to understand the "federated identity", will have a great help in configuring a

Write quick search for new code in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

Raphael Savir, main developer, ls development configurationraphael Savir is the main developer of LS Development Corporation ( and has been committed to developing notes/Domino applications since the beginning of 1990s Program And analyze application performance issues. He gave speeches on these topics at lotusphere and several other conferences. Introduction:Read quick search in

New features of the Open social of IBM Notes/inotes 9

, are difficult to achieve. IBM notes/inotes Social Edition 9 has started providing support for Open Social to address this challenge. Applications developed based on Open Social can run both in the Notes client and in the INotes. In addition to this, Open Social also provides notes/inotes a lot of very convenient func

Building a Composite Application for IBM Lotus Notes V8 (1)

Build a Composite Application for IBM Lotus Notes V8 Program (1) KEYWORDS: IBM Lotus Notes building applications Before getting started Building a composite application involves multiple processes. This tutorial divides the process into several courses for you to learn in order. About this tutorial This tuto

IBM Lotus Domino Web server security: Internet Lockdown Features

as LDAP, POP, IMAP, Diiop, IBM Lotus QuickPlace? and IBM Lotus Sametime? However, if the password used for authentication is stored in the LDAP server, Internet password locking can also be used in Web access. If you are using the DSAPI filter, can you use the Internet locking feature because the DSAPI filter can bypass Lotus

IBM Lotus Notes Research

Notes/domino Overview When it comes to Domino Lotus NOTES, most people may be unfamiliar with it, but it's not hard to find out from the latest media that these words are increasingly appearing in the media, including government internet projects, local area network construction, and more. Lotus Notes is a new generation of "knowledge management" software that th

Developing IBM Lotus Domino WEB 2.0 Client

Introduction: Create a Web 2.0-style thin Web client for Lotus Domino using HTML and JavaScript. Based on previous articles about the IBM Lotus Domino XML (DXL) framework, this article gives you an introduction to using Ajax to extend Notes/domino applications. In the article "Accessing the custom DXL framework for

IBM plans to launch the next-generation Eclipse open-source architecture Lotus Notes Platform

IBM plans to release its next version of Lotus Notes platform and Domino application software this Friday. It is reported that the release of a series of new software released on Friday is only an electronic version. The specific software packages and related documents will be available in May September 21. The new Lotus Notes and Domino 8 are open based on Ecli

Three security vulnerabilities in IBM Lotus Notes Ichitaro Speed Reader

Three security vulnerabilities in IBM Lotus Notes Ichitaro Speed Reader Release date: 2011-10-07Updated on: 2011-10-10 Affected Systems:IBM Lotus Notes 8.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cve id: CVE-2011-0337, CVE-2011-0338, CVE-2011-0339 Lotus Domino is an email and cluster platform that integrates e

Servlet3.0 Annotated New Notes (reproduced by IBM)

, developers can work with the aforementioned @MultipartConfig annotations to make some customizations to the upload operation, such as restricting the size of the uploaded file, and saving the path of the file. The usage is very simple, so we don't repeat it here.It is important to note that if the requested MIME type is not multipart/form-data, you cannot use the two methods above, or you will throw an exception.SummarizeThe many new features of Servlet 3.0 make servlet development easier, esp

IBM adds Web conferencing for Unified Communication Middleware

On Wednesday, IBM announced that it had acquired WebDialogs, a Web conference Company, and launched a new version of the Unified Communication client Sametime. In addition, IBM said it would start testing middleware integration into multiple PBX phone systems early next year.These messages were announced at the VoiceCon conference in San Francisco by Mike Rhodin,

Javase Learning Notes XPath introduction with Web server (8)

. summarize the principles and ideas of parsing XML. Documentbuilderfactory/documentbuilder ttransformerfactory/ ttransformersaxpaserfactory/ Saxparsersaxreader/xmlwriter/docuementhelper/docuementIntroduction to Web ServersA Web server is a computer that has Web server software installed. Web server Software is a so

Introduction to javaSE learning notes Xpath and web server (8), export expath

Introduction to javaSE learning notes Xpath and web server (8), export expath Xpath is an independent path language mainly used to find elements in a path. DOM4J supports path search of Xpath by default. There are two common methods: selectNodes ("xpath") to query all the elements in the specified path selectSingleNode ("xpath ") query the first element of a specified path. Common Xpath path writing method/

"The road to the design of the Web front-end of great Qiao" study notes

AjaxAjax can realize asynchronous communication between front-end and background services, so that the browser can get the data without refreshing the whole page, bring the good experience, it is equally important to get an asynchronous HTTP response quickly, and the most important thing to improve the performance of Ajax is to make the response cacheable.2.3. Reduce the amount of unnecessary traffic1) Remove unused scripts and styles.2) Delay Loading content3) using get to complete the AJAX re

The WebSocket principle of Python Web learning notes

bottleneck, and need an efficient and energy-saving bidirectional communication mechanism to ensure the real-time transmission of data. In this context, the WebSocket, which is based on the HTML5 specification, is called the Web TCP. Early HTML5 did not form an industry-uniform specification, and each browser and application server vendor had a similar implementation, such as the Mqtt of IBM, the Comet Ope

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