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RPC Ice java simple use

Before using RPC are WebService, Hessian, Dubbo, and so on, now the company used ice, have not heard of how to spend some time to learn the ice, and write a Demo,java the basis of data type transmission are not too big problem, Object transmission is troublesome, oneself in a lot of data to realize, online rarely find a transmission object type complete instance.

Ice Reading Notes-middleware concepts and ice Overview (2)

corresponds to the type of hot data of the slice-Defined Object. 1.3.4) Ice Protocol Ice provides an RPC protocol that can either use TCP/IP or UDP as the underlying transmission mechanism. In addition, ice allows SSL to be used as a transmission mechanism to encrypt the communication between the customer and the serv

One of the translations of Chapter 2.2 [the ice architecture] in the official Ice documentation

Every time I attended various conferences or training sessions, I made up my mind to learn English well, but this goal was not fulfilled again and again. Of course, I was busy with work, time was tight, and there was no context ...... It has become a powerful interface, but this time I think of a second method. Although I have not practiced the context of listening, we can first practice the English translation ability, I usually spend a lot of time reading English DOC files. I think there are n

Ice notes-ice attributes and configurations

1. Overview Ice uses a configuration mechanism that allows us to control many behaviors of our ice applications at runtime, such as the maximum message size, number of threads, and whether to generate network tracking messages. This mechanism can be used not only to configure ice, but also to provide configuration parameters for your applications. 2. Attributes

Ice Distributed File Management system--ice Environment Construction (second)

On the previous blog, we talked about the basic understanding of the ice middleware.Next we tell about the development environment.The process is divided into three main steps:  Install GCC-4.4.6, install ICE-3.4.2, install QT-4.7.3.(This article is based on Linux ICE-3.4.2 installation, if you have GCC installed (version higher than GCC-4.4.6 also), please insta

Ice Notes---ice Run time in detail (ii)

Servant Locator The function of the ASM table (Servant Activity Mapping table) is described before. But he also has some limitations, because if you're using the adapter's ASM to map ice objects to servents, there are some effects: (1) Each Ice object has a different servant representation. (2) All Servants of all ice objects are permanently out of memory. If th

Java-ice Getting Started Tutorial (2-1:ice Basics)

1. What is ice?Ice is the Zeroc Open Source Communication protocol product, its full name is: The Internet Communications engine, translated into Chinese is the Internet communications engines, is an object-oriented middleware, so that we can build distributed applications at the lowest cost. Ice allows us to focus on the development of application logic, which h

Ice Middleware documentation

Ice Middleware documentation1 Ice Middleware Introduction2 Platform Core Features2.1 Interface Description Language (Slice)2.2 Ice Runtime2.2.1 Communication Device2.2.2 Object Adapter2.2.3 Position Transparency2.3 Asynchronous Programming model2.3.1 Asynchronous Method invocation2.3.2 Async Method Dispatch2.4 Subscription/release programming model2.5 Dynamic ser

Step 2 of ice learning ----- learn about ice (helloworld) from the first program)

Internet communications engine (ICE) is an object-oriented middleware platform mainly used for network communication. It provides a set of good tools and APIs for Object-Oriented "client-server" models. Currently, it has been applied to many projects around the world. Ice middleware is known as standard and unified, open-source, cross-platform, cross-language, distributed, secure, service transparent, load

Ice Reading Notes-middleware concepts and ice Overview (1)

, load balancing, and Failure Recovery to improve the overall performance of the system. It can be seen as the "Operating System" of the transaction processing application ". II. Ice Overview 1. Ice Architecture 1.1) Overview Ice is an object-oriented middleware platform. Ice applications are suitable for use in heter

The Internet Communications Engine (Ice) cross-platform heterogeneous communication solution Introduction to the first bomb-ice

There are a lot of communication schemes in. NET, from. NET REMOTING,MSMQ,WEBSERVICE,WSE,WCF and so on, they all have a feature, easy to use, but can not cross-language heterogeneous, if you want to use Java Development Server, client in C # development, or other languages such as c+ +, python,php, Ruby, Objective-c, and so on, then. NET provides solutions that are no longer valid. Now, the grand launch of the cross-platform heterogeneous solution ice

WebService, RMI, RPC, Xml-rpc, Json-rpc, SOAP, REST (Rest-api, restful), and other Web services implementation concepts article is from the "Mr_computer" blog, make sure to keep this source, RMI, RPC, Xml-rpc, Json-

Ice topic: Implementing chat rooms through ice

For network applications, the simple model is to send requests and wait for responses. I call this model a ticket model. The server cannot actively notify the client of what happened, only passively wait for the client to request and respond, the most classic is the HTTP service. This is enough for this model, but this is not enough for the interaction between the server and the customer, requires a duplex model, that is, mutual notification between the server and the customer. For this model, t

QuickStart ice--using eclipse to develop ice

 zeroc ICE Quick Start 1 Environment Construction 1.1 1.1 Operating environment configuration 1.2 downloads The version that this example downloads is Ice-3.5.1-6.msi Https:// 1.3 Installing the ICE operating environment Recommend

Ice notes-ice run time (1)

1. Ice run time overview According to my personal understanding for the time being, icerun time refers to the fact that ice encapsulates most of the APIs to implement various functions of distributed application programs. First, an important part is the communication tool, which is the main handle of the ice run time and the main entry point of the

How to add ice to air-conditioning fan, air-conditioning fan plus ice and wet tutorial _ Wuhan Villa Air Conditioning Repair

Summer, some friends at home have already started to use air-conditioning fan or just bought air-conditioning fan, may not know how to let air conditioning fan added ice cooling cooler, today I will give you to share a detailed practice.First, turn the air-conditioning fan upside down and turn its back face toward us. Then in the lower part of the air-conditioning fan, find the tank position and the side of the water tank concealed buckle, loosen the

Ice topic: Introduction to ice

Ice (Internet communications engine) is a middleware platform written for programmers in reality. As a high-performance internet communication platform, ice contains many hierarchical services and plug-ins, which are simple, efficient, and powerful. The free use of ice complies with the terms of the gnu gpl (GNU General Public licens) license.

Ice topic: Starting from ice

Ice preliminary The first contact with ice was in. At that time, a friend strongly recommended ice to another friend who was planning to study CORBA. Refer:Http:// 1. What is ice? Ice (Internet communications engine) is an object-oriented middleware plat

Turret legend awakening orange 2 ice girl output how ice girl from Orange 0 to Orange 2 advanced strategy

Hero attributesAs a traditional middle-ranking female Mage, the ice girl shoulders the responsibility of AOE output! However, the output attribute of the Orange + 2 awakening ice girl is not outstanding, and the Magic intensity, method explosion, and ignoring magic resistance only fall into the lower and lower levels among the many Awakening magicians. The shuangkang property of an

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