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Protection interval and cyclic prefix in OFDM against ISI and ICI

References: Principles and Applications of OFDM mobile communication I. Concepts of inter-symbol interference (ISI) and inter-channel interference (ICI) Ii. reduced protection interval (ISI) 3. reduce ICI by the cyclic prefix Iv. Block Diagram of the OFDM system after protection interval and cyclic prefix are added 5. Select the protection interval method ==================================== ===== The conce

The home Key listens, shields, and simulates the home key, and listens to the home

The home Key listens, shields, and simulates the home key, and listens to the home /*** Press the home Key to return the program to the background and run the * @ param context */private void imitatePressHome (Context context) {Intent intent = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_MAIN); intent. setFlags (Intent. FLAG_ACTIVITY_NE

[Smart Home] applications of wifi in Smart Home and wifi in Smart Home

[Smart Home] applications of wifi in Smart Home and wifi in Smart Home Reprint please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/Righthek thank you! When designing a smart home system solution, a critical point is the networking mode. The networking mode is related to the stability, scalability, and real-time performanc

Stay at home after graduation. At home, I arranged to go to the town water plant. I am studying php at home now. I want to continue learning php. Or go to the water plant?

Stay at home after graduation. At home, I arranged to go to the town water plant. I am studying php at home now. Everyone says that I want to continue learning php. Or go to the water plant. How about the treatment of water plants? Stay at home after graduation. At home, I a

Blog Park home Notice custom clock home Home clock

Today to introduce you a fun thing, very simple.Do you often see a custom clock in someone else's blog, home page announcements Ah what, today I also come one.Look first:The source code to serveHTML>DivID= "MyTime"> ObjectClassID= "clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000"codebase= "http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=8,0,0,0"width= "$"Height= "a"ID= "Honehoneclock"Align= "Middle"> paramname= "allowScriptAcc

Two home-to-home couples. Tang. He Zhizhang

Home doll book twoCongratulatory messageWhen the young master left home, his hometown music had no changes.When children meet each other, they smile and ask where they come from.I have been away from my hometown for many years and have been killed by people recently.Only in front of the mirror lake water, the spring breeze does not change the old wave. He Zhizhang resigned from the

Home Network: advanced functions of home Routers

Details: Home Network: advanced functions of home routers. From the following article, we can see details about the specific running environment and its size. If you are interested, try it. After successfully logging on to the vro Management page, there are several menus on the left-side menu bar: running status, setting wizard, network parameters, DHCP server, forwarding rules, security settings, routing f

Screen "Power key Long Press", "Home Key", "home button long Press" in Android

Screen "Power key Long Press", "Home Key", "home button long Press" in AndroidThe triggering of these "buttons" will result in a notification of ACTION = = Intent.action_close_system_dialogsThe parameters that distinguish the different events of their three are the reason strings that come with intent, respectively, corresponding to"Power Key Long Press" (Globalscreen), "

Make [2]: *** you can create the target "/home/Hello. c" for "/home/Hello. O" without rules ". Stop.

Tags: Ar OS SP file problems BS EF Linux File The following error occurs when compiling a simple driver hello. C: [Email protected]: ~ /Workspace/project/driver/Hello $ makeMake-C/home/Mach/workspace/linux-3.8_webee210v2 M =/home/Mach/workspace/project/driver/Hello modules arch = arm cross_compile = arm-Linux-Make [1]: Entering directory '/home/Mach/workspace

A new type of smart home wifi option--simplewifi application in wireless smart home

A new type of smart home wifi option--simplewifi application in wireless smart homeFirst:With the continuous development of science and technology, the local area network is gradually to wireless, multi-network in the direction of the development, in the rapid development of multi-network in the process, led to a wide range of wireless technology applications, WiFi is one of them. WiFi for smart home contro

Linux creates accounts and automatically generates files in home directory and home directory

useradd-d/home/test-m test;passwd test;Then set the password to test.1. Useradd Add users or update default information for newly created usersSyntax: useradd option user nameThe options for this command have the following meanings:-C Comment describes the new user account, usually the user's full name and comment as a string. -D home_dir sets the user home directory, the default is the user's login n

Related questions displayed on the home page when PHP jumps from the login interface to the home page

When PHP jumps to the home page from the login interface, the questions displayed on the home page will be answered! How can I display "XXXwelcome!" on the home page when I migrate from login.html#to homepage.html !". I use session, and then read data from the database ., Lt ;? Phpsession_start (); if (I PHP questions displayed on the

Tomcat is started in the Tomcat directory, with normal access to the Tomcat home page, but with Tomcat integrated in eclipse but not the Tomcat home page, access to the published project

Tomcat server was configured properly in eclipse, and the Eclipse build Tomcat service was built in the server view, where new server was created, but after the project was deployed to Tomcat, the Tomcat home page reported 404 errors. Then I looked at Tomcat's WebApps and didn't find the project I was deploying, but since I didn't deploy it to my tomcat, why would I be able to access the project normally? The original use of the new server is the defa

Iphone6 Home key how to maintain? Tips for protecting Iphone6 's home keys

1, in the Iphone6 desktop click "Settings"- "General" option, click to enter 3, then we find inside the "accessibility" and then open into the. 4, in the entry to the new interface will see a "assistivetouch" option, click to open 5, then we turn on this feature, and then you will see more than a small white dot on the screen Step two, use the virtual button to protect the physical home key 1

When I go home and celebrate the Chinese New Year, I will pray for all those who cannot go home for the Chinese New Year!

After the beginning of spring, the sequentions brought by the Southern snow disaster have not disappeared. From the TV reports, we can still see people who are at the top of the box. This taste and meaning only people who have experienced it can understand it. In this case, if it is not a special reason, Chinese New Year is a good choice.In the north, there are no natural disasters, and many people in the city still cannot go home for the New Year. Fo

Three home router home router which brand is better

A. Tengda Home router Tengda Router is Shenzhen Chassis TENGDA Technology Co., Ltd. products, and can be said to be ranked first in the router. Tengda company with its own excellent technology, to provide consumers with the highest quality products, has been the trust of consumers. TENGDA Home Router signal strong coverage range is also wide, and support WPA2, WPAWPA2 and other encryption, routers with fir

2016/05/17 thinkphp3.2.2 Paging use: ① in the home under the Publics folder or under the thinkphp of the library the vender put page.class.php test shell into the ② by the new instantiation method call $page =new \home\publics\page ($total, 3);

There are two ways to pay attention to paging: one is thinkphp3.2 and the other is that the previous page used a slightly different display effect.Display effect:Detail questions:① Search page to add session judgment and paging② modifying and adding pages requires a session judgment③ permission settings for adding and deleting changesController side:1PHP2 namespace Home\controller;3 UseThink\controller;4 classUsercontrollerextendsController5

IOS live video/Smart Home (one line of code, starting from scratch) lesson: 1 overall architecture, ios Smart Home

IOS live video/Smart Home (one line of code, starting from scratch) lesson: 1 overall architecture, ios Smart Home Some time ago, a live video/Smart Home application was required for work. This is a summary of streaming media processing in the IOS audio and video column. Here, we want to record the entire development process. On the one hand, we will discuss and

Win7 Home version and home Advanced Edition does not support Remote Desktop Connection

1, the actual use of Win7 HB system host test: Computer-Properties-remote (Remote Assistance only, no Remote Desktop) 2, Win7 flagship system host: Computer-Properties-remote (with Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop) 3, the actual connection win7 HB Remote Desktop, prompted the following to repay the error: Summarize: Win7 home version and Win7 Home Advanced Edition does not support Remote Deskt

What is the payment for the home insurance? Where to pay the treasure home insurance where to buy

What is the risk of paying treasure? 2016 Spring Festival was officially started on January 25, in response to the safety of everyone on the way home, Alipay on the line to return to the security insurance, the user can be insured on the road to the trip to the traffic accident claims, the maximum insured amount of 100,000 yuan.The insurance is jointly developed by Chinese and ant-ants, providing protection for personal injuries caused by traffic acc

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