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Windows XP full system Optimization Tutorial

German Windows XP system optimization patch is not looked at a lot of Windows XP optimization article, put the system is also toss to die, or old cow pull broken car. Below we are employed to introduce people in detail about Windows XP Comprehensive

XP cool theme Tools and modifications complete Raiders

Strategy Windows XP employs a completely new theme management kernel, its function is very powerful, can achieve the effect is very dazzling, but actually does not support unofficial desktop theme, Plus! Few simple topics in a few days to look bored,

Download address for Ghost XP SP2 V3.0 activation-free version of Tomato Garden

The system is a computer company or individual user quickly installed, the installation process does not need to be on duty, one-click Automatic completion. The Longhorn detecthal technology is used to realize automatic detection and correct HAL,

Windows 7 in the eyes of an XP user

I originally wanted to name this article "Windows 7 Trial Report", but I don't think I have much qualifications to name it like this, because I use XP most of the time, vista has never been used in depth. Only the UAC of Vista is annoying. According

Tomato Garden Ghost XP SP2 V3.0 free version provides download address _ Common Tools

The system for computer companies or individual users of the rapid installation of the machine, install the process without duty, a key automatic completion. Using Longhorn Detecthal technology to realize the full automatic detection of the correct

Windows Practical Skills

Although many users are familiar with the Windows operating system, I will find some better new methods every time I encounter practical problems, for example, transfer files, repair hard drive errors, apply security patches, or browse websites.

XP System 70 Tips

Although the official version of WIN10 is about to be released, Microsoft has already given up XP, but as the most successful operating system, still has a large number of users, and the following a lot of XP skills, in the WIN10 system, the same

Enjoy official Windows XP SP2 without spending a penny

A: There is no free lunch in the world. Microsoft has publicly stated that serious system problems such as blue screens in XP are caused by piracy. Moreover, no matter what the major enterprise integrated version is, it cannot be automatically

Computer Master common skill application Full contact _WINDOWSXP

1. How to clear the paging file when shutdown    Open Control Panel, click Administrative tools → local security policy → local policy → security options, double-click the shutdown: Clean virtual memory paging file item, click the Enabled option

Breaking the shackles of Windows XP

Windows XP is undoubtedly a relatively stable and secure system with a vast majority of user groups. But there are some restrictions that make people feel struggling. Let's break the shackles together, free the system, and gain the initiative of the

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