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When the computer is turned on, the display of IDE channel 0 master: none; ide channel 0 slave: none or something

There are two kinds of faults: 1. The self-check result is as follows: ide channel 0 master: None ide channel 0 slave: Philips pcdv5016p. p1.3 ide Channel 1 master: None ide Channel 1

Two Hard Disk Master/Slave jumper details

With the decrease in hard disk prices and the increase in software installation, many people have adopted the method of adding a hard disk to increase the storage capacity. However, the installation of dual hard disks is relatively simple, but there are many things to consider. Based on my own practice, the author puts forward the following points of attention. 1. There are two ide interfaces on the motherboard. Up to four

MySQL Master-slave configuration failed, master-slave communication failed

Tags: Verify mys Ash ide false word waiting replicat dataWhen configuring MySQL master and slave, check the slave status, find the error message,The Error ' The MySQL server is running with the--skip-grant-tables option so it cannot execute this statement ' on query.mysql>showslavestatus\g***************************1.r

MySQL master-slave replication and common error problems analysis

Tags: span relay_log restart ETC IDE Maintenance tables replication Configuration common errorsMySQL master-slave replication and common error problems analysisFirst, master-slave Replication introduction:1, MySQL master-

ACTIVEMQ persistent configuration, set as primary slave mode (with copy master-slave mode, apply MySQL database)

/schema/core " >---discoveryuri= "Multicast://default"/>* * Lets Deploy some Enterprise integration Patterns inside the ActiveMQ Message Broker* * For more details see*** ** * Lets Configure some Camel endpoints*** *

Monitor synchronization between master and slave mysqlreplication using nagios

] -- Slave -MySQL instance running as a slave server -- Slave-port -Port for the slave -- Slave-user

Old boy Education Daily-April 28, 2017-MySQL master-slave replication common faults and solutions?

library, resulting in delaysView The configuration of Master and Slave may cause replication delays due to improper configurationissue 3: too many slow SQL statementsIf a statement executes for more than 2 seconds, it needs to be tunedissue 4: Master-slave replication design issuesMaster -

Some Thoughts on Profibus Master (H) does not correctly identify and handle RS frames of Dp-slave reply

Figure 1. In the course of the test, it was found that Profibus Master (H) could not correctly identify and process the RS frame of the dp-slave reply, causing Slave to reply to the RS frame by "disconnecting the Profibus cable between the Slave and

MySQL master-slave separation under CentOS

Tags: serve host server-id my.cnf Replicat IDE master replica waiting1, respectively open the host and slave my.cnf command to set Vim/etc/my.cnf Under [mysqld], fill in the numbers yourself, but not repeat them. Log-bin Server-id=? 2, in the host to operate, into the MySQL Host gives slave permission: Grant replicatio

MySQL Simple master and slave

Tags: var ted bsp master-slave LAN span SYS IDE COMMmaster server Master [[emailprotected] ~]# vim /etc/my.cnf [mysqld] log-bin=mysql-bin #必须开启log-bin server-id=129 #服务器ID from server slave [[emailprotected] ~]# vim /etc/my.cnf [mysqld] log-bin=mysql-bin #开启log-bin(可选) serve

Mysql Master-Slave configuration

Tags: technology sharing msyql File Bin master server start IDE landing binary1. Modify the MySQL configuration file for the master serverVi/etc/my.cnf [mysqld] log// server-id=1// Pagoda-installed MySQL By default this is the one you don't have to change. Then create an accessible user to access from the server GRANT all on * * to [email protected]'%'123456' V

MySQL master-slave synchronization and delayed synchronization

Tags: ast SCP exec restart 1.3 ASE feature in IDE fileMySQL synchronization and delay synchronization MySQL Sync Operation on a MySQL master server 1 Turn on the Log_bin feature on the server # VIM/ETC/MY.CNF Add two lines Log_bin=mysql-bin Server_id=1 2 restarting MySQL # service Mysqldrestart 3 log in to MySQL to create an account and authorize the slave featur

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