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Algorithmic Trading[z]

Algorithmic Trading have been a hot topic for equity/derivative Trading over a decade. Many ibanks and hedge funds have built their own algorithmic trading systems. Simply speaking, algorithmic Trading system is a Artificial Intelligence (AI) system

Blue Bridge Cup algorithm training ALGO-124 digital triangles

Algorithm training Digital Triangle time limit: 1.0s memory Limit: 256.0MB problem description (Figure 3.1-1) shows a number triangle. Please compile a program to calculate a route from top to bottom somewhere.So that the sum of the numbers passed

Blue Bridge Cup ALGO-111 random number (sort, go weight)

"Idea": vector perfect solution. Notice the dynamic array of vectors, or else 0."AC Code":#include #include #include #include #include using namespace std; #define MAX 100+5int cmp (int a, int b) {return a > n;vector A (n);vector :: Iterator

Blue Bridge Cup algo--6 Comfort Cow (minimum spanning tree)

Problem descriptionFarmer John became very lazy, and he did not want to continue to maintain the road between the cows for passage. Roads are used to connect n pastures, and pastures are numbered 1 to n consecutively. Every pasture is a cow's home.

Blue Bridge Cup ALGO-89 character Delete (string)

"Idea": Use string replace method on the line, pay attention to the topic " inside no space", is not inside. So you need to consider the case where the string is empty or there are spaces around it. You can't use CIN anymore, you need to use gets

Blue Bridge Cup ALGO-107 9-7 linked list data summation operation (linked list)

"Idea": the direct addition of the test data is the line. But I still want to try the list, data structure after a year does write a little trouble. Alas.Note: The spelling of the node link. And p->p at the time of traversal, skimming the head node."

Blue Bridge Cup ALGO-110 string expansion (String)

"Idea": follow the test instructions to the line. Note the difference between the letter string and the number string when p1=2. It is recommended to use a string, replacing the line with the Replace function, char[] to move large amounts of

Experimental three-process scheduling simulation program

Experiment two, Operation scheduling simulation program experimentProfessional Internet of things name Xinyi No. 2013061041351. Purpose and RequirementsExperimental purposeA process scheduler is completed in a high-level language to deepen the

Experimental three-process scheduling simulation program

1.Purpose and requirements1.1. Purpose of the experimentA process scheduler is completed in a high-level language to deepen the understanding of process concepts and process scheduling algorithms.1.2. Experimental Requirements1.2.1 Example: design a

Using. NET 2.0 compression/decompression to handle large data _ practical tips

If your application has never used compression, then you are lucky. The good news for another part of the developer who uses compression is that. NET 2.0 now offers two classes to handle compression and decompression issues. This article is about

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