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IDEO: Design with insight into human nature

next case, but this is a big mistake! I will never do this case again. We can't do less work now than we can do it now. We must first send out the job as a socialist.Go, first, find out what "Needs" are, What Are people really excited about, and what are the real internal human reactions? Let's talk about technology again. Of course many things require people, but now we are looking at creative design.This field discusses the importance of human natu

Designers need IDEO design kits for human-centered

start learning together!"Extended reading"-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IDEO Company was founded in 1991 by a group of Stanford graduates.1991, the David Kelly design Company (David Kelley) and ID two merged into IDEO company,David Kelly designed the first mouse for Apple in 1982,The ID two, in the same year

Shift from two-tier design thinking to three-storey design thinking

object model layer . The three-storey design is the beginning of our formal path to programming, and we need to understand it well. The three layer, though written in more code, has many advantages:The data access layer is only responsible for providing the original raw data, do not need to understand the business logic, the business logic layer calls the method provided by the data access layer to customize some of the business logic, the da

Thinking and research on the development of the cross-disciplinary project course "ticketing management"

interdisciplinary, all the content that needs to be learned and mastered revolves around the core of the sub-project design and is integrated with the core.Reference documents:[1] Ministry of Education. Some opinions on comprehensively improving the teaching quality of higher vocational education (teaching Gao [2006]16) [Z].2006-11-16.[2] Beginning of Wu Dan, Chen Xiaoyuan, Shanning, Rai, Wang Ying. Building a large platform for interdisciplinary exp

The component thinking and skill of the front-end Growth Course Web Component Development tutorial

1-1 Course guidance. mp42-1 Environment and knowledge preparation. mp43-1 Technology selection analysis. mp43-2 Engineering build installation. MP44-1 CSS Modular design. mp44-2 CSS Modular Design (code). mp44-3 JS component and Adaptive Mp4.mp44-4 spa design. mp44-5 Building tools and on-line guidance. mp45-1 Home-abs

Design Patterns: C # Object-oriented design patterns discussion on [Learning: 01. Object-oriented design patterns and principles course notes]

are also known as GoF23 design patterns.? Because the design pattern: the basis of reusable object-oriented software , the book determines the position of the design pattern, and the design pattern that people usually say implies "object-oriented design pattern". However, t

Agile thinking: Methodology in Architecture Design (4)-team Design

Introduction:Team design is an important practice in Agile Methodology. The team we are talking about here is not a plural person. A group of people is a group and cannot form a team. To become a team, you have to do a lot of work. The reason why we consider architecture design on a team basis is that software development is not a personal task, especially architecture

Agile thinking-methodology in Architecture Design (5) Simple Design

for possible future situations. In fact, isn't the idea of a great interface in software originated from this? Therefore, think about the future, but wait until it is necessary.The change case helps us think about the future. The change case is what you may or may not want to meet in the future, but you do not need to meet it now. When we design the architecture, the change case will also become one of the design

Agile thinking-methodology in Architecture Design (6) iterative design

personnel, the architecture design of the next iteration may have to wait until the coding peak expires. However, multiple staggered iterations may cause version issues. For example, an architecture problem is found in the Code of this iteration and fed back to the architecture design group, however, the architecture design group has started the architecture

Agile thinking-methodology in Architecture Design (4) Team Design

Team design is an important practice in Agile Methodology. The team we are talking about here is not a plural person. A group of people is a group and cannot form a team. To become a team, you have to do a lot of work.The reason why we consider architecture design on a team basis is that software development is not a personal task, especially architecture design.

Detail thinking on design of form-form interaction design for two form verification

the Submit button, the form begins to validate the form before it is submitted. At present, there are more than two kinds, one is a hint, the other is a one-time full hint. A) Tips One tip is that after submitting the form, although there are multiple errors, each commit displays an error in order only. Article-by-article informed the error prompts, will cause the user to change after the submission and need to repeat the changes, the line of sight up and down, constantly modify the submissio

Capturing knowledge in the design thinking process and keeping the decision clear

very much like. The goal of the testing phase is to get feedback from the relevant person on the prototype. These feedbacks affect all artifacts built in the previous phase-challenges themselves, stakeholders, and their needs. Of course, these feedback can also give us a deeper insight into how these ideas meet the needs of the stakeholders. 3.2 Influence Guide Chart As described in Goico Atich's Book 2, Impact Mapping is a powerful methodology th

Qzone album Photo Editor design case: A concise design to reduce user thinking

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: Design Case: Simplify the user interface, don't let the user think. • IntroductionQQ Space Photo Album personalized tool, can be the effect of the image optimization, text editing and so on. From the design of the use of innovative methods to minimize the user's thinking. Among them, through the specia

Object-oriented Thinking of design patterns, design patterns OO

Object-oriented Thinking of design patterns, design patterns OO [This article is my own learning notes. You are welcome to repost it, but please note the Source:] Object-oriented (OO) thinking: 1. Consider classes Term2. Consider attributes Cannot be separated from the specific app

Some puzzles in design: thinking and replying to web design

Lord to help me, not very grateful!!!! Answer: I think your question is actually very clear to you. "From now on I want to do things, calm down a lot of things to do, save their own works", Ah, it is so simple, seize the time to do ah, in addition to their own constraints, work hard to do things, there is no other way. If you want to improve the efficiency of doing things and improve your procrastination, I recommend you look at the time management of things, my blog on this aspect of content,

Thinking of professional Internet product designers: what is design?

Article Description: a professional thinking of a designer. First of all, this topic is not suitable for my experience, but as the design of 7-8 years of work, this is to have to think about the problem, today is just and you report my own ideas, this is only, comments if there is improper, is purely reference. --Difficult (Lcjeremy) Once upon a time to do

Agile thinking: Methodology in Architecture Design (7)-combined use mode

Introduction:We have discussed four process models for agile architecture design. In this chapter, we will summarize these four process models, the relationships between the four persons and the Agile Methodology characteristics embodied in the model are discussed. Through the description in this chapter, you can have a better understanding of the previous content. Focus of the four models I classify four process models from requirements, Team

How to discover the blind area of thinking in interactive design?

As an interactive designer, I found myself in the practice of interactive design can not take into account all aspects, there is a blind area of thinking. There is a lack of experience, but also the problem of their own knowledge limitations. After entering the development phase, each need to modify the interaction, the heart will be a little ashamed, feel for the small partners brought unnecessary workload

Thinking of database paradigm and design of database

diagram of the number of entities, the number of primary keys, the number of attributes will be less.The purpose of advocating the "three less" principle is to prevent readers from using patching technology, constantly adding and removing the database, making the enterprise database become a random design of the database table "garbage heap", or database table "clump", and finally caused the database of basic tables, code tables, intermediate tables,

Agile thinking: Methodology in Architecture Design (14)-code verification

Architecture Design: First, object-oriented language is a better structured language. Compared with non-object-oriented languages, it can better implement encapsulation, reduce coupling, and allow designers to think at an abstract level. These factors provide conditions for excellent architecture design. Second, the object-oriented language allows designers to focus only on the Framework Code, r

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