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MacOS Sierra Install U disk how to create a Mac OS Sierra installation U disk Creation method

First, we need to prepare at least 8GB USB drive and make sure that there is nothing in it that you want to keep, as the following tutorial will erase all the data on the USB drive. 1. Download the beta version of MacOS Sierra on the Apple developer website. 2. After the download is complete, turn off the pop-up installation prompts. 3. Open Finder-Application, right click on "Install 10.12 Developer Preview" and select Display package co

Mac OS Sierra where to open Siri Apple MacOS Sierra Open Siri method

Apple MacOS Sierra Open Siri method: Currently, the virtual helper is very useful in the desktop system, like its role in the iOS system, where users can easily start it with a keyboard shortcut. According to the report, if you are a developer and have installed the first beta version of MacOS Sierra, you may have tried the "Fn + SPACEBAR" shortcut key combination to open the Siri voice assistant, a

Apple Mac OS Sierra How to upgrade MacOS Sierra how to update upgrades

MacOS Sierra Update Upgrade Tutorial: Because the Mac's downgrade method is relatively complex and time-consuming, so before you install the beta version, please complete this tutorial, and then decide whether to be a delicacy. Prepare: Back up your Mac first or back up your computer, unless you have the data on the computer does not matter, otherwise make sure to back up, do not lazy. You can choose to copy important data to a mobile har

How to install the MacOS Sierra u disk

How to install the MacOS Sierra u disk A week after the official release of iOS 10, the new MacOS Sierra system was introduced to the general Mac users. The new MacOS Sierra brings a whole new system experience and Siri that was previously available only on iOS devices. So MacOS Sierra system USB disk boot disk How to

Is MacOS Sierra very slow? Why? And how to fix it?

After upgrading to MacOS Sierra, this is normal if your Mac slows down. Let's take a look at the possible causes and solutions.MacOS Sierra slow your Mac compatibility run new Mac OS X 10.12If your Mac model does not belong to the following MacOS Sierra Compatibility List, you might consider rolling back to El Capitan,yosemite or any version of OS X that you used

MacOS 10.13 High Sierra odoo development configuration

Basically, as with the MacOS 10.12.x Sierra configuration process, see:MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 Odoo 10.0 Development Environment ConfigurationMacOS Sierra (10.12.6), Odoo (11.0), Python (3.5.4) configurationError encountered when starting Odoo on the command line:valueerror: unknown locale: UTF-8 To edit the. Bash_profile, proceed as follows:Open command Line t

Tutorial on making MacOS Sierra official USB boot Installation disk (new MAC system installed)

Use the command line to create a full version of the MacOS Sierra production USB installation disk1, prepare a 8GB or more capacity of the U disk, and back up all the information inside.2. Download the installation program for the full version of MacOS Sierra (download in AppStore).3. Open "application → utilities → disk Utility", "Erase" (format) the USB stick into "mac OS X extended (journaled) format, GU

MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 Beta 4 Updates what

Apple today again pushed the MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 beta version to developers and beta users, the 4th of the MacOS Sierra 10.12.1. The update was 1 weeks after Apple pushed Beta 3, 3 weeks after the official release of MacOS Sierra. If you are interested in the latest beta and have previously installed the beta version of 10.12.1, you can update it via th

Create a bootable MacOS high Sierra installation USB drive

1. Download MacOS high Sierra installer from the Mac App Store. If the installer automatically opens after the download is complete, exit the installer. The installer will be located in your Applications folder. 2. Mount a USB flash drive or other volume. You can also use an internal alternate partition, which must have at least one GB of free disk space for the installation files. 3. Open the Terminal app, which is located in the Utilities folder of

MacOS high Sierra causes VirtualBox Vagrant to sync slowly

ProblemRecently upgraded your Mac's operating system to the latest version found a problem, files that are modified by shared folders cannot be synced to the virtual machine immediately, it takes about 30 seconds to sync to the shared folder.The operating environment is as follows Virtual machine: Virtualbox Virtual machine operating system: Ubuntu16.04 Virtual Machine management tools: Vagrant Physical machine: Mac High Sierra 10

How MacOS Sierra opens any source

1. Open application-utilities-terminal;2. Copy the following code (note in red is two -) into the terminal, enter (input computer password):sudo spctl –master-disable3. Open application-System Preferences-security and privacy-general, any source of disappearance has finally appeared (by default it should be checked);4. Install third-party software!Of course, if you do not like to use the Terminal Input command to open any of the source options, you can also open a third-party application in anot

Code sign Error in MacOS Sierra Xcode 8.3.3-resource Fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed

This is a security policy update brought by iOS, MacOS Sierra, WatchOS 3, and TvOS 10. Code signing no longer allows any file in the application package to have extended properties that contain resource forks or lookup information.You can view those files that cause these problems by following the command line:$ XATTR-LR There are roughly three solutions to this problem:1. Remove all extended attributes from the app's resource fileXATTR-CR 2. Find fil

MacOS Sierra allows you to run programs from any source

Reference from new System Sierra in the default already do not see "any source" option, you can not install a lot of third-party programs, so need to do some configuration;Open "terminal" that is "Terminal", and then enter the following command, that is, turn off the gatekeeper:sudo spctl--master-disableEnter the password again, OK;And you can see any source.MacOS

How to play video in information in MacOS Sierra system

1. In the beginning, we need to find the video link we want to send. 2. Next, copy the link in the browser and paste it into the information window. 3. After you click Send, the link becomes a live preview window, and we can preview the video without opening the Safari browser (or other browser) window, but the current MacOS Sierra Beta system does not support all video sites. We can send YouTube videos in this

OpenCV mac MacOS Sierra error ' qtkit/qtkit.h ' file not found resolution record

If you upgrade MacOS Sierra when you install OPENCV, you may encounter the following error:Xxx/ Fatal error:' qtkit/qtkit.h ' File not found#import^1 Error generated.MAKE[2]: * * * [MODULESIDEOIO/CMAKEFILES/OPENCV_VIDEOIO.DIR/SRC/CAP_QTKIT.MM.O] Error 1MAKE[1]: * * * [Modulesideoio/cmakefiles/opencv_videoio.dir/all] Error 2Make: * * * [ALL] Error 2I found a big circle on the Internet.Never upgrade to 10.12 in a Mac to copy qtkit.fram

Mac Git pull fails with the latest operating system resulting in SSH issues with Mac OS X high Sierra

Tags: nbsp host use Mac env class hostname encryption TinMac upgrade to the latest operating system SSH encryption mode and Gitlub not the same, resulting in not git pull such as: Mac is MD5 encryption method, Gitlut is AES-256-CBC encryption method is the followingA coworker of mine is reporting an issue with SSH after updating to Mac OS X high Sierra.$ ssh server-alias- Port 22:no matching cipher found. Their OFFER:BLOWFISH-CBC,AES256-CBC

Mac OS Sierra Install PHP extension operation not permitted

Want to see the detailed interpretation of can point here only need to solve the problem just look down.---------------------------------------------------Split Line-------------------------------------------------------Mac OS Sierra installs PHP extensions, and at the time of make install, a similarCP:/usr/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20131226/#[email protected]12567#: Operation not permittedmake: * * [install1The error is because the OS X 10.

Paragon updated Microsoft NTFS support for MacOS High Sierra

Today, we released important updates for Mac version of Microsoft NTFS via Paragon software, Paragon software is a software utility that can format NTFS hard disks on Windows under MacOS, SSD and thumb drive for ultra-fast, transparent read/write access. This release, combined with Apple's latest update, provides better support for MacOS 10.13 High Sierra. The design of MacOS High Sierra is secure by defaul

MacOS Sierra Git Gui Crash Solution

This post consists of: descriptionThe Git GUI has been intermittently flashed since upgrading to MacOS Sierra 10.12.At first it was good, just occasionally flash back, recently really more and more frequent ...I can't stand it, I find a way to solve it today.The error is as follows:2016-11-28 10:30:36.463 wish[23615:1501726] * * * terminating ap

Installing MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 in VMware 12

installation filesDownload: vmware-workstation-full-12.5.7-5813279Address: Https:// Unlocker2018Download: MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 16g29 Installer CDR Lazy Edition support Chameleon CloverAddress: steps1. Install VMware.2. Do not run after VMware is installed, install Unlocker208 (select "Win-inst

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