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Participated in an IE7 Test

This time with our Atlas ProgramI went to Microsoft to perform a test (that is, to authenticate our program. I think it actually helps them test IE7 ). Because the project is web, only tests are performed on IE7. Other tools include Vista

CSS hack collection

) {# test {background-color: gray ;}} Finally, this is the latest chrome and safari browser. Select character-level HackCSS internal selection of character-level Hack syntax Selector {SRules} description Select different browsers and versionsMinimize the use of CSS Hack. Hack is risky and must be used with cautionUnless otherwise specified, the default runtime environment of all codes and examples in this document is standard. Some CSS Hack browsers have cross-recognition, so it is

jquery operation FRAME (iFrame)

I didn't find a good way.Had to use the DOM method and the jquery method to implement the way1. Manipulate all the radio buttons in the selected IFrame in the parent window$ (window.frames["iframe1"].document). Find ("input[@type = ' Radio ']"). attr ("Checked", "true");2. Action in the IFRAME Select all the radio buttons in the parent window$ (window.parent.document). Find ("input[@type = ' Radio ']"). attr ("Checked", "true");IFrame frame: IE7

Talking about the floating problem of CSS

{clear:both;} . Clearfix{display:inline-block;/*zoom:1;*/}/* for IE; or use Zoom:1 to trigger the haslayout; */. Clearfix:after{content: "."; display:block; height:0; visibility:hidden;clear:both;} style>Head>Body>Divclass= "box Clearfix">imgsrc= "1.jpg"width= "50px"Height= "50px"> P>OneP>Div>Body>4. It floats the parent element of the floating element, but the whole is floating, so it's not recommended.5. There is also a direct to the floating element to add attribute display:table;FF Chr

Hack -- compatibility test

recognize * html. Class {}, IE7 can recognize * + html. Class {}, or *: First-Child + HTML. Class {}. Wait for HTML [1] header reference (if IE) Hack: For all IE: Select different browsers and versionsMinimize the use of CSS hack. Hack is risky and must be used with cautionUnless otherwise specified, the default runtime environment of all codes and examples in this document is standard. Some CSS hack browsers have cross-recognition, so it is necessary to implement hack for different browsers th

[Original] Web Front-end development practices-CSS part of Reading Notes

management systems are generally not suitable for use)CSS hack1.IE condition annotation Method This method is secure and compatible. It is also a hack method recommended by Microsoft, but it is not conducive to development and maintenance and requires maintenance of multiple css files. For example, css for different IE versions is involved. Note: Combined with lte (less than or equal to), lt (less than), gte (greater than or equal to), gt (greater ),! (Not) keyword used.2. Select the prefix

Browser Performance Evaluation Report (4): evaluation data

still very poor. Summary: Chrome has the highest performance outside the Mac platform. safari has excellent performance. There is a gap between opera and ie9. Firefox and IE8 have very poor performance. IE7 test results are basically invisible. 2,Nontroppo(The smaller the value, the better) Nontroppo has many tests, including one CSS rendering performance and three dom loading performance. Windows 7 operat image upload simple code to achieve preview effect

This article introduced the picture uploads to realize the preview effect the simple code, has the need friend may refer to the Put an upload control and a picture control on the page. Copy Code code as follows: Write onpropertychange= "Show (This.value)" event in the upload control and call the show function in JS and pass the arguments to JS. Copy Code code as follows: function Show (ID) ... { document.getElementById ("Image1"). Src=id; } IE6,

HTML Auto-Scalable form table JS implementation _javascript Skills

The following code solves this problem: when the table is loaded, TD width is the original length, will not open TD, and will not affect other TD, click on a line of all cells in the Bank of the largest number of rows in the length of the cell elongation line height. The user experience is very good. "Benefits" 1. No effect on the forms specified by the developer; 2, easy to use; 3, the defined table style can be arbitrarily customized your style, does not affect your style; 4, the transplant picture upload to realize the preview effect of simple code _ practical skills

Put an upload control and a picture control on the page. Copy Code code as follows: Write onpropertychange= "Show (This.value)" event in the upload control and call the show function in JS and pass the arguments to JS. Copy Code code as follows: IE6,IE7 test Pass (note to be implemented through filter) Copy Code code as follows:

Ajax asynchronous favorably cool albums capture all video and information (JavaScript code) _javascript Tips

Personally feel not very satisfied, because in the. NET environment to perform the collection, the resulting network connection and regular matching consumption is too large, and my final application is in the video collection submission, so consider using JS ajax+ Regular expression to achieve this goal. Have not been systematically learning JS and regular, so spend more time than expected, tossing a night, fooled the following code. =.. = Copy Code code as follows: Night Sm

jQuery-1.9.1 Source Analysis Series (iii) Sizzle Selector engine--Summary and performance analysis

viewBut I guess according to the source of jquery:In two cases:The first, support Queryselectorall under$ (' #demo li:nth-child (1) ') mode sizzle will first use Queryselectorall query ' #demo li:nth-child (1) '$ (' Li:nth-child (1) ', ' #demo ') means first $ (' #demo ') to get results as the context enters sizzle using Queryselectorall query ' Li:nth-child (1) '. One more step than the first.$ ('. Demo '). Find (' Li:nth-child (1) ') similar to $ (' Li:nth-child (1) ', ' #demo '), the efficie

A bug in IE that restricts flash access to document objects

Author:Thorn Although IE has been criticized, in some security aspects, IE is doing quite well.For example, in IE, iframe Intercepts local cookies, and IE implements a security Attribute in iframe. None of these features are FF. Today we see another security problem.In the browser, If you directly access a swf file, the browser automatically addsEmbed label.For example, directly accessing the,ForFF (Firefox 3.0.3 test), The page source code is: ForIE (

About the screeny,pagey,clienty,layery,offsety properties of mouse events (detailed plots)

document. 1 var pagey = Event.clienty +document.documentelement. Scrolltop-document.documentelement.clienttopWhy Subtract Document.documentElement.clientTopThis is the offset of the browser-specific document under IE8, even if setting Html,body's padding and margin to 0 will not affect its value.Under the iE7 test, get1 document.documentElement.clientTop-2px document.documentElement.clientLeft- 2px 23 do

Web-side css hack (1), web-side csshack

*/* + html. test {color: # ff0;}/* For IE7 */. test: lang (zh-cen-Hans) {color: # f00;}/* For IE8 + and not IE */. test: nth-child (1) {color: # 0ff;}/* For IE9 + and not IE */Summary:Here is a brief description of css hack. Use as few hack as possible for compatible browsers.Cause:1. the development project should not only consider the previous version of the browser, but also pay attention to the subsequ

Add Baidu search engine in IE7

Source: PConline I have just installed the IE7 test version, and it feels very good. The search toolbar is indeed quite convenient. However, I still feel that it is not convenient to use Baidu, so I can find the Registry by searching for it, we found a way to add other search engines:[Blocked ads] 1. In [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerAdd "Baidu" under SearchScopes"2. Then, add the strin

jquery Novice Learning FAQ Solutions _jquery

checkbox A: Get all the Checked checkbox: $ ("input:checkbox:checked") Determine if a set of checkbox is selected: if ($ ("input:checkbox:checked"). Length) {} Determine if a checkbox is selected if ($ ("Input:checkbox"). Is (": Checked")) {} Q3, I have a [] or a. Symbol in my id, what do I do? or XML tags with namespaces: What to do?A: use \ \ To escape such as $ ("#id \\[1\\]") Q4, how to manipulate the object of a parent window in a frames page A, the method of quoting UPC I didn't fi

JavaScript attachevent binding multiple event execution order problems _javascript tips

which there is no binding of multiple methods under IE. The following is a netizen's reply: IE6 7 will execute randomly? The last time I tested it looked like it was in reverse order, and there was no random execution of that. I went to the test. Copy Code code as follows: There is no random one said IE6. I don't know how you test it. The author's answer: I take your code under the IE6,IE7

PHP record March

referential constraint. The general situation of the problem 1, foreign key reference type is not the same, the primary key is int foreign key is char 2, the column referenced in the main table could not be found 3, the primary key and the foreign key character encoding inconsistent4. If you want to establish a foreign key, you must first establish an index. There is also an error if no indexing is established. 3: programmer's collection of years "2010/

PHP on IE under the IFRAME cross-domain cause session loss problem solving method _php Skills

session loss problem. Later found the following article, problem solving: ============================================= Yesterday, the time diary I did on campus was finally online. Online on the first day there are more than 80 users installed, but outside received a lot of users feedback said the application is not available. I have previously developed on the Firefox (estimated campus staff are also used to audit the Firefox), in the use of IE7

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