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Elevation 9th Client Detection

9.1 Capability Detection The most commonly used and most widely accepted is that the client detection form is capability detection (also called feature detection). The goal of competency detection is not to identify a particular browser, but to

JavaScript detection Browser version number (IE6,IE7,IE8,FF)

The code is as follows Copy Code function Mybrowser () {var useragent = navigator.useragent; Gets the useragent string for the browservar Isopera = Useragent.indexof ("Opera") >-1; Judge whether Opera browservar Isie =

Solve the hack syntax for CSS compatibility of IE6, IE7, IE8, and Firefox [record it and you can use it later]

  Solve the hack writing of CSS compatibility in IE6, IE7, IE8, and Firefox The biggest headache for every CSS adjustment is the browser correction problem, because each browser has different interpretations of CSS. Firefox itself is more

Summary javascript type detection

Let's talk about the blog editor first. It's too difficult to use. Once a table is pasted in, it will get stuck. Every time I use the html editor to write it, it's not good! The javascript type detection should be summarized as early as the

Javascript feature detection is not a browser detection _ javascript skills

In his blog Featuredetectionisnotbrowserdetection of the same name, NCZ describes a popular technology that has been used in front-end development-detection of users' browser platforms, and details historical development and advantages and

Details about browser Feature Detection (1)-added in jQuery1.4

Its most classic application is the general addEvent function: Function addEvent (element, type, handler) {if (element. attachEvent) {// IE8 and the following browser elements. attachEvent ('on' + type, handler);} else {// W3C standard browser

JavaScript Advanced Programming Chapter 9 Client detection

A little understanding, specific use can be re-read data. In order to eliminate differences between browsers. Do not use the customer detection method at a specific time, should give priority to the general method, and then consider the browser

Javascript feature detection is not browser Detection

I have roughly translated some Article , Which may be incorrect. please correct me. It is worth noting that the comments are also worth reading. Feature Detection At first, front-end engineers opposed browser detection. They thought the

Detail browser feature detection (1)-jquery1.4 Add part _jquery

The most classic use of this is the Universal addevent function: function addEvent(element, type, handler) { if (element.attachEvent) { //IE8及以下浏览器 element.attachEvent('on' + type, handler); } else { //W3C标准浏览器 element.addEventListener(type,

JavaScript-like detection

First, the original (basic data: String, number, Boolean, null, undefined) types are detected.Detect the original type with typeof: 1. For strings, typeof returns "string";2. For numbers, typeof returns "number";3. For Boolean type, typeof returns

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