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Run IE6, IE7, and IE8 on the same computer in Windows 7 XP Mode

DirectoryPrefaceMicrosoft Windows Virtual PC and XPRun IE6 on Windows 7Run IE6 on Windows 7PrefaceAs a uidesigner, after developing web projects, we often need to perform tests in different versions of mainstream browsers. Taking IE as an example, we can do this:1. Install IE6, IE7, and IE8 on three different computers

How to uninstall IE8 and install Ie9/ie10 in Windows XP

Here is a general summary of the methods provided: Uninstall directly from Add/Remove Programs, which is the most common method. But I think the general Internet to find the uninstall method of the people need this; Uninstall from the update program. If your system is XP SPX, open Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and select Show updates above the panel to find Internet Explorer 8 Beta update items, delete; If the above method still achieves th

XP system IE8 Browser How to set up multiple windows open Web page

XP system IE8 Browser How to set up multiple windows open Web page 1, open IE Browser, the menu bar to find tools on this option, if there is no menu bar, you need to right-click in the blank location, and then in the right menu, check "menu bar", which appears in front of a small pair of hooks; 2, after opening Internet options, switch

How to uninstall IE8 in Windows XP

To install and uninstall IE8, you must restart Windows. One problem was found: When a breakpoint is set in Visual Studio 2005 and debugging in IE 8, the breakpoint will not stop. You have to uninstall IE8. Open "Add/Delete" in "Control Panel"Program", Select" display update program "at the top of the panel, find Windows

Summary of methods for uninstalling IE8 under Windows XP

Because of the need for Web development, Internet Explorer 8 Beta was installed the first time, due to compatibility problems, had to change back to version 7, but in the uninstall, I found in the "Add/Remove Programs" in the control Panel does not provide a direct uninstall option. So, on the Internet, I found that more than one person exists, not just in an XP system, but in Vista or Windows Server 2008.

Windows XP 32-bit IE8 crashes and stops working.

Incorrect application name: iexplore.exe, version: 8.0.7600.16700, timestamp: 0x4cd23213Error Module name: 4348140121. dat_unloaded, version:, timestamp: 0x4d392c68Exception Code: 0xc0000005Error offset: 0x0392a08bError process ID:

XP VS Win8 Compatibility test

Win8 is the latest version of Microsoft's operating system that is currently available. The pinnacle of the classic pedigree of Windows, the perfect combination of PC and tablet, allows us to see the Win8 too many shining points. And the past operating system, WIN8 in the Windows XP, Win7 and other new and old products in the same stage of the environment. Is th

Browser Performance Evaluation Report (4): evaluation data

In this article, we will use the above testing tools to display the test results in charts and compare them based on the data. The raw test data can be downloaded from here. 1. Test the execution performance of the JavaScript Engine 1. Google V8 engine performance evaluation Windows 7 operating system evaluation data Chrome is far ahead, Firefox and opera are in the second group, Safari and ie9 are in the third group, and

Windows 7 in the eyes of an XP user

I originally wanted to name this article "Windows 7 Trial Report", but I don't think I have much qualifications to name it like this, because I use XP most of the time, vista has never been used in depth. Only the UAC of Vista is annoying. According to statistics, XP accounts for the majority of browsing users, so if you plan to upgrade from

Fix the problem of IE8 process delay shutdown fully release resources

As we all know, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 browser just opened in "Windows Task Manager" will form a two iexplorer.exe process, where one is the IE8 window process (occupy the memory of the larger one), the other is the label process ( occupy the smaller memory. If you look closely, you will find a phenomenon, when you open multiple tabs or IE8

Internet Explorer 8 Installation Guide

Hardware requirements for IE8 running before installation The memory capacity required to run IE8 on different operating systems is relatively different. Therefore, when downloading and installing, you must find the version corresponding to your computer's operating system. Computer/CPU Computers with a CPU clock speed above MHz (almost all mainstream computers can meet this requirement) Operating

IE8 Browser excludes usage failures

As a recently released browser, the ease of use of the IE8 browser is indeed greatly improved. But after nearly a period of time to use the vast number of users, found a lot of failures, the following we have for these major IE8 browser use failure, to provide solutions to help everyone better surfing on the web. First, the Web page display exception When you use IE8

Types of Windows operating systems

released more frequently, and it will take only 2-4 years for the prophecy to meet with the world.Soft in order to avoid diverting public attention from Vista, Micro has not revealed much about the next generation of windows, and the restructuring of the soon-to-be Windows department is also facing consolidation. However, we expect the new operating system to better reflect consumer-centric features.May ch

Ie6, ie7 compatibility Summary

1. lines of text are highly incompatible. It is also the font-size: 14px text. The space occupied by different browsers is different. The actual space occupied by ie is 16px, and the space reserved by ie is 3px. The actual height occupied by ff is 17px, and the white space is 1px, leave the value below 3px, and it will be different in opera. In addition, when you set the font, there are usually several alternative types. For example, if you set the "" text font, you must set other fonts such as

Windows XP system optimization and Security Restriction modification set attachment Registry File Download

XP system optimization and security restrictions \ IE XP system optimization and security restrictions/Optimization Windows XP system optimization and security restrictions \ other optimizations and some tips XP system optimization and security restrictions \ recovery prohib

You know what? A xp! is hidden in Windows 7.

pair of XP windows, but it can be used directly in the Windows7. For example, if there is a program installed in the Virtual XP system, then run in this way, as if a program in the Windows7, the user does not need to open virtual XP, it can be used as a common Windows7 program, which is the essence of

Computer experts, common skills, full access to applications

1. How to clear page files during Shutdown Open "Control Panel", click "Administrative Tools> Local Security Policies> Local Policies> Security Options", and double-click "Shut down: Clear Virtual Memory Page Files, click the "enabled" option in the pop-up menu and click "OK. 2. How to configure Windows XP services If you use Windows

Computer Master common skill application Full contact _WINDOWSXP

1. How to clear the paging file when shutdown    Open Control Panel, click Administrative tools → local security policy → local policy → security options, double-click the shutdown: Clean virtual memory paging file item, click the Enabled option on the pop-up menu, and click OK.    2. How to configure Windows XP Services yourself    If you are using Windows

Windows 7: 77 Windows 7 prompts

save the creden (username and password) for logging on to the website and other resources connected to (such as other systems ). These creden are stored in the Windows vault for backup and restoration. However, you may see that it is similar to a tool in XP and Vista. In "Instant Search", type control/userpasswords2 to go to the "Advanced User Account Control Panel". You can also manage the account passwor

Internet Explorer 8.0 official version

Microsoft announces release of Internet Explorer 8.0 Chinese Simplified for Windows Server 2003 Linkid = 142202Windows XPWindows XP x64Windows VistaWindows Vista 64-bitWindows Server 200364-bit Windows Server 2003Windows Server 200864-bit Windows Server 2008Group Policy settings

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