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Cause Analysis of Some HTML5 attributes not supported by IE9, ie9html5

Cause Analysis of Some HTML5 attributes not supported by IE9, ie9html5This article mainly introduces the reason why IE9 does not support certain HTML5 attributes. It helps you understand IE9 and HTML5 applications. For more information, see This

Why does IE9 fail to support certain HTML5 attributes? _ html5 tutorial skills-

This article mainly introduces the reason why IE9 does not support some of the HTML5 attributes, which helps you understand IE9 and HTML5 applications, for more information about the reasons why IE9 does not support some of HTML5 attributes, refer

Ajax cache in IE8/IE9: ie8ie9ajax Cache

Ajax cache in IE8/IE9: ie8ie9ajax Cache Ajax Introduction AJAX is "Asynchronous Javascript And XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML), which is a Web page development technology used to create interactive web applications. AJAX = Asynchronous

Comparison of four browsers such as IE9 in five aspects: webpage loading speed is similar

Foreign media published an article today, comparing four latest Internet browsers, including IE9, Firefox 4, Chrome 10, and Safari 5. The following is the main content of the article: a new browser should have the following features: faster speed,

IE8/IE9 Ajax Cache Problem _ajax related

Introduction to Ajax Ajax, "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), refers to a web development technology that creates interactive Web applications. AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (a subset of standard generic

Some HTTP headers I know: cache-control, e-tag, etc.

In the HTTP protocol, the explanation of some header fields is vague, and the online explanation is even a fight, such as cache-control: No-Cache. To find out this header, google has a lot of information, but many of them have their own opinions and

IE9 developer Tool "network capture" feature detailed

In the IE7 era, Microsoft launched a "developer Tool" toolbar, download the installation, you can in IE more convenient analysis of HTML code, the page to understand the elements of the attributes, style and other information, for developers to

Summary of the server-browser cache negotiation control mechanism

Http:// was released by ginano on January 1, March 13, 2013 Introduction:There were a large number of user complaints on the Chinese site yesterday. The complaint was that the freight was changed

SSRS (SQL Server report Service) shows an incomplete solution under IE9, IE10

In the process of doing the project encountered SSRS and IE9, IE10 incompatible situation, specific performance for the report page in IE9 and IE10 only show One-third, left display, scroll bar below, right two-thirds is blank. After viewing the

Bringing you into the cache world (1): Talking about cache

What is cache? For beginners, it may be vague, or they only know that it is a matter of improving performance. In my understanding, the purpose of caching is to improve performance and store some data in the memory for convenience. Program The

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