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Test on the Cookie content length limit in different browsers (New IE9 official version test results)

To meet project requirements, perform a COOKIE content length limit test and make a record for your reference. The test design is as follows: (1) No Cookie of the same name is set on the current page; (2) The Cookie with the same name has been set on the current page; The main test code is as follows: // A super-long string exceeding 4 KVar longString = 'zookeepe

Add a floating button click to scroll to the bottom of the Web page of the Pure JavaScript demo code IE9, 11,maxthon 1.6.7,firefox30, 31,360 Speed browser under normal test

These two days want to add a floating button in the Web page, click the button to scroll to the bottom of the page. on-line Bing searched for a bit, mostly jquery.I want pure JavaScript, have to DIY. Test normal under IE9, 11,maxthon 1.6.7,firefox30, 31,360 Speed browser difficulty is that setscrollbottom this function.According to the general wording:function Setscrollbottom (value) {if (Docu

Javascript to the front and back space Daquan (IE9 pro test) _ javascript skills

This article gives you a detailed introduction of JS leading and trailing spaces and all spaces. The code is tested in the IE9 environment. If you are interested, please refer to the following: The Code is as follows: IE9 closed test JS various go to space Daquan ScriptFunction clearSpace (inputO ){Var valueText = inputO. value;// Remove leading and trai

Microsoft is establishing an IE9 test feedback plan

Microsoft is establishing a tester Information Feedback plan for Internet Explorer 9. This plan will be open to users who can find the most problems during Internet Explorer 8 testing. Several testers have accepted the invitation. Microsoft has released a development version of IE9, it is mainly used to test the new JavaScript Engine, HTML5/CSS3 support, and new UI elements. Other functions are not provide

Completely solve the problem of text input in ie9 text box and IE window flashing (test)

Problem description: 1. You cannot enter text in the webpage text box. You can click the text box to Enter text in the address bar. 2. The mouse ball cannot scroll up or down the webpage. You can only drag and drop the webpage on the right. 3. Click the web page. The entire ie window is flashing. I have tried to reset ie9, reinstall ie9, and various ierepair tools ...... None... I tried this solution: 1.

JS to the front and back space Daquan (IE9 test)

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Simple and practical. IE9 is a closed test, with various leading spaces !~~

JS to go before and after the space Daquan (IE9 test)

This article for everyone in detail under JS to go before and after the space and all spaces, code in the IE9 environment test, interested friends can refer to ha, I hope to help you copy the code is as follows:

HTML5 foresight and experience: the entanglement of technology and art.

, and independent transforms have almost no value. [Ie9 no]Css3 3D transforms Let alone ie9 is no. So far, only Mac Safari 4 + and win safari 5 are supported. Safari under win is a zombie, and a few hundred megabytes of memory is gone, which is no exaggeration. It looks like the most gorgeous and cup-of-the-art attribute. However, IOS is perfectly supported. Can you miss iO

Ie9 full strategy !! Amazing debut, showing the beauty of the network!

public browser! If you have doubts about thisRendering TestPage for PK: Frame Rate is an absolute advantage over the total test scores of all major browsers! New HTML5 standards (most curious !) I have long heard that ie9 adopts the brand new HTML5 standard. So what is HTML5? What are the advantages? Most of the websites we are

The related JS implementation method of jquery attribute

| | El.innertextGoogle Browser, Firefox browser, ie9+El.textcontentHas Class Jquery$ (EL). Hasclass (ClassName); Google Browser, Firefox browser, ie8+if (el.classlist)El.classList.contains (ClassName);ElseNew RegExp (' (^|) ' + ClassName + ' (|$) ', ' GI '). Test (El.classname);Google Browser, Firefox browser, ie10+El.classList.contains (ClassName);Element comparison Jquery$ (EL). Is ($ (otherel)); Jse

Summary of Microsoft IE9's nine questions and answers

. #3What is the preview version of IE9? The preview version is an earlier version provided by Microsoft for Web developers. developers can use the IE9 preview version to test their website. Microsoft said the company will release an update every eight weeks for the Developer Preview version of IE9. #4Can I use the Deve

Answer the nine big questions of Microsoft IE9 Browser

1. What are the new functions in IE9? Microsoft claims that IE8,IE9 's speed performance and Web standards support have been greatly improved, with the biggest advantage being enhanced HTML5 support. The test shows that thanks to the new JavaScript engine "Chakra", IE9 's performance has been greatly improved to becom

Get the real version of IE

IE Browser mode and text mode (ii) published on 2013-09-07Author:jerry QuArticle Directory Determine the true version of IE JScript engine Version number Does text mode have no effect on JScript? Summarize Before 1.5 I wrote a "puzzle about browser mode and text mode", which introduced ie8+ 's unique browser mode (Browser mode) and text mode, as well as the discrepancies between my test and Microsoft documentation. There are

Browser Performance Evaluation Report (4): evaluation data

In this article, we will use the above testing tools to display the test results in charts and compare them based on the data. The raw test data can be downloaded from here. 1. Test the execution performance of the JavaScript Engine 1. Google V8 engine performance evaluation Windows 7 operating system evaluation data Chrome is far ahead, Firefox and opera are in

IE (Part One) confusion about browser mode and text mode in the browser

default text mode sent to the server ua;2), 3) How to parse the conditional comment. It is determined before the request is sent and is not controlled by the server. Text mode decision: 1) typesetting engine; 2) JS engine. It is finalized after the browser responds, and the server can be controlled by DOCTYPE or x-ua-compatible.test One , based on the previous article, if the user browser does not activate the compatibility view, the IE developer tool is not turned on. Then

Turn: five things ie9 is (actually) doing right

as Firefox, Safari, and chrome. Source: Wikipedia. Even though css3 and HTML5 is far from W3C final recommendation status, we were all fearing the Internet ExplorerWocould waitUntil that time to implement css3 and html5. (2022 or later ). Good news for apprehensive web developers: ie9 will support major HTML5 and css3 modules. Cross-browser Test Results Summary Table comparing HTML5/css3 support. Source: I

In-depth understanding of browser compatibility mode

Tags: des style blog HTTP color Io OS ar Abstract:There are already many documents and materials on the Internet about various browser models, but few of them can fully explain several concepts. Most of the information is outdated, and some content may no longer be applicable. In this article, I will try to clarify several concepts, remove outdated content, and only keep necessary dry goods. You must know that the browser has a standard mode and a quirks mode. Maybe you have heard of a standard

IE9 nine secrets you must know

In September 15, Microsoft released the IE9 test version globally in San Francisco. Today, Microsoft held the "enjoy the beauty of the network" Release experience meeting in China. Chinese users can experience a different online world through the IE9 test version from today! What do you know about

The most complete list of CSS hack methods (multi-browser compatible)

N Y N Y N Y N \9\0 Color:red\9\0 Pink N N N N N N Y N Y N !important Color:blue!important;color:green; Brown N N Y N Y N Y N Y Y Description: In standard mode"The-″ minus is IE6 proprietary hack"The \9″ie6/ie7/ie8/ie9/ie10 are in effect."The \0″ie8/ie9/ie1

CSS hack skills

/9/10 "\ 9 \ 0" only applies to IE9/IE10, which is the hack of IE9/10. The demo is as follows: {:;}{:;:;}{:; :;:; :;:; :; :;:; :; }{:; }{:; :; :; :; :; }{:; }{:; }{:; }{:; }{:; } {:; :; :; :; :; }{:;} {:; }{:; } {:;} Demo1 is used to test the hack Display Effect in different ie browsers.IE6: pink,IE7: pink,IE8 is displ

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