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Firefox firefox browser use tips Daquan

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open source browser for Windows, Linux and MacOS x platforms, which are small in size and fast, with some other advanced features. 1. Arbitrary scale text Size In IE browser, we can only five of the size of the text to

Firefox browser shortcut keys

Find: Ctrl+f Find again: F3 Enter Find Link: ' Enter find text:/ Find: Shift+f3 Web search: Ctrl+k or Ctrl+e Firefox shortcut key Navigation class: Back: ALT + LEFT ARROW key or Backspace Forward: Shift+backspace or ALT + RIGHT ARROW key

Firefox cannot be fixed to the starter when the Firefox browser is installed on Ubuntu. the Firefox icon displays an abnormal

Firefox cannot be fixed to the starter when the Firefox browser is installed on Ubuntu. the Firefox icon displays an abnormal folder, right-click the folder, and the rename option is changed to Gray. Http://blog.csdn.net/pipisorry/article/details/394

IE and Firefox firefox in JS, CSS compatibility differences

1.firefox cannot support innertext.Firefox supports innerHTML but does not support innertext, it supports textcontent to implement innertext, but it also retains the extra space by default. If you do not need to textcontent, if the string contains

History of Firefox-screenshots taken from Firefox 1 to Firefox 3 (Bilingual Version)

ArticleDirectory The themes Interface skin Options dialog (option window) Add-ons Management) Bookmarks Management) Download Manager) Password Management) InFirefox3ProvideDownloadLet's review the daysFirefox


Firefox-Update-3.6expander-open Expander-open-complete "> What's New in firefirefox 3.6 Firefox 3.6 is built on Mozilla's gecko 1.9.2 WebRendering platform, which has been under development since early2009And contains extends improvements for Web

Wang Tong: How long can Firefox browser still fire?

Apple has launched a browser in the Windows operating system: Safari 3.0 Beta. At the same time, Apple CEO Steve Jobs began attacking Firefox as junk, and sooner or later, Safari will eat its share of the market. So John Lilly, the Mozilla chief

The Firefox browser installed on Ubuntu cannot be fixed to the starter. If the Firefox icon displays an exception, right-click the folder and choose "RENAME ".

Http://blog.csdn.net/pipisorry/article/details/39483361 Ubuntu comes with Firefox, but it is not easy to use, and the version may be too old, so uninstall it (if it is not uninstalled, it always points to the earlier version of Firefox ), download

Install multiple Firefox firefox browser details

First, prepare two different versions of the Firefox installation package, I am here to prepare 24.0 and 39.0;Second, install the lower version of 24.0, you can use a typical installation, install to the default directory, such as "C:\Program Files \

Firefox (Firefox) and IE Chrome browser compatible javascript and CSS notation

Css:1.The UL tag in FF has a padding value, but there is no margin value, and in IE is the oppositeSolution: The UL padding and margin are set to 0 (also can not 0) such as: Padding:0;margin:0;list-style:none;Another form default in IE will also

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