if else if statement

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If...else if...else and switch statements, as well as the difference between the If...else If...else and JS

Java If...else if...else StatementsThe If statement can be followed by a elseif...else statement, which detects a variety of possible scenarios.When using the If,else if,else statement, the following points need to be noted: The IF

Java If Else statement Getting Started Guide (recommended) _java

Conditional statement, which is a kind of statement that chooses to execute according to the condition in the program, the difficulty lies in how to abstract the condition accurately in the actual use of such statement. For example, to implement the

Php if else swicth condition control statement learning notes

In php, if else or switch statements are used most frequently, next, I will give you a detailed introduction to my notes on using the if else Conditional Control statement in php. if you need it, please refer to it. In php, the basic process control

C language If Else statement to explain _c language in detail

The code we see earlier is executed sequentially, that is, the first statement is executed first, then the second, the third ... Until the last statement. However, in many cases, sequential structure of the code is far from enough, such as a

it rains tomorrow, I'll wear a coat. --4.2.2 The switch statement that expresses the side-by-side condition selection: If ... If...... If......

4.2.2 The switch statement that expresses the side-by-side condition selection: If ... If...... If......In the real world, there is a special kind of conditional choice:If it is sunny tomorrow, I will wear a T-shirt;If it is cloudy tomorrow, I will

VBS TUTORIAL: VBScript statement-if ... Then ... Else Statement _vbs

If ... Then ... Else statementConditionally executes a set of statements based on the value of an expression. If condition Then statements [Else elsestatements] Or, use block-form syntax: If condition Then[Statements][ElseIf condition-n

Operator and spoke statement: If, else If,else;switch case

Branch statements:if else if else; switch case--How to use if else if else:Console.WriteLine ("Please Punch");--Output "please punch"int a = Convert.ToInt32 (Console.ReadLine ());--Define a variable aRandom i = new random ();--Random numberint x = I.

jquery Loop Statement If-else If-else

jquery Loop Statement If-else If-else Callbackfun () function, beginning is written if-if-else. The result is that the first if there is no match, it will be judged again, If the second if is matched, the statement in the second if is executed,

PHP base If else, else if statement usage detailed

conditional Statements When you write code, you often need to perform different actions for different judgments. You can use conditional statements in your code to accomplish this task. If...else statements Executes a piece of code when the

JavaScript base -6 JavaScript branching structure (if, if-else, else if, switch-case)

First, Process Control OverviewProcess Control of the program-Program = data + algorithm-Any complex program algorithm can be implemented by "order", "branch", "Loop" three basic program logic combinations650) this.width=650; "src="

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