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To determine the browser type tool class

Package com.test; Import Java.util.HashMap; Import Java.util.Map; Import Java.util.regex.Matcher; Import Java.util.regex.Pattern; Import Javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; /** * *@authorWeitao * */public class Browserutils {//judge whether

Check browser type browserutils

Browserutils. Java Import Java. util. regEx. matcher; import Java. util. regEx. pattern; import javax. servlet. HTTP. httpservletrequest; public class browserutils {// determine whether it is iepublic static Boolean isie (httpservletrequest request)

Simple address Rewriting

Protected void application_beginrequest (Object sender, eventargs E){ String strrawurl = httpcontext. Current. Request. rawurl;String strnewurl; //************************************** **************************************** *************//

Some simple verification (Chinese and digital verification)

^ [\ U4e00-\ u9fa5] {} $ this is a regular expression used to verify Chinese Characters System. Text. encoding. Default. getbytecount (strstring); -- returns the number of bytes. // Determine whether the string is a number.String str1 = This.

Functions used by Javascript to parse the content of an INI File

. Ini is the abbreviation of Initialization File, that is, the Initialization File. ini File format is widely used in software configuration files. An INI file consists of segments, keys, values, and comments. According to node. js version,

Functions used by Javascript to parse the content of an INI File

. Ini is the abbreviation of InitializationFile, that is, the initialization file. The ini file format is widely used in software configuration files. An INI file consists of segments, keys, values, and comments. According to node. js version

Three matching modes of Regular Expressions

The first time I wrote this article, I am not concise. Please kindly advise me! Thank you! Regular Expressions are common tools used to process strings. In C #, we generally use the RegEx class to represent a regular expression. The Regular

[Reprint] C # string truncation function written

Today, when I wrote the same method, I searched for something on the internet and found several well-written methods. I took a note temporarily. Please refer to it. I only want to learn for reference. I don't have time to sort it out. I just want to

3 matching patterns of regular expressions

Regular expressions are common tools for handling strings. In C #, we typically use the Regex class to represent a regular expression. The general regular expression engine supports the following 3 matching modes: Single-line mode (singleline),

Jqgrid Simple Learning Notes _jquery

Jqgrid Documents: Http://www.trirand.com/jqgridwiki/doku.php?id=wiki:jqgriddocs Jqgrid demo:http://trirand.com/blog/jqgrid/jqgrid.html Jqgrid Foundation, I do not introduce here, do not know can go to visit the blog Park or Google, the best to see

Program for online scanning and detection of asp site Trojan and Backdoor

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: 'Set the login password. Make sure to change this password before use. PASSWORD = "www.pifoo.com" 'Other scan settingsDimFileExt = "asp, cer, asa, cdx" 'file type Extension list. Files Not in this list will not be

Obtain client parameter operating system information in ASP.net

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:/// /// Obtain the user's operating system information/// /// Public string GetUserOS (){String strSysVersion = "other ";HttpRequest Request = HttpContext. Current. Request;String strAgentInfo = Request.

Leike diagram ASP webmaster Security Assistant's ASP Trojan search function

Online Search for asp Trojans in a space Copy codeThe Code is as follows: 'Set Password PASSWORD = "jb51net" Dim Report If request. QueryString ("act") = "login" thenIf request. Form ("pwd") = PASSWORD then session ("pig") = 1End if%> ASPSecurity

C # Regular Expression Regex common match,

C # Regular Expression Regex common match, To use the Regex class, you must reference the namespace: using System. Text. RegularExpressions; Verification using the Regex class Example 1: The annotated code plays the same role, but one is a static

Control code generated by the latest page number

Using system;Using system. Collections. Generic;Using system. componentmodel;Using system. text;Using system. Web;Using system. Web. UI;Using system. Web. UI. webcontrols;Using system. Text. regularexpressions;Using system. collections;Namespace

Asp.net background verification class

/// /// Provide some verification logic that is frequently used. For example, whether the email address is valid/// Public class validator{/// /// Check whether a string can be converted to a date. It is generally used to verify the validity of the

ASP. NET string Date Format judgment (all formats)

C # code # Region judgment date /// /// Determine the date part format /// /// date part string of the input date /// bool Public BoolIsDateTime (StringDateStr) { Bool_ IsDate =False; StringMatchStr = ""; MatchStr + = @ "^ (1

Server write Verification

Public bool validationinserver (ref string errorinfo, string txt, string type) { If (type = "0" | type = "1" | type = "3 ") {// Email address formart Validation If (! RegEx. ismatch (txt, @ "^ \ W + ([-+. '] \ W +) * @ \ W + ([-.] \ W + )*\. \ W + (

Summary of common Regular Expressions (comparison between JS and C ).

JS uses R. Test () and C # uses RegEx. ismatch () to verify the regular expression. Meteorology Summary of common Regular Expressions User name: 4-16 characters (numbers, letters, and underscores) Password and Confirm Password:

Page Control source code | PAGE control source code

Page Control source code | PAGE control source code [Assembly: TagPrefix ("WebPages", "WebPages")] // XXX is the namespace of the custom control, and YYY is the name you want.Using System;Using System. Collections. Generic;Using System.

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