if statement within if statement

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Scala Basics Tutorial (iv): If statement, Loop statement, while statement _scala

Here is a typical decision to make if ... Else the general form of the structure is used in most programming languages: If statement: The If statement consists of a Boolean expression followed by one or more statements. Grammar: Syntax for an IF

Rhino Book Note (v)--statement

One way to "make something happen" is to evaluate an expression with a side effect. Injected assignments and function calls these expressions with side-effects can be used as separate statements, and this expression is also called an expression

PHP Control statement if else do

1, if statement An If statement is an important feature in most languages, and it executes the program segment according to the conditions. PHP's If statement is similar to C: if (expr) Statement As discussed in an expression, expr is computed

". NET programming Pioneer C #" sixth chapter control statement (Turn)

Programming | control | Statement SIXTH Chapter CONTROL statement There is a statement that you can find in each programming language control flow statement. In this chapter, I introduce C # 's control statements, which are divided into two main

Java If Else statement Getting Started Guide (recommended) _java

Conditional statement, which is a kind of statement that chooses to execute according to the condition in the program, the difficulty lies in how to abstract the condition accurately in the actual use of such statement. For example, to implement the

The execution principle of finally statement in fully parsing Java programming _java

Can not underestimate this simple finally, seemingly simple problems behind, but hidden countless mystery. Next I will take you step-by-step to uncover this finally mysterious veil.Problem Analysisfirst of all, let me ask you a question: Finally

C # Statement--SELECT statement--if Else statement

If,elseIf if, else is another meaning, if the condition is determined within the parentheses, if the condition is met, the IF statement executes the command and if it does not, the IF statement is not entered.The basic format:①if (...) Conditions

Detailed explanation of conditional judgment statement if-else and switch usage in C + + programming _c language

If-else statementcontrol Condition Branch.Grammar if (expression) statement1 [else Statement2] NoteIf the value of the expression is Non-zero, the statement1 is executed. If the option else exists, Statement2 is executed if the

> Sixth Chapter Control statement (Rainbow Translation) (from heavy particle space)

Control | Statement > Sixth Chapter control statement (Rainbow translation) Source: http://www.informit.com/matter/ser0000002 Body: Sixth Chapter Control Statements There is a statement that you can find in each programming language control flow

Used in shell programming to determine parameters within an if statement

Http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid/21411227/cid-63616-list-1.html1. Determine the file type –b Returns True when file exists and is block  -C Returns True when file exists and is a character  -D returns True when pathname exists and is a directory  -E

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