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Scala Basics Tutorial (iv): If statement, Loop statement, while statement _scala

Here is a typical decision to make if ... Else the general form of the structure is used in most programming languages: If statement: The If statement consists of a Boolean expression followed by one or more statements. Grammar: Syntax for an IF

While loop statement, Do-while Loop statement, for Loop statement text tutorial detailed

the format of awhile loop statement: 1. Format: while (condition of the loop) { loop statement;} 2, while the Loop statement to note matters:1) The While Loop statement is typically the number of times a variable is controlled by its loop.2) The

Shell programming If syntax, case syntax, while statement, until statement, for statement, select statement

Mainly introduces the syntax of Shell Basic statementIf statement syntax1 single branch structure (if, then)If ; then instruction; fiOr as follows:If ? Then? InstructionsFi2 Dual-branch structure (if, then, otherwise ...) )If ? Then?

"Swift" Learning Note (v)--control statement (If,switch,for-in,for,while,do-while)

In the code business, conditional judgment is essential, and the statements that control the flow are similar in each language. Swift includes the following:If,switch,for-in,for,while,do-whileIf condition statement (if-else) (If ... else)Executes

Python Introductory statement (if statement, while statement, for statement)

Python introductory statement, including if statement, while statement, for statement, for Python beginners reference. If statement Example name = ' Peirong '; if name = = ' Peirong ': print ' This is Peirong ', elif name== ' Maojun ': print '

Python Getting Started statement (if statement, while statement, for statement) _python

An introductory Python statement that includes an if statement, a while statement, and a for statement for the Python beginner's reference. If statement Example name = ' Peirong '; If name = = ' Peirong ': print ' is Peirong '; Elif name== '

Linux shell Process Control Statement instance explanation (if, for, while, Case statement instance) _linux Shell

A, Shell conditional statement (if usage) If statement structure [IF/THEN/ELIF/ELSE/FI] Copy Code code as follows: If condition test statement Then Action [Elif condition Action Else Action ] Fi If

it rains tomorrow, I'll wear a coat. --4.2.2 The switch statement that expresses the side-by-side condition selection: If ... If...... If......

4.2.2 The switch statement that expresses the side-by-side condition selection: If ... If...... If......In the real world, there is a special kind of conditional choice:If it is sunny tomorrow, I will wear a T-shirt;If it is cloudy tomorrow, I will

Linuxshellawk process control statement (if, for, while, do)

In awk, flow control statements, syntax structure, and C language type. The usage of each statement is as follows: In the while, do-while, and for statements of linux awk, break and continue statements can be used to control the process and exit

Python Loop while,for Statement

OneLoop statements (there are two types):While statementFor statementWhile statement:Problem: Enter an integer n to allow the program to output n rows:Hello 1Hello 2.......Hell NWhile statement:Function: Executes a statement or multiple statements

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