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Windows Server + IIS 7 setting up Identity Impersonation (ASP. Impersonation)

IIS7 has changed significantly compared to IIS 6, which could have been set to IIS 7 under IIS 6. Identity simulation configuration, IIS7 and IIS6 are very different, online IIS6 identity simulation of the article more, but the introduction of IIS7

C # calls Excel to function correctly on VS, deployment is not implemented on IIS, the difference between running pages in VS and running in IIS after publishing

Found an article, very well, to solve the problem; Thank Yumbo Lord! Take a note.Address: http://www.cnblogs.com/zhongxinWang/p/3275154.htmlPublish a Web program on IIS that calls the server's COM componentIn general, there are many PDA points in

Some rumors about ASP. Impersonation

The following are theoretical knowledge, unproven.System.Web The following configuration section />or identity impersonate= "true" userName= "accountname" password= " Password " /> You can also use code to impersonate an identity by

Win2008 Server + IIS7 set identity simulation (asp.net impersonation) _ Practical Tips

Author: eaglet Reprint please indicate the source IIS7 has changed a lot compared to IIS 6, and the original settings under IIS 6 can change under IIS 7. Identity simulation configuration, IIS7 and IIS6 are very different, online IIS6 identity

Transfer: Using Impersonation in ASP. NET Applications)

Abstract By default, ASP. NET applications run with the local ASPNET account. This account is a common user group and has limited permissions to ensure the security of ASP. NET applications. But sometimes an ASP.. NET applications or programs that

Impersonation in ASP. NET

Use the Q & A method to quickly obtain key points.   How can I check the user permissions on which the current thread is running? ========================================== StringCurrentuser = system. Security. Principal.Windowsidentity.

Solutions to some of the weirdest problems in IIS 7.5

Problem Description: If the first time you are in the IIS 7.5 WCF service file---. svc, you will likely experience the following problems: 404–not found-the page You are requesting cannot is served the because of the extension. If the page is a

Host multiple asp.net applications

Asp.net| Program Summary of this moduleMicrosoft®windows®server 2000 and the Windows server™2003 operating system provide a very scalable, very reliable Web hosting environment. They can be used to securely host hundreds of web sites and ASP.net

IIS-built HTTP file server

HTTP file server built by IIS using the C#webclient class to access (upload/download/delete/list file directories)ObjectiveWhy do you write this blog? In fact, is the use of the C#webclient class to access the HTTP file server built by IIS The

ASP.net Authentication Method Introduction _ Practical Skills

Windows Authentication: IIS performs authentication based on the settings of the application. To use this authentication method, anonymous access must be disabled in IIS. Forms validation: Use cookies to save user credentials and redirect

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