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IIS Web site is not available: two different ASP. NET version issues running in the same IIS process

Error phenomenon:Web sites that are just deployed in IIS can be used for a period of time. Then there is a hint that the Web site is unavailable.To view the system log:Found a message in the system log that "two different ASP. NET versions cannot be run in the same IIS process." Use the IIS administration tool to reconfigure the server to run the application in a

Certificate issues encountered in Iis/iis Express

have seen two different foreigners with the same seemingly awkward way to open the certificate manager, at first I do not understand, and then see this sentence:Go find this certificate in the certificate Manager. Run MMC.exe, Go File | Add/remove Snap in, then select Certificates. Pick the computer account. (This is what you can ' t just run certmgr.msc) and add it.Perhaps a lot of people are accustomed to using certmgr.msc to open the certificate manager, but this opens the current user 's ce

IIS configuration issues solutions for common problems with IIS _win server

1.iis6.0 and 5.0 can not be installed in XP system 2. Do not know how to install after the download 3. In the installation process pop-up files can not be copied dialog box and what system was modified, whether to continue the dialog box, is very depressing 4. There is no default Web site in the Internet Information Server after installation 5. After installation, enter http://localhost in the address bar to appear server application Error error that is 500 errors 6. The default Web site cannot

Issues and workarounds for IIS handling concurrent requests

new feature, called Web Garden, was introduced after IIS6, which was designed to improve server performance in situations where the CPU is low, but the number of concurrent requests is much higher. This is in line with my current situation, so I enabled the Web garden, adjusted the number of worker processes from 1 to 5, and in Task Manager you can see that the w3wp process has increased from 1 to 5 and then re-tested. With the same 320 requests, you can see that in addition to the first few se

IIS access to a variety of issues (vs access Normal) part of the processing methods in detail _ practical skills

Today, a friend asked me a question, the general meaning of the problem is to create a new project, in VS debugging can be normal, but in IIS access will be a variety of problems. I personally think that this problem is easy to solve, because the park friends and I away from the very far, only through the QQ video to operate, but I found this way of communication is really not very convenient. Simply put these questions in order, so it is easier to de

ABP. Net Core deployment to IIS issues Rollup

request to an ASP. NET Core program that Kestrel different ports. The received request is then pushed to the middleware pipeline, and the HTTP response data is then written back to IIS after processing your request and related business logic, eventually to different clients (browsers, apps, clients, etc.). While the configuration files and procedures will be slightly adjusted, the most important role in the middle is aspnetcoremodule, which is one of

Win2003 IIS limits file upload size issues

wndows2003of theIISThere are limited file upload size issues over200Kthe file will not be passed up, we have to pay attention to,If you use it laterIIS6.0you need to be aware of the server., Win2003of theIIS 6.0theASPThe upload file size is200krestrictions,aspxUpload program has no effect. In theIIS6.0, the default setting is particularly strict and secure, and the mostBig can only teleport 204,800 bytes, which minimizes the attack caused by a previ

Apache and IIS server coexistence issues-from online content

Apache to play, so two ports can ensure that two servers can be normal use (because the default port after installation is 80), the other servers are similar, the deeper meaning, I also say, we are interested to communicate with each other, Can give me Baidu account message Ah!2.IIS Publish directory changes very simple right-click on "My Computer" "manage" services and applications "Internet Information Services" Web site "Properties" in "Home Direc

Iis-logfiles detailed and log date issues

. ico http/1.1 "404 4921::1--[13/jan/2017:16:23:19 +0800]" get/http/1.1 "404 0::1--[13/jan/2017:16:24:17 +0800]" GET /hqapi/upload_allotments http/1.1 "405 336::1--[13/jan/2017:16:26:15 +0800]" get/hqapi/upload_allotments HTTP/1.1 "40 5 336::1--[13/jan/2017:16:26:35 +0800] "get/hqapi/upload_allotments http/1.1" 405 336::1--[13/jan/2017:16:26:35 +08 XX] "Get/favicon.ico http/1.1" 404 4921::1--[13/jan/2017:16:27:33 +0800] "get/index.html http/1.1" 200 416::1--[13 /jan/2017:16:27:33 +0800] "Get/fa

Minor issues when using IIS

Preface There are several minor issues when I recently completed a small project to run on IIS, of course not.ProgramBecause it is the first time to use IIS and publish a website, there must be some confusion and no clue at all. Find a post on installing and configuring the website to IIS on the Internet, however, I

Phpstudy IIS version php4.4.5 and php5.6.7 directory permissions issues

Start with the php4.4.5 +iis permission set, switch to php5.6.7 after the directory has no write permission, a variety of Baidu after not resolvedphp4.4.5 +iis When IIS Anonymous authentication user is IUSR directory permission is also IUSRPhp5.6.7+iis the anonymous user viewing the site is also IUSR why the permission

WEBAPI Publishing IIS Error issues

1. See if there are any registrations in the handler mappings in IIS: extensionlessurlhandler-integrated-4.0If not, you need to register in "run":aspnet_regiis.exe2. Add in the configuration file/>Add If not, please check the "handler mapping", if there is "extensionlessurlhandler-integrated-4.0", if not, please register. net4.0Input in operation:C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regiis.exe-i3.

Issues that are caused by the. NET Framework before installing IIS

CAUSE:1) did not register the. NET Framework with IIS (cause one of the reasons: the. NET Framework was installed first, after IIS installed)2) does not have sufficient permissions to operate on the site configured in IIS (Modify permissions)Solution:1) to C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727,Re-register the. NET Framework:aspnet_regiis-i with the comm

"Windows7" resolves IIS 80 port occupancy issues (pro-test)

1, default you win machine has installed and enabled the 80 port2. Now you want to install and enable Apache server3, first 80 port occupancy detection: NETSTAT-AON|FINDSTR 804, find the service name of the process number 404, using the tasklist command: TASKLIST|FINDSTR 4 (if it is IIS, it is generally system, it is not really a process)5. Close the IIS steps:① Desktop Click on the Windows icon, in all pro

PHP is running under IIS when page load related issues

PHP page loading issues when running on IIS I just had a PHP environment on IIS, and I could run a little bit. I am in the page with JS write a load Wait, is the code on the top of a JS to call out a loading diagram, the code at the bottom of the picture is hidden. Apache server can be an effect. There is no loading image on

A summary of the experience of ASP.net on some IIS issues

asp.net|iis| problem many developers for IIS and the installation of the ASPNET, and so on issues such as the following small summary, please communicate more! IIS has broken the Fix method!!!!!!! General IIS can not run ASP.net, try the following four methods, 99% valid:

Summary of issues encountered with publishing Web sites on IIS

the extension file is accessed, the browser automatically opens with the specified application. Many are used to specify some client-customized file names, as well as some ways to open media files.The solution for this error is as follows:1. First add MIME mapping typeI am using the Win8.1 system, IIS8.5, which does not support the. svc file in the WCF service by default, so you need to add the MIME mapping type for this type of file, as follows:File extension:. Svc,mime type:application/octet-

Cross-domain access issues under IIS set--access-control-allow-origin site requests across domains

-control-allow-origin Decisive Baidu a wave of discovery cross-site requests need to be configured in the IIS Server Access-control-allow-origin tutorial (51496134) Detailed Introduction (78082585) Open the IIS Server Find HTTP response header Open Add the following two strips Access-control-allow-headers:content-type, Api_key, Authorization. Access-control-allow-origin:*. Restart the server test upload

Some issues that occur with ASP. NET configuration on IIS

1. You may encounter a mistake without. The requested content appears to be a script. As a result, the static file handler will not be able to handle the---probably because the application pool selection is wrong. As the second picture solves, you canThe solution is shown in the following two diagrams.I have encountered the above problems and can also encounter the "IIS apppool\asp.net v4.0 Login Failed" error (I use: NET Framework 4.0, so this error

Exchange 2010 Console Opens an error, viewing the event log prompt for IIS issues

1, first check the Exchange event log for error;2. If you have previously created a custom view, you can view the IIS events in the view.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/5C/98/wKioL1UePXPjHsQSAAOFplIYZos864.jpg "title=" Things log. png "alt=" wkiol1uepxpjhsqsaaofpliyzos864.jpg "/>3, the log prompt is the IIS inside has the problem, and prompts the network binding has the problem;4.

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