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How Event Viewer Event log files are corrupted

  What if the event log file is corrupted? As one of the administrative tools included in the Microsoft Management Console, Event Viewer is used to maintain log information on your computer for related programs, security features, and system events. You can browse and manag

Event Log Service in Event Viewer to view the on-and shutdown times of the computer

You can use the Event Log Service in the event viewer to view the computer's on and off time. Because the Event Log service starts and closes along with the computer, and records the event

Exchange 2010 Console Opens an error, viewing the event log prompt for IIS issues

1, first check the Exchange event log for error;2. If you have previously created a custom view, you can view the IIS events in the view.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/5C/98/wKioL1UePXPjHsQSAAOFplIYZos864.jpg "title=" Things log. png "alt=" wkiol1uepxpjhsqsaaofpliyzos864.jpg "/>3, the

Common ID codes of Event Viewer, viewer id codes

Common ID codes of Event Viewer, viewer id codes ID Type Laiyuan Meanings of tabulation examples 2 Information Serial When verifying whether \ Device \ Serial1 is a serial port, the system detects the first-in-first-out mode (fifo ). This method will be used. 17 Error W32Time Time provider NtpClient: an error

How Event Viewer uses the

Event Viewer-related knowledge 1. Event Viewer Event Viewer is a Microsoft operating system tool that is equivalent to a thick system log that allows you to view information about har

Use Event Viewer to maintain server security

The Event Viewer is equivalent to a health care doctor in the operating system. Some "stubborn" clues are displayed in the event viewer, A qualified system administrator and security maintenance personnel regularly checks the application, security, and system logs to check for illegal logon, abnormal system shutdown, p

Event Viewer: Windows health check doctor

Source: xiaoxin Technology Network In Windows and Windows XP, there is a loyal recording of the operating status of the system. every event that occurs from startup, running to shutdown will be recorded, it is the "Event Viewer ". You can use this system maintenance tool to collect information about hardware, software, and system problems, monitor system security

What is Winows System Event Viewer

The so-called "events" (event, also known as "Log"), refers to the operating system components, services or applications in the audit scope of the behavior, will be the system's event log service automatically recorded and saved to the event

Maintain Server Security Event Viewer

The Event Viewer is equivalent to a health care doctor in the operating system. Some "stubborn" clues are displayed in the event viewer, A qualified system administrator and security maintenance personnel regularly checks the application, security, and system logs to check for illegal logon, abnormal system shutdown, p

Introduction to the Log Viewer feature in Windows Vista systems

When problems occur with our Windows system, the simplest way to analyze and locate failures is to use Event Viewer, such as Event Viewer in Windows XP, to let us analyze system logs, application logs, and security logs to find clues to possible problems. However, objectively speaking, before the Windows version includ

Use Event Viewer to solve operating system faults

or failed. Application logs store information, warnings, or errors generated by applications. By viewing such information, warnings, or errors, we can see which applications are successfully running, which errors are generated, or which potential errors are generated. Program developers can use these resources to improve applications. Click Start> Run, enter eventvwr, and click OK to open the event viewer.

IIS Log Analysis tool (dot IIS log Analyzer) use a graphics tutorial

The server has recently suffered hacker intrusion. Intruders are skilled, delete IIS log files to erase traces, you can go to the Event Viewer to look at the warning message from W3SVC, often find some clues. Of course, for Web servers with very large access, it is almost impossible to rely on manual analysis-there's t

Event Viewer maintains server security instances

This article describes the running mode, log type, and Event Type of the Event Viewer. In this article, we will provide an Event Viewer instance for maintaining server security. We believe it will be of reference and value for sec

How to open the Event Viewer in the WinXP system

How to open the Event Viewer in the WinXP system First: How does the Event Viewer open? To open Event Viewer, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Performance and Maintenance, click Administra

What if the Win7 system doesn't open Event Viewer?

Win7 system does not open Event Viewer? Event Viewer can not only view information about hardware, software, and system issues, but also monitor security events in the Windows operating system. But recently, Win7 system users have reflected that the Event

How to open the Event Viewer

As soon as my computer turns on, a Service Control Manager dialog box appears, which reads "At least one service or driver is generating errors at system startup." For more information, use Event Viewer to view the event log. "How do I open the Event

Win7 cannot open Event Viewer how do I solve it?

Event Viewer is equivalent to a computer log, you can see the daily computer hardware software and system running problems, but also recorded in the Windows system security incidents, but many of the small partners say can not open Event Viewer, this is why? Let's make a sma

Event Viewer-Security

Event Viewer plays an important role in simply viewing Computer login information, checking whether the system has errors, and whether the system has been intruded. Microsoft uses event IDs to represent some information for convenience, below is the correspondence between WIN2003 I found from Microsoft. Event ID: 517 a

Cacti: In the AppServ environment, Event Viewer reports error _ httpd php5ts

InCactiUnderAppServEvent Viewer error appears in the Environment _HttpdPhp5ts. Here is the solution! Win server2003install cacti,the environment appserv,, it is convenient to use, but httpd.exe reports an error, the event viewer information: Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date (A): 2010-9-6

Perfectly solves the problem of MMC. EXE error caused by viewing application logs in Event Viewer

Today I am tossing again. Just a few days after reinstalling the system, I accidentally found that when I used the "Event Viewer" managed by my computer, I only needed to select the "ApplicationProgram"This branch, MMC. exe will crash immediately ,: So I made another mistake. Even if I don't think there are 90% or 70% Windows users don't even know that there is "

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