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Remotely restart the IIS service

  Method 1: 1 $ Username = " Administrator " 2 $ Serverpass = " Pass " 3 $ Server =" " 4 $ Password = Convertid-securestring $ Serverpass - Asplaintext-Force 5 $ Cred = New-Object System. Management. Automation.

VM Security Settings

This article is only a relatively safe measure compared with the current security measures, as follows:1. How to Run asp scripts with the system permission?Modify the virtual directory corresponding to your asp script and change "application

Use intelligencia. urlrewriter to override URLs with or without extensions

If urlrewriter. config. rewriterconfigserializersectionhandler is used, it is troublesome to implement URL with or without a Suffix in urlrewriter because of style and image Path Problems. Later, intelligencia. urlrewriter was selected for

A quick processing of an intrusion site

Analysis of 1.1.1 intrusion situation1 o'clock in the morning, received a friend's help, the site was hacked, visit the homepage of the site will automatically directed to a XXX, this time is the time to go to sleep, but the country is meeting, this

Doscommand dos explanation-dos add and delete username-netsh-netstat

Net use & #92; & #92; IP & #92; IPC $ "/User:" "Create an empty IPC link; S4 U, O 'q (J J, W3 ~ /') M0 RNet use & #92; & #92; IP & #92; IPC $ "password"/User: "User Name" create a non-empty IPC Link @ 9 y * I3 U4 F0 u ^ # F'h1 sNet use h:

[Android Development] Android Studio issues and resolution records

http://blog.csdn.net/niubitianping/article/details/514007211, Real machine operation error Multi DEX requires Build Tools 21.0.0/current:19.1Solve:Change Classpath ' com.android.tools.build:gradle:1.5.0 ' to 1.5.0 or 1.3.0 in Project Build.gradle2,

Wordpress global variables

We often need to call global variables of the wordpress system during theme development or plug-in development using wordpress, such as the post object $ post, wordpress version $ wp_version, database Object $ wp_query, etc. If we understand these

Wordpress global variables

WordPress global variables can be used for multiple reasons. Almost all data generated by WordPress can be found in global variables. Note that it is better to use the appropriate API function when the global variables are allowed than to directly

Some useful WCF links

The best article is still on msdn. This is the WCF main site: Http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa663324.aspx This is the root link of the msdn documentation: Http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd456779.aspx Below are some good

Maccm reset any unrecoverable User Password Vulnerability and repair

Apple-> Mac, indicating: maccms is powerful and unmeasurable.CMS is short for Content Management System, meaning "Content Management System ".The problem occurs when user registration is not recovered (Powered by maccms v7.x ).When you retrieve the

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